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    Can the rect-o-verb do blackface cleans?

    I owned a Series 1 Rectoverb and it had the worst cleans I've ever heard. Now the Series 2 Rectoverb were a little better, but nothing even close to a Blackface-Style clean.
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    Ok, Hughes & Kettner TM18 Combo. WTF?

    I had a friend with the original Triamp and he had similar support issues.
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    Three amps you would buy today, if someone handed you $5000

    Tungsten Crema Wheat $1745 - Deluxe w/ with more headroom... Yes, please. Friedman Pink Taco and 1x12 cab $2000 - Fit for any rocker Swart Atomic Jr $1199 - The grab n' go
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    Ok, Hughes & Kettner TM18 Combo. WTF?

    I've heard on the Tubemeister series having plenty of issues though. Maybe try and run it thru a power conditioner.
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    Looking for 5-8 watter w/ reverb.

    The Raleigh and reverb pedal might be a better fit for me. But would definitely have to be used. I've played thru a Mercury though and thought it was a serious righteous amp.
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    Looking for 5-8 watter w/ reverb.

    I've thought this over and over again. However, I don't like the Greenback, so it'll be replaced. Anyone try a Blue in one yet?
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    Looking for 5-8 watter w/ reverb.

    How much is that Half Pint? Looks like a cool little amp.
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    Looking for 5-8 watter w/ reverb.

    Yeah, no reverb. But looks like pretty righteous stuff. Still a bit pricey though for the combo. I guess I forgot to mention I wanted a combo.
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    Looking for 5-8 watter w/ reverb.

    I've been drooling over the Swart Atomic Jr for some time now, but it's far too expensive for my tastes. What other amps out there do this kinda tone? Something voxy w/ reverb in this wattage would do as well.
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    No more love for Dr. Z on TGP?

    The Stangray is an incredible amp. I am over the Maz series however.
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    What Hard Rock Guitarist Has Influenced And Or Inspired You The Most?

    Stone Gossard, Mike McCready, Edge and David Gilmour Everyone on the list, with the exception of Jimmy Page and Eddie Van Halen, are technically proficient guitarists that write awful music. Page wasn't proficient in anything and Eddie was in a band that wrote just as much crap as they did...
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    Why doesn't Fender reissue the Starcaster?

    I'd think Fender would have to stop using the "Starcaster" name at Walmart first.
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    Fender Blues Deluxe RI. Why doesn't it get the love?

    That and the Blues Deville RI. I think they don't get a lot of praise because they don't do Blackface well and they don't do 5E3 or Bassman exactly. But they sound incredible with P90s. Great raw amps. They do dirty blues and Neil Young really well.
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    Rivera vs Budda vs Marshall

    With reluctance, I chose the Marshall. The Rivera isn't one their best models and the Budda V-Series isn't that great.
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    Help me Pick a P-90 Axe

    I really liked the Fender American Deluxe Series P90 Strat they used to make.
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    Myth Buster - "The Twin is to heavy".

    My Silverface Twin Reverb was 89 lbs and my Mesa Rectoverb Combo was something similar. I don't like heavy amps... Orange amps are stupid heavy too.
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    I either need a larger Fender amp, or a larger output transformer for my DRRI

    Any RI Fender at high volumes is going to require a backing off of the bass relative to the volume. At 90% volume, I wouldn't recommend the bass control be any higher than 3. Even a Super Reverb is going to do that at a specific point, but it's a little higher point than the Deluxe Reverb...
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    Ever used a Traynor?

    Took one on a trade, had played one previously (years earlier) and thought I liked it. Hadn't let it rip or anything. The one I played at a store was a head and cab though. No mods were done, as it's pretty feature filled. This was properly biased both with 6L6 and EL34 tubes...
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    Every modeler I've ever owned "cleans up" with the volume knob

    My favorite HD500 patch I've made uses the AC30 amp cranked with volume on my guitar rolled back. Super expressive cleans, then a rolled up volume to a lead tone.
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    Lets see your favorite 4x10 combo!

    I know it doesn't get a ton of love here, but the Fender Blues Deville Reissue 4x10s are really smoking amps. I love they sell so cheap used. I see them all the time for $600-650. Really fat cleans and a good OD for leads (a little muddy for rythem work). I plan on picking one up once some...
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    Ever used a Traynor?

    I bought a YCS50 1x12 Combo about a year ago and I couldn't rid myself of it soon enough. Clean, okay... Overdrive, awful... Reverb, god awful... Tried different cabs, new tubes, EL34s instead of 6L6s, pedals... All awful. Farting OD, the reverb isn't even reverby rather than a splash...
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    Best Re-Issue Fender Amp

    Blues Deville Reissue... I'm not a clean guy for the most part and this guy sounds quite righteous at a good volume.
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    Orange OR-15 vs. H&K Tubemeister 18

    Though I really like the OR15, it isn't versatile at all. It seems to do a very raspy Marshall Master Lead JMP type thing. Doesn't do cleans well, therefore won't do drive pedals well either. The Tubemeister 18 is an incredible amp, but is a little more modern sounding. Both the clean and OD...
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    Alto 10 or 12?

    The 12 is a bit large, but the 10 suffers in the low end and is slightly boxy sounding.