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  1. IanRubbish

    Van Halen should have broken up after 1984.

    It was worth it, the music was fine, still got some great Eddy Solos, and Sammy is a great dude. Anything that contributed to his success I support.
  2. IanRubbish

    Recommend me a "do it all" speaker for a 1x12 cab

    1 more for something with an Alnico Cream, its the bees knees.
  3. IanRubbish

    Les Paul Pick Guards

    I was always against them, but somewhere along the line and probably exposure to videos of my favorite players having them, I started to feel like they were missing something.
  4. IanRubbish

    Mesa/Boogie Delays

    I went by Mesa about a month back to drop off a Mark V for servicing, they said they were as busy as ever.
  5. IanRubbish

    Anyone ever made a jig for testing pickups?

  6. IanRubbish

    Anyone cut your strings before putting them on?

    On my non locking tuners I do, I do two tuning post lengths past the tuners Im stringing for wound strings, and about 3 on the non wound string.
  7. IanRubbish

    PRS "Experiece 2018" (strange) bad repair experience

    Im glad people post this stuff on forums, because in certain cases like this it confirms my experience to not be a fluke. I can understand people liking the company and defending them, but when they attack and insult the person posting about being distraught over it, that's weak.
  8. IanRubbish

    The most immediate instant DISAPPOINTMENT with a new amp purchase ?

    When the Peavey JSX first came out I was so stoked to get one, I thought Satch had the best tone. I got the JSX and it sounded like garbage, no matter what I did it sounded bad, and it was such a bummer. I sold it to fund deposit on rent for a room In a house with 3 of my lady friends which...
  9. IanRubbish

    6-screw vintage Strat trem tuning stability

    Those trems hold great tune when setup right. The 6 screws should be dead nuts on the same height, if any of those screws are a different height you can get tuning issues when using the bar. If those are set the same, the nut slots are free of burrs and lubed, and you strings are set in the...
  10. IanRubbish

    Why avoid Mesa Mark V

    I bought one, sold it, tried other stuff, bought another one. I have a diverse collection of guitars and it has a sound that works with all of them.
  11. IanRubbish

    Buying used guitars online is a bad deal

    If you are going to buy a used guitar with a trem system, you should know how to work on a trem system, or at least be willing to learn.
  12. IanRubbish

    Music Man Majesty worth it?

    I have a J-Custom and an EBMM JP7 Stealth, the J-Custom is a better guitar IMO. I've played quite a few EBMM JP's and owned the 1, and I would take another J-Custom over EBMM too. I think you are making the wise choice.
  13. IanRubbish

    My floyd rose keeps going out of tune

    Another thing that has messed tuning up on all of my guitars is the two posts being different heights. I would take the spring and string tension totally off and measure them, make sure they are dead on the same, then go back to the process. I have heard people say that the posts being different...
  14. IanRubbish

    My floyd rose keeps going out of tune

    I have an edge on a J-Custom and couldn't get it to stay in tune, seems I was tightening the nut too much, it's been working better since I hand tightened the nut screws, I had been cranking em down.
  15. IanRubbish

    In light of the "tire kicker" thread, thought I'd post this Reverb message thread...

    "What time do you sleep" gave me chill.
  16. IanRubbish

    Guitar storage - ok to leave on stands/racks

    All out on racks or the wall. Guitars that don't get displayed don't get played.
  17. IanRubbish

    Galveston 6/7/12 triple neck.

    Pat Metheny would wreck that thing.
  18. IanRubbish

    What actual pedalboard are you using?

    I got a Waggi W34.I get my effects loop stuff on the top row, my from pedals down low, and the top level flips up and I keep my power supplies and patch bays underneath. I dig it. https://waggi.co/
  19. IanRubbish

    Les Paul Lemon burst -why so expensive?

    I picked up a 2000 Classic Premium Plus last year, great guitar. I had heard they were some good years but never tried one. Couldn't leave the shop without it.
  20. IanRubbish

    Bite & Grind enthusiasts, what's your favorite rig?

    Love that song. I never get tired of playing it.
  21. IanRubbish

    Do You Clean Your Guitar and Case before sending to the buyer?

    I always give it a good cleaning, new strings and a good setup. A lot of times I will include a goody too. This 13 year old kid bought his first 7 string off of me on Reverb, which was a Sterling Jp. I went and made sure it worked well and the trem would stay in tune. I also gave him a pack of...
  22. IanRubbish

    Bite & Grind enthusiasts, what's your favorite rig?

    My favorite so far is my PRS Custom 24 with Seymour Duncan Alpha Omega pickups into the Mesa Mark V. I took an older Custom and decked it out ala Mark Holcomb so I could get that really snarly gain tone and it did the trick. I'm usually on the Mark iic+ or Mark iv setting to get that really...
  23. IanRubbish

    Help upgrading Bridge on my CS CC Stratocaster Please

    I love what this hipshot trem did for my Jeff Beck strats tone. It made the notes seem like twice as wide, and the trem action is so much smoother. I'm going to put one on my AVRI soon.
  24. IanRubbish

    Jeff Beck strat

    Had one for the last 4 years and I think I love it more than ever. I prefer traditional Strat pups for cleans, the Jeff Beck's are fine, they just don't sparkle much. But for overdrive stuff, they are my favorite strat pickups hands down.
  25. IanRubbish

    Help: my Silver Sky is buzzing like a bee

    The one I had did not buzz very much even with 4/64 action on the bass string, it choked a tiny bit on some bends, but did not really buzz. It sounds like you have issues outside of setup.