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    Alice Coltrane - Divine Songs

    I stumbled across this release. Alice Coltrane, Divine Songs. Totally wacked-out Hindu chants. Did she record any more like this? g6ObGlvKVNo
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    Los Lobos at the Fillmore alert

    This year's annual Los Lobos show at the Fillmore (December 13) will feature two sets, acoustic and electric. I don't think they've done that ever, over all the years they've played there. Out of sheer excitement, I must post an alert.
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    Drinks for the band and flexible ethics

    If the band gets a couple of free drinks each, is it OK for a band member to get a free drink for the purposes of giving it to, say, his wife? If a band member gets a free dinner, is it OK to give it to, say, a member of the audience? Is it OK if the member of the audience is the opposite sex...
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    West Coast Blues Thread Version 19

    Kicking it off, it's time for NorCal to represent, with the original West Coast Blues, SK Blues, from Saunders King. ITyRJxizAsQ
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    Song identification problem: 80s sax instrumental, something about a monster

    It could have been a 70s tune, but it got played at clubs in 1980-1982, alongside various disco and new-wave dance numbers. A minor-key, rocking instrumental, featuring lots of sax, with an intro that said something about a MONSTER, or at least something like a monster. Arrgh. No amount of...
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    Rick Stevens released from prison... how did I miss that?

    I just heard that Rick Stevens, former Tower of Power singer, was released from prison in July. My favorite TOP singer by far. I've always wanted to hear the "Tower of Power" album with his vocals, which were recorded, but they used Lenny Williams instead. Lenny Williams is great, but Rick...
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    Guthrie Govan meets Kid Andersen

    Two of my favorite people/musicians/friends, blues guitarist Kid Andersen and his wife Lisa Leuschner are releasing a gospel CD, which includes Guthrie Govan rather tearing it up at the end of this tune. I love Kid's wah guitar too. Lisa is an incredible singer. Hope the link works, otherwise...
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    Plastic People of the Universe

    OK, fellow fans of weird-ass music, I just ran across an LP by the Plastic People of the Universe, Czech underground Beefheart/Zappa rock... well heck, I don't have to explain it if you know it, but where can I get more? And what's a good CD to get? Amazon pickings are slim and not cheap.
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    How are my fellow genre-police officers doing?

    Sgt. Miller, blues police officer checking in. I'm wondering about how my fellow officers in other genres are doing. I know the jazz police have full ranks, although they seem confused when it comes to allegiance or not to all things Marsalis. Everyone gets on the same page regarding fusion...
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    Odd mystery parlor guitar

    It appears to be all mahogany, the tailpiece is probably not original, the bridge is like nothing I've seen before. There used to be a round label, removed presumably to fix a crack in the back. It sounds as cool as it looks... but... what kind of guitar is it?
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    70s hormone soul: I pity my poor wife

    I'm on a total 70s soul kick this morning; Chi-Lites, Delfonics, Stylistics, you name it. My wife hates this stuff. I can't help but sing along, and I have a strong falsetto. BETCHA BY GOLLY WOOOOOAAAAHHH!!! :banana
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    William Roach? Need info!

    I'm listening to this obscure 1972 album by vibes dude Billy Wooten, in particular the extremely grooving song "Monkey Hips and Rice," and the guitar player is pretty dang awesome, someone named William Roach. Never heard of him and Googling brings forth nothing. So... wondering about what else...
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    Playing a raga... A far cry from the blues

    I played a duet with a sitar player at a Diwali party this week. We played a raga based on a song (Vaishnav Janato), the sitar player basically showed me the scale, and gave me some Youtube links, and we rehearsed briefly, and off we went. Well, they say it sounded great, but I was kind of...
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    Music that is dead: What does that mean?

    Jazz is dead. Blues is dead. West African Big-Band Highlife is dead. What does "dead" mean for a musical genre? Nobody plays it anymore? Nobody produces recordings of it? Nobody reissues old recordings of it? It sounds just like it did a year ago? Five years ago? 500 years ago? It's not...