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  1. Flying_Milkman

    How much $$ worth are you in Gear?

    this is where I land too. I’ve got a lot of cash in gear but it was all spent during good times with no debt incurred as a result, so I regret nothing.
  2. Flying_Milkman

    Gearpage litmus test

    It's hard to be objective about one's own skills. Somedays I feel incredible and other days I feel pretty bad. If the question is can I cop Crossroads pretty well (like these ladies) then the answer is yes. But I don't know if this is a large enough sample size to really determine their skill...
  3. Flying_Milkman

    Access Gig Bag Stinks Of Mold/Mildew...

    Yeah - I don't tend to rehab moldy smelling gig bags. They're cheap enough to replace if they're that bad.
  4. Flying_Milkman

    NGD (in the mail) – Gibson SG Standard '61

    I have one with the maestro and it's really become one of my favorite instruments. Enjoy it!
  5. Flying_Milkman

    Current Gibson LP Studios (Update: NGD)

    I’ve played several real nice studios. if you’ve played it and you dig it why wouldn’t you buy it?
  6. Flying_Milkman

    Is the Gibson custom shop worth it over a standard?

    I’ve got a r8 and a SG standard. Both are fantastic guitars. You really got to play one if you can and just buy the one that feels best.
  7. Flying_Milkman

    Heaven help me, I'm craving an SG

    I’ll always recommend a good used one - but I just bought a 2020 with a maestro and it’s one of my favorite guitars. Ever.
  8. Flying_Milkman

    Double NGD - I Need Help

    That’s fantastic. I tried playing steel and it was harder than my degree!
  9. Flying_Milkman

    Suggestions on who should refinish my LP?

    Ill say that MJT has done alright by me on F styles. No idea how an LP would go but I imagine they’d do at least good work
  10. Flying_Milkman

    Fedex issue, anyone ever have this happen?

    They all suck right now. It’s a huge issue with increased demand, social distancing requirements and staffing shortages. Certain hubs, like Atlanta, are regional or national hubs with significantly more traffic than a small distribution center in Duluth. What your experiencing totally sucks but...
  11. Flying_Milkman

    Is this good Ad Copy? Or....

    It’s fantastic ad copy which also means it’s horseflop.
  12. Flying_Milkman

    Is it tacky to use the Fender Custom Shop Strap?

    A guitarists strap has never changed my opinion of what they were doing on stage. If it’s a good strap that you like why wouldn’t you use it?
  13. Flying_Milkman

    School me on: Gibson ES-335!

    Like what @mdrake34 said they do sound different - but they're close. I fall on the LP side of the debate in terms of which one I like better. Only recommendation I really have is make sure you're using a PAF style pickup and I prefer low winds. Has a really nice open sound. Oh and crank the...
  14. Flying_Milkman

    Superficial question - what's your favorite strat color?

    Inca Silver is pretty rad with Maple too
  15. Flying_Milkman

    Superficial question - what's your favorite strat color?

    Sherwood Green with Rosewood Olympic White with Maple
  16. Flying_Milkman

    Loosing the weight

    If you’re looking to get as light as possible I’d go anywhere but a les Paul as a starting platform. If it’s gotta be that guitar that I don’t see a ton of options but planing it down
  17. Flying_Milkman

    Jimmy Page .010 guitar string - $2568

    There's an a** for every seat
  18. Flying_Milkman

    John Mayor is on par with John Linen

    Paul Gulbert for speed playing and Nels Klynes for evocative stuff please
  19. Flying_Milkman

    PRS DGT Not Staying in Tune

    sure sounds like the bit isn’t cut well and is likely sitting too high
  20. Flying_Milkman

    A solid glass guitar and neck.

    As an artistic statement it’s plenty impressive, it’s just totally impractical
  21. Flying_Milkman

    A solid glass guitar and neck.

    Gee. That seems a terrible idea
  22. Flying_Milkman

    Examples of Great Clean Tone from Humbuckers?

    Don’t be afraid to use your volume knob too. Lots of sparkle can be found in cleaned up drive tones. That’s probably my favorite way to get clean out of a humbucker
  23. Flying_Milkman

    Are SGs the best all round "couch" electric?

    I’ve honestly blurred the line between reality and sarcasm so hard that I don’t know what I meant
  24. Flying_Milkman

    Are SGs the best all round "couch" electric?

    This thread just screams rock and roll