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  1. jawajt

    Source Audio Gemini Chorus Questions

    So I just got a Gemini Chorus, and I'm loving the sounds I'm getting from it. However, I seem to be having issues saving presets/routing options. After I dial in the sounds and routing options I want, I try to save them to either left, middle, or right toggle. For routing, I want Mono in, stereo...
  2. jawajt

    Tech21 RotChoir Mod

    Hey TGP. I recently acquired two RotoChoirs. Yes, I like it that much. My only gripe with it is the lack of a separate LED for the speed setting. Anyone know of someone that could mod these to have either a blinking LED for the rate or two separate LEDs for the two speed settings. Thanks for any...
  3. jawajt

    Audiophiles/Vinyl enthusiasts.

    Hey all. Looking for some advice for listening to some great audio. Recently I was leaning towards getting a turntable setup for a better listening experience for SOME of my music collection. However, I was just reading up on PONO. i'm wondering if one is better than the other. Obviously, Pono...
  4. jawajt

    Van Amp Sole Mate, Sole Mate Jr. , or Headroom?

    Hey TGP. I'm pretty certain I'm going to pick up one of these three reverb units. I'm still undecided. Any thoughts? What I like about the Sole Mate is the ability to use the Pedal Deck with it. What I like about the Jr. is the option of hiding the springs away from the control unit. What I...
  5. jawajt

    NPD-El Cap...OK, I get it.

    So I recently decided to replace my beloved DMMTT on my board. I will still use it at home. But since its value is skyrocketing, I'm not too keen about taking to gigs anymore. I was looking for something that had as beautiful repeats and lush modulation, as the DMMTT. I watched a lot of...
  6. jawajt

    Deluxe Memory Boy Mod?

    Hey TGP. Since the value of my DMMTT1100 has skyrocketed, I'm looking to possibly replace it on my board and put it away for gigs. I'd hate to play a gig and have someone, who knows what it's worth try and snag it. One of the great things about it and the 550, is the ability to set the...
  7. jawajt

    Rewiring Epi Swingster

    Hey TGP. I have decided to upgrade the electronics in Epi Swingster Royale. I know for sure I'm putting in TV Jones Classics. My question is: Does anyone know if the pots, input jack, and switch openings are standard or metric. I'd like to avoid any drilling, if possible. I was considering this...
  8. jawajt

    El Cap users...a few questions

    Sorry if these have been answered in other threads. Does it have the ability to do trails? Is the oscillation you get from holding the tap switch adjustable, a la the DMMTT? What's the difference between V1 and V2 ? Thanks for any info.
  9. jawajt

    Belated NAD! Winfield 18/30 (with pics)

    Hey all. I thought I'd finally share my thoughts on my new Winfield 18/30 combo. I got the amp over a month ago. But with vacation, work, and playing the amp a ton I hadn't had much time to sit and write a review. The model is actually called the "Winfield", but I'm calling it the 18/30 to avoid...
  10. jawajt

    NPF..New Pedals Fortnight :-P (Catalinbread, Drybell)

    Hey everyone. Just wanted to give my review of three pedals I've gotten in the last two weeks. For reference, my two amps are Blackface-type foundations. A Winfield Elizabeth and a Carr Rambler. My guitars are a Tele and a Casino. Catalinbread Galileo: I was on the fence about this pedal. I...
  11. jawajt

    Drybell Vibe users...which expression pedal?

    Title says it all. I have a Drybell incoming. I know it requires a 100k pot equipped expression pedal. I know you can mod an exsisting one with a new pot. Are there any "off-the-shelf" expression pedals with 100k ?
  12. jawajt

    Hollow Body bodies.

    Anyone know of a place to get an empty, unfinished full hollow body.
  13. jawajt

    Accel Pedal Boards

    Hey TGPers. I thought I would post some pics of my new board. It's made by a company called Accel. I stumbled upon one, when I was looking on ebay to downsize my PT2. I'd never heard of them. It looked solid, with lots of cable routing options, so I thought I'd give it a shot. From what I can...
  14. jawajt

    DMMTT feedback button...in a separate box?

    So I have a DMMTT. One of the best things about it, is the oscillation you can get by holding the tap button down. The great thing is that the taper can be set to different levels. My question is; could this be done in a separate box? It would be great to have this option in other delays...
  15. jawajt

    DMMTT with Comp in the loop.

    Anyone tried this? I have the DMMTT1100. I love the sounds and features. I just find a bit of extra noise on the repeats. I've already looked into a mod of one of the ICs that Analogmike recommends, but I thought I'd ask if anyone has tried running a compressor or an EQ pedal in the fx loop to...
  16. jawajt

    DMMTT cap mod.

    I recently saw a thread where Analogmike posted a diagram on a mod to one of the chips in the DMMTT. If I remember it correctly, it would clean up the extra noise on the delays, when the gain is past nine o'clock. Anyone know what I'm referring to or the thread? Thanks for any info.
  17. jawajt

    Pedaltrain PT2 power input mod

    Hey everyone. I thought I'd share some pics of a mod I did to my PT2. I thought it would be nice to have an input plug mounted a la the Trailer Trash boards. That way I don't have to pull the plug from my power supply through the front everytime I move my board. It was easy to do and it works...