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    Jackson Soloist Tuners

    I have an older San Dimas Soloist thats needs new tuners I know Gotoh makes them but does anybody which model will work on this Jackson Thx
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    Christone Kingfish Ingram

    Every video I see of young Christone playing,theres a Green Lime Strat style guitar in the background,anyone know what is ?...It looks like it has a rosewood neck to
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    Counting Cars/ George Lynch

    Did anyone see one Mr George Lynch have his 1965 buick Riviera worked on by the "Count"
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    Guiatr World,Randy Rhoads books

    During the 30th anniversary of his death they(GuitarWord) were supposed to print two books,I checked there site and they said both books were sold out,that was 3 months ago.Now the GW site doesnt even have them listed for sale.Anybody know what happened..One was an autobiography and the other...
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    White Lions Radar love video

    Who's the girl dancing in this video...Tawny Kitean,does anybody know. Ive head a million different answers.By the way Vito Bratta just tears it up in his solo..:bow
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    Line Six Bogner 1x12

    Finaly broke down and got one for my room and its not half bad.Damm thing is pretty loud,some of the gain patches are pretty cool and there's a couple of cool clean tone's in it to. So far Im pretty happy,but I do see my selve getting a tube amp in the future.If your a "cork sniffer" pass on it...
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    Deep Purple's Higway Star

    Anybody gave this song a listen to lately?? I think this is where "Heavy Metal' got its start.The singer is way unbelivable(his range) and when's the last time you heard any Hammond Organ riffs in todays music.Then there's Mr Blackmore himselve.Put it all together and you have one of the best...
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    Isn't there days when ya just come home and wanna crank something and crank it loud...real loud.For me,my choice would be Metallica's Blitzkreig.:p Anybody else have any choices,chime in
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    Guitar buying question....

    I wanna but my brother a guitar for Christmas :bounce When I go to the big "music store''(GC or Sam Ash) and show them the one I want, do they sell you the one off the wall or do they give you one in an unopened box?This probably seems like an easy question but I've never bought a guitar from...
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    Jackson Soloist question....

    I have an older Soloist and I need to replace the existing tuners.Any idea what tuners I can use to repleace the older tuners. Thanks
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    In my Darkest Hour..Megadeth

    Is this one of Megadeths greatest songs:munch...I can remember the day when I first heard it and I'm still amazed.I think that Mustains rhythm playing is as good as get's and it still hold up today as do there tones.A classic trash tune if I've ever heard one..anybody else luv this song :dude
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    I Want Candy.....Bow Wow wow

    Im watching ESPN and a commercial come's on with this song as its background :mobI forgot just how cool it was,the drums the guitar and the girl singing ,was for its time.The Guitarist's tone rocked and the solo was fantastic.Anyone else remember this song:band
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    Ozzy Osbourne/Randy Rhoads Box Set

    Is coming out on May 17,and its gonna contain album reissues,(Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman remixes) bounus tracks and a live DVD footagefrom the Blizzard era,plus a 100 page book.Anybody else psyched about this :cool:
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    Gibson Explorer question...

    I was looking at the shots's of the Donna's(in there tread) and the guitar player is playing a Gibson Explorer/w binding around the neck.Is this common,I've never seen it before on a Explorer.What model does the this binding come on.Thanks
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    Van Halen A Visual History 1978 -1984

    This is a photo coffee table book that I wanted since it came out in 2008,the photos are by famous rock photgrapher Neil Zlozower.The only problem was that it was and is 35$ that's alotta scratch for a photo book,atleast to me.I finally joined Amazon a lo and behold what do I see,that this book...
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    Gibson Explorer questions...

    Been thinkning about getting one...are they easy to play,whats the neck like thin or thick and whatta they like to play when your sitting down.Thanks
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    Dave Mustains of Megadeth's bio....

    He's written his autobiography and it just came out ,anybody check it out yet.I'd love to buy it but 25 bucks :hide2
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    EBMM question.................

    Does EBMM do any custom work,if you wanted something done different to the stock Axis model.Thanks
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    Les Paul Axcess question

    What kinda of neck do they come with thin 60's Classic or 59 Historic neck...web site just says ''fast comfortable neck"...???? Thanks :cool:
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    Neck shaving question...

    For years I wanted a PRS Santana but the neck is beyond big for my small hands.Could a Luthier shave the neck down to a more comfortable depth,or should I just pass on every getting one.If I was to get the neck shaved how do you control the shape?? Has anyone ever had a neck shaved and was happy...
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    Suhr Modern Question...

    I have this really old Jackson Soloist and Im wondering could Suhr copy this neck thats on the Soloist to there Modern Model.I have yet to find a neck on any guitar that as easy and comforable for me to play.:munch
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    Funny songs........

    Name at least one song that cracks you up every time you hear it...my vote Green Jelly's ..."The Bear Song" :roll:roll:roll
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    Childen of Bodom ....

    Any fans.....man I don think I could listen to a whole CD of this stuff but hell....."Blooddrunk" rocks.....:mob
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    S FL guitar repairs

    Who do you guys use down here....:) The guy who I used to use moved and now I'm wondering who's good down here(Palm Beach,Ft Lauderdale) area.I also talking about a tune up not a major repairs..Thanks