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  1. J

    Prs piezo element out

    The high E piezo saddle on my 2005 PRS hollow body dropped out on me. I’m not sure what trouble shooting steps I can take, and what my repair options might be (whether through a luthier, me replacing the element, or using the PTC (seems excessive). Thanks in advance for any advice, and happy...
  2. J

    Sold FAMC Liquid Foot Mini+, power supply, 7pin breakout box

    Sold FAMC Liquidfoot Mini+ midi footcontroller w power supply and pin breakout box (send power, midi in and out over one 7 pin cable). Some scratches from regular use and velcro on the bottom, but otherwise in perfect functioning condition. This is significantly cheaper than almost all of the...
  3. J

    Sold Westone AM-Pro30 (price drop 9/4)

    For sale in the CONUS: Westone AM-Pro 30 in ear monitors, includes cable, selection of earbud tips, and vault. Used a handful of times, cleaned and disinfected. $sold From Westone: "Our most popular In-Ear Musicians Monitor, the AM Pro 30 features three, proprietary balanced-armature drivers...
  4. J

    Sold 2015 Ronin Mirari

    Ronin Mirari I took on trade. It's a really unique instrument tone-wise. The treble strings sound thick in the upper register, and the low strings have a truly special clarity that's very dependent on a good touch. Currently setup with 10.5's. Includes the trem arm, Reunion Blues Gigbag and COA...
  5. J

    Sold Atomic CLR Neo II

    Selling my Atomic CLR Neo II that I bought new from Atomic. Scuffs and a dings at the edges, but otherwise works as it should. $750 paypalled and shipped (Fedex ground). Discounts for cash sales in the San Diego area. Thanks! SOLD!
  6. J

    Question: comparison of current digital mixers

    Background: I've been running the first gen Presonus Studiolive 16.4.2 for a little over 3 years now. This is the one that requires a laptop connection via Firewire to work properly. Unfortunately, the move to IOS 11 and change to the apps have required that I essentially upgrade the beater...
  7. J

    Ax8 review, 3 months in

    tl;dr = The learning process for the unit has required a pretty major paradigm shift for me: the Ax8 has ultimately meant a shift in how I control effects, limiting options per preset (partially due to preset-level and bank-level structures), focusing my attention on the Amp/Cab combinations...
  8. J

    Sold Strymon Mobius, TC Polytune, LrBaggs Para Acoustic DI

    Moving some stuff to pay for top of the year buying spree. Discounts for San Diego cash sales. No trades, sales in the CONUS only please Strymon Mobius: w box, manual and sticker . Latest software installed, velcro on the bottom. It lived exclusively inside of a rack. $old TC electronics...
  9. J

    Sold Montreal Assembly Count To 5

    For sale, discounts for local cash sale in San Diego. All work perfectly and come with their original boxing. Shipping in the CONUS via USPS priority. Rockett Archer - $old A few scratches, with velcro. I'm the original owner. All of the scuff marks are from being mounted on a pedal shelf; I've...
  10. J

    Sold Eventide Pitchfactor, PTD Minibone v1

    For sale, prices paypalled and shipped USPS in the CONUS. Discounts for cash sale in San Diego. I would consider an iPad (something that will be fine with the latest os) or high quality 8ohm speaker in trade +/- cash as needed. Thanks for looking! Eventide Pitchfactor: with power supply and...
  11. J

    Axe fx modularity question

    I'm currently considering switching out a Möbius, Timeline, and Pitchfactor for an Axe Fx II, to move towards a more compact multi effect and gain the amp modeling use (though not going exclusively that direction). I gather from various threads that the overall sound quality and functionality...
  12. J

    Fender trem bridge, Trade towards 8ohm speaker

    For sale, or trade towards SwampThang, Ev voiced, or nicer American voiced 8 ohm speakers. Prices paypalled and shipped in the CONUS. Warmoth strat boat neck, maple 1 piece, vintage construction. Wear on the frets (not sure of size), graphite nut that is shimmed. Prob 3 or 4 layers of oil...
  13. J

    FS: Bogner Red Ecstasy

    For sale, discounts for cash sales in San Diego. $old, thanks ric4682. Mostly interested in an EHX Superego for a trade, not much else. I bought it new from GC, but they didn't have the box or manual. I will ship USPS priority, double boxed. A couple of very small edge nicks on the bottom as...
  14. J

    Fs: modded Behringer Fcb1010 w UNO chip

    Selling my FCB1010 w Uno chip. I added a momentary button to the upper left, running to its own jack, useful for tap tempo needs and the like. This has been used a bit for the last 2/3 years, so it's in scratched but not abused. As is known to happen with these units, the left expression pedal...
  15. J

    Flux:fx !! Good times for $20

    i just picked up Adrian Belew's app Flux:fx. It's basically a multieffect iOS app that includes x/y control, Kaoss style sample mangling, EQs, filters, mods, dist/fuzz, delay/reverbs, and a step sequencer. Severely cool. Joe
  16. J

    Liquid Foot Mini+ vs Jr. (Non-plussed)

    I'm thinking about upgrading my Fcb1010 Uno to a small LF. There are a few Juniors and a mini used right now, so I'm curious as to the differences. I know the Mini+ has the addition of "pages," can use a dual button Footswitch on each expression port, and can vary the LED color per user...
  17. J

    For sale:Kingsley jester v1, Rockett Blue Note v2

    for sale only in Conus (no trades please). Kingsley Jester v1 pedal with original power supply and spare tubes (JJ, Tung Sol RI, EHX 12at7). Some wear to the logos, but otherwise no significant marks. Velcro on the bottom as it was mounted in a rack-like situation (very little wear to the...
  18. J

    San Diego local sale: Sonic Enhancer medium, On-stage amp stand

    For sale in the San Diego area only: Smith Sound Enhancer medium amp stand. It redirects the sound coming out of the back of a open-back amp for a signficant increase in low end and volume (also due to the upwards angle). It does wonders to anything from a small champ-like amp to 1x12 sized...
  19. J

    Klon KTR $380

    Bought it new from Black and White Blues a few months back. No Velcro on the bottom, never stomped on (was in a looper), with box, plastic bag, and instruction sheet. Arrived to me with 2 very fine surface scratches near the buffer switch (others reported similar scratches from other dealers)...
  20. J

    Fs/some trades: Eminence Lil Texas 8ohm

    For sale discounts for local sale in San Diego. Trades for kick drums mics, studio quality headphones, or splittable medium output bridge humbuckers in black (p-rails?), others considered Eminence Lil' Texas 8ohm guitar speaker - Broken in (+70 hours of use). Takes about 8 pounds off of amp...
  21. J

    Modfactor, Tech21 Blonde (putnam mods), Eminence Lil Texas 8 ohm

    For sale, or limited trades: looking for a quality kick drum mic, studio quality headphones, EHX SuperEgo or Iron Lung, Rockett WTF. I'll consider other items, but I'm generally set effects wise. All prices include paypal and USPS shipping in CONUS. Discounts for local pickup in San Diego...
  22. J

    NAMM attendees: your favorite part about going (not just this year)

    What's your favorite part about going to the show (Anaheim or Summer session)? Is it networking and connecting with friends? People watching? Gear? After shows and performances? Meeting with your reps/customers and getting business done? Joe
  23. J

    eventide factor v3.5 and space 4.0 betas released

    I know some were waiting (patiently and not so) for these. Big news is infinite and freeze modes in Space. Otherwise, primarily bug fixes for the factors. Curious to see how improved the midi clock is now. joe
  24. J

    All Access switch sound/volume

    Thinking about moving from my FCB1010 midi footcontroller to a Rocktron All Access for more instant access switches, display and the song organization capabilities. It would be used in conjunction with a rocktron Patchmate Floor unit amongst other midi gear. Main question - the patchmate's...
  25. J

    Ph.D. Research: Youtube Gear Demo Videos

    Hi all, I'm currently working on my dissertation on guitar culture, and focusing one chapter on gear demos on youtube. I'd appreciate any thoughts or responses to the following questions (though you don't have directly answer any of the questions, but just riff on the idea of videos). If you...