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    Amp Tech in Dallas/Fort Worth area

    Anyone have a recommendation for an amp tech in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? I have an older Marshall amp that has been in storage and would like to have it checked out before I power in on.
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    Amp from storage

    I'm looking for some advice/tips on powering up a amp that has been in storage for about 25 years. The head is 1973 50w marshall and the cabinet is a 4x12 from the late seventies. Both have been stored in road cases but only the head in a climate controlled environment. Thanks in advance.
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    Rebel 20 vs. Rebel 30

    I looked around in the other threads and didn't see this, but if I overlooked it, sorry. I was just about ready to buy the Rebel 20 with the cabinet when I noticed that the Rebel 30 will be out in a couple of months. From what I can tell the 30 is only going to be around $50 more than the 20...
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    bsiab 2 mods for strats

    Built the bsiab 2 with this mod I found here. Sounds great, particulary with humbuckers. Was wondering if anyone had a mod they really liked with a strat.... "Stock transistors as above, 560pF for C5, no caps for C13 or C14"
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    "The Gear Page" hot set

    Hi Tomo, I received the hot set last week as well as the AYGP that I ordered from Amazon. Wow!! Thanks for all the training materials! It felt like Christmas in July. I've had a chance to listened to some of the cd's during my commute and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I've also watched...