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    What Pedal Was Mike Ness Using...

    On Ernie Ball Pursuit of Tone?
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    Sold Wampler Pinnacle

    Wampler Pinnacle: $100 shipped. One badass pedal for sure.
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    Sold G12 M 65 Watt 8 Ohm Speaker

    G12M 65 Watt Creamback 8 ohm speaker . $90 shipped. You know you want it :-)
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    Any Love For Creambacks here?

    Just bought a Creamback yesterday and was wondering what you guys think about them?
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    NAD! Finally!

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    Friedman Small Box

    I'm really interested in buying one of these........ what's the general consensus?
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    MI Audio Boost'n'Buff

    So I've always loved my V.1 Boost'n'Buff. I want another but for a couple more bucks they have V.2 and V.3. I noticed on V.3 they added more than just a gain knob, they added a 3 mode switch. I just want a solo boost, that's what I use my other one for. What, if any, are the pros and cons of...
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    What Are These Like?

    50W Marshall JCM 900 Hi-Gain Dual Reverb Model 4500. I've heard people say some 900's are better than others, maybe the SLX is the most popular? I just need a good clean and killer dirty channel, reverb is nice also.
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    '79 Gibson LP Standard....

    I have a few Lesters and they all have different P/U's. My '72 Custom has some Schecter Z+ Superock's in it and man does it scream. My 1960 VOS has stock P/U's (BBs I guess) in it and I like the sound I get from it. My '79 standard is completely stock with what I think are T-Tops? I'd like...
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    P/U Threads Stripped

    The threads on my humbuckers in my '72 LP Custom are stripped on the bridge P/U. What kind of fixes are there out there for this?
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    New MXR Talk Box

    So has anyone tried the new MXR Talk Box? If so, thoughts?
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    Timmy Blems Harbor Music... Scam? or Real?

    Is this for real? Blems? The same innards? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Paul-Cochrane-Timmy-Overdrive-Guitar-Effect-Pedal-/170979519106?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item27cf2c6a82
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    Which JCM900 is...

    The most desirable model? They sure do get a bad rap around here but it seems I remember hearing that one model is the ****?
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    So What's The Consensus Of Mesa Boogie...

    DC-5's? Great 2 channel amps? Is one channel more superior than the other? Tweaker amps? Discuss!
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    Mesa Tremoverb Head Worth

    I have a '94 Mesa Tremoverb Head in great condition. What would be a fair price to sell it for? No footswitch, I made a single channel switch with an LED out of a black Marshall style switch that works fine. Thanks.
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    Just An Observation...

    Bad ass tone...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1vEONnGdPo
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    Plextortion or Super Plextortion?

    That is the question. The super is discontinued I believe, which one is the better pedal?
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    It Sucks Standing Right in Front of a Half Stack....

    Been using my '69 Deluxe Reverb with an Enhancer. No trouble hearing an amp pointed right at my head. So I played and decided to break out the Tremoverb yesterday at rehearsal and kept having to crank it to hear myself. Everyone else didn't have a problem hearing :eek: but I guess i need to...
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    So to get a cranked JCM800 tone....

    Wampler Plextortion? Suhr Riot? Basically i have a Timmy and a V.3 OCD. Nothing I've tried has come close to these two pedals. But, I need something with a little more NATURAL pushed power tube amp gain to get some feedback that just melts your face off :eek:. What say you pedal experts? I'm...
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    Good Inexpensive Delay With Presets?

    Can anyone suggest some good inexpensive delays that have multiple preset capabilities? A used DL4 is about $165, anyone know of anything cheaper?
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAMlcSBw9xc&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byD6l1kmCPk&feature=relmfu
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    Would Anyone Use A Sonic Maximizer And A Driverack?

    Our band uses a DBX Driverack PX. I keep getting complaints that the subs aren't pumping enough. We just used the quick setup and have a preset that sounds great just about anywhere. But, I wouldn't mind some more thump. Is it possible to put a Sonic Maximizer after the Driverack?
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    If You Buy A Pedal From A Store....

    What do you think their return policy should be? Or better yet, if something is wrong with the pedal, how long should you have?
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    DLS V2?

    What's the difference between the DLS V.1 and V.2?