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  1. Slyib

    Sold Pair of PRS Hollowbodys

    Selling a pair of Paul Reed Smith Hollowbodies. See separate listing below for each. I'll entertain an offer for both guitars, purchased at one time. Otherwise, individual prices are shown below. As I'm selling due to health reasons, I'm not all that interested in trades. However, I might...
  2. Slyib

    Sold HUGE Lot of PRS Tuners and Parts

    For the dealer, repair shop or the collector, this is a mammoth grab bag of parts for PRS/Schaller Phase 1 and Phase 2 locking tuners. Not sure how many complete sets there are, as I think several could use a Fender or Ping dress washer. (Unless otherwise stated, screw tops are non-slotted.)...
  3. Slyib

    Sold PRS Paul Reed Smith Phase I Tuners (Shared D and G)

    Here's a set of six PRS winged locking tuners for restoring a 1985-1996 USA model PRS electric guitar (shared D and G tuner screw type). Each tuner assembly is complete with knob, appearance washer, bushing, E clip, wing, and screw top. Excellent condition. Includes all five mounting screws...
  4. Slyib

    Sold PRS Grissom Treble and Bass DGT Pickups

    Selling a pair of Grissom pickups, pulled from a Paul Reed Smith DGT guitar. Brushed covers, excellent condition, plenty of wire length, set up for coil splitting (or just tape that lead off for traditional Gibson-type wiring). Bass (Neck) pup is 7.58K ohms on my meter (3.78K when split). 12"...
  5. Slyib

    Sold 1989 PRS CE-24 with Maple Fretboard

    I'm selling this locally. If you want it shipped and PayPal'ed that will add $100 to the price. This was my "Tried and true" relic that I used for the entire first set for nearly every show the last three years I was in The Excuses band. Now that I've retired from performing, it's time to set...
  6. Slyib

    Sold 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst

    Friends, this is a deal. No dickin' around. I want to clear $2500 on it. If you're local to me in the greater Seattle area, $2500 gets it. If I need to ship it in the lower 48 US, price is $2650 which includes PayPal. http://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/msg/5641324851.html It's in excellent...
  7. Slyib

    New Fender/SKB American Standard Cases

    I like the look of the new Fender/SKB rectangular cases. Especially the fact that they stack. How are they holding up for you guys (and gals)? Hinges and handles staying on? Closing nice and tight? Anyone seen them for sale without a guitar? - Brett
  8. Slyib

    PRS Trem Fulcrum Screw

    :AOKGak! I just broke one of the six fulcrum screws on one of my CE24's. The head snapped off, so I can see that it is made of nickel-plated brass. Does a TGP member have one to sell me? The screw has a special notch cut into the shaft, which is part of the knife edge fulcrum design. I...