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  1. Ben S.

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    Thanks for all the memories Ed and thanks for leaving us your work.
  2. Ben S.

    Marshall JTM45 6L6/KT66/5881 Schematic????

    FYI, the Doyle book lists the Tremolo options of the JTM45 head as: model T1987 and T1989 With the 1989 being marketed for organs. The catalog picture with the models is on page 165 of the first edition of Doyle's book.
  3. Ben S.

    Marshall JTM45 6L6/KT66/5881 Schematic????

    There were some heads out there that had the 1962/Bluesbreaker chassis in them IIRC. I could go digging through the Marshall book and see if it had a model number, but that's all the way downstairs.
  4. Ben S.

    Clapton Bluesbreakers Tonal Secret (Possibly?)

    uhhhh, if that jar comes with a house on Bells Beach and a lifetime supply of surfboards, then... maybe.
  5. Ben S.

    Clapton Bluesbreakers Tonal Secret (Possibly?)

    I am going to be splitting my retirement in Manchester, so when I get there in a few years I'll check in.
  6. Ben S.

    Clapton Bluesbreakers Tonal Secret (Possibly?)

    I have a "Lucy" Les Paul and both an original 1962 combo and 1990 BB reissue. I volunteer to be the recipient of your kickstarter.
  7. Ben S.

    RIP Peter Green

    One of the greats that helped light the fire of a generation.
  8. Ben S.

    Hiwatt DR103 question (grid resistors)

    Btw, you don't necessarily have to get the 12W Mills. they are pretty big. But the 12w and 10w are good for 1000Vrms. If you aren't familiar with Mills, they are what lots of manufacturers and hobbyists use for high quality speaker crossovers.
  9. Ben S.

    Hiwatt DR103 question (grid resistors)

    Hopefully shipping is still ok from them, Tweedy. They are a Canadian company. stuff used to get to me really quickly as I am in upstate NY. not sure though with the rona.
  10. Ben S.

    Hiwatt DR103 question (grid resistors)

    Here you go: https://www.partsconnexion.com/media/pdfs/mills_MRA.pdf https://www.partsconnexion.com/MILLS-71923.html
  11. Ben S.

    I just don't have the patience for complicated things.

    I stupidly bought a Strymon Timeline years ago. Never use it. Only my original Analogman delay and my old Boss RV-3.
  12. Ben S.

    Who's Your Favorite New Wave Band ?

    I always considered The Jam to be one of the original New Wave bands. Don't know how accurate that opinion is, but I love them.
  13. Ben S.

    Who's Your Favorite New Wave Band ?

    Dammit! :bonkI'm already losing the fight. Oh well. I just remember him always being on that song and then Youtube distorted my memory because he is always in thos early performances of it.
  14. Ben S.

    Who's Your Favorite New Wave Band ?

    Agreed. Leave in Silence. The best DM song in the catalogue. I'll fight over this opinion too :)
  15. Ben S.

    Who's Your Favorite New Wave Band ?

    Southern Death Cult/Death Cult/The Cult. Especially Dreamtime and Love era.
  16. Ben S.

    KT66 vs. 6L6

    FYI, The Leak TL/25 Plus Stereo 50, which is a legendary HiFi amp that used KT-66's, had on OT with 7k primary and screen tap at 49%. Heathkit used two different Peerless transforms for its W5m, the first had a 10k primary and the second was a 5k primary OT. Everything depends on the bias tap...
  17. Ben S.

    What are your favorite Rolling Stones and Beatles songs, but only one each band?

    Very hard to do. Maybe: It won't be long - Beatles Torn and Frayed - Stones
  18. Ben S.

    KT90 tubes - who has tried them?

    Joe, those EI KT-90's are extremely desired by hifi folks that specifically have the Harmon Kardon Citation II. If you ever need some money, you could make a nice profit. As far as guitar use, I see no point in using them; they don't bring anything to the table that a new KT88 or 6550 has.
  19. Ben S.

    Scumback Speakers (Jims Birthday bash)

    Hell yeah! Happy Birthday to my favorite speaker man ever! Many happy returns, Jim!
  20. Ben S.

    What's your voltage?

    Jokes aside, I regularly measure 125-127. I have occasionally had a nice perfect 120, but more often than not I see 121-123VAC.
  21. Ben S.

    What's your voltage?

    my voltage is.......
  22. Ben S.

    I'll never sell my________pedal.

    I will never ever ever sell my Analog Man AR20DL