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  1. K

    Recording: Know nothing, Have a Macbook, what do I need-Please HELP!

    try one of those cheap Behringer interfaces, not my case, but heard they're pretty good for starters
  2. K

    Line 6 (Tone Core) Echo Park

    "I think he meant there is a $40 REBATE going on, not that it cost him $40." I think this is right. I bought one last year and wanted to try the verbzilla, so I bought it in february, they had a rebate for the purchase of any tonecore pedal, so I ordered the echo park module, is a great...
  3. K

    verbzilla setting

    a question for verbzillas users: what's the reverb type yoy like the most and why? for me is the cave, I like that 'far away' sound
  4. K

    pro tools + duo 2 core Mac question

    thanks, that's what I tried to say, just editted my posting on digidesign's web page they say is compatible with intel based macs, duo core is what they used, i'm thinking of getting a duo 2 core
  5. K

    pro tools + duo 2 core Mac question

    Has anyone tried pro tools LE with a duo 2 core Mac ?
  6. K

    clean octave, just name a pedal

    I need an octave up and an octave down just name a pedal
  7. K

    BYOC Delay

    +10 on the echo park
  8. K

    cheaper but really good delay pedals?

    for me it's the echo park and the DE-7. the DE-7 is cheaper and sounds great, the echo park for all the features and tap tempo + tone better than the DL4 and cheaper is great. these are the ones I own right now.
  9. K

    What was your first TYPE of effects pedal?

    my first pedal was a wah, i just needed to try one of those, jeje
  10. K

    the edge's shimmering effect

    Same here, I'm not going for the edge's sound either, but like you I want to make it my own. I think I'm going to try the verbzilla too.
  11. K

    looking for "that" chorus pedal

    any ce-20 users?
  12. K

    the edge's shimmering effect

    thank you all, that's exactly what I was talking about. I'll have to investigate a little more on those units you've mentioned, if I can find a way to do it I'll post again.
  13. K

    looking for "that" chorus pedal

    any CE-20 users?
  14. K

    the edge's shimmering effect

    Bryan, I'm talking about that shimmer part that's in behind the guitar, like a keyboard, but he's doing it with the guitar and effects
  15. K

    the edge's shimmering effect

    I was thinking of something less expensive, I thought someone mentioned something like the PS-3
  16. K

    the edge's shimmering effect

    I've read another thread about this shimmering effect of the edge, how can I get that myself? anyone knows?
  17. K

    Ibanez de-7

    I´ve had a DE7 for a year and a half now, never had switch problems and no hum. Got it for 32 buck including shipping. I always use the echo setting, sometimes the digital can cut through better in a live situation, it depends on how the mix is coming out. I also have an echopark, great...
  18. K

    GE-7 sniper mod, tone-jam.com??? email??

    thank you all, really looking forward to this mod, have heard nothing but good comments.
  19. K

    GE-7 sniper mod, tone-jam.com??? email??

    I want to get a snioer mod on my Ge-7 but I can't contact Kevin Anyone has his email or contact info?
  20. K

    Best tremolo for Fender & chop styles?

    why don't you try EHX's wiggler?, it sounds great, it doesn't have all you're asking for, but it nails some classic trems. you can listen to files at EHX's site and the MPEG at Musician's friend site
  21. K

    Whirligig "Rota-Sim!!!"

    Fatback's videos are great, really helpful