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  1. waxnsteel

    K&K over Fishman installs

    Anyone ever install a K&K pure pickup in a guitar that came with a fishman preamp mounted in the top of the guitar? I like the way the K&K stuff sounds, but what are the options here? Leave a big hole in the top of the guitar? Is there any way to use the preamp WITH the K&K pickup? Anybody have...
  2. waxnsteel

    OK, maybe I'm not a huge Miley Cyrus fan, but

    My girl just called me into the other room to see the genious move she pulled. Ice cream cart w/ stripper pole. It's like Christmas, I tell ya. Ice cream and strippers for everyone!
  3. waxnsteel

    Awesome (cheesy) cartoon theme songs

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0BzBFWt8V8&feature=related I never watched the cartoon, but I loved the theme songs. What do you guys have?
  4. waxnsteel

    So why no left-handed pianos?

    Or if they're actually all left-handed, why no right-handed ones? Well?:confused:
  5. waxnsteel

    Do you tip the bar/wait staff at your gigs?

    I'm expecting a lot of yes, but feel free to say how much. I may not remind the patrons to tip them, but I tip at least $10. $20 if they don't suck. And I don't generally require much service (solo act, drink soda all night).
  6. waxnsteel

    It's kind of unfair to compare, but Michael Jackson...

    is an extremely talented mofo. Next to Britney, it's pretty ridiculous. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsJQomr6Er0
  7. waxnsteel

    Another Bottle Battle

    6L6s vs. EL34s All 4 channels of the Road King combo with different guitars paying a track with the amp played live and keeping a direct track, I reamped (Radial X amp) the track through each channel each time with one set of tubes, changed tubes, and recorded again. This time around, I do...
  8. waxnsteel

    6l6s or EL84s

    The question keeps popping up. What's the difference? Can you tell? I have a couple clips here, each with the amp set the same. I would have set up the same clip and reamped it for the clips, but I didn't have much time yesterday. Basically, I play a little, you har a little pause, and I switch...
  9. waxnsteel

    Original fender Wide range HB's - ridiculous!!

    I realize they aren't making any more, but DAYUMMM!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/FENDER-70s-TELECASTER-CUSTOM-HUMBUCKER-PICKUP-G215_W0QQitemZ200070698402QQihZ010QQcategoryZ118989QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  10. waxnsteel

    Why do gigging players use such lousy amps?

    :rolleyes: You know what it's about, but I really don't care what amp anyone plays at home. What I care about is being assaulted by Fender solid states, 100 watt peaveys on 1, master volume amps with the pre-gain dimed, and guys playing top 40 with a tele (neck pu all night) through acoustic...
  11. waxnsteel

    Coil tap vs Coil split

    I played a friend's McNaught last night. Stellar guitar. I typically play a McCarty. I've never been happy with the McCarty "single coil" sound. Fix me if I'm wrong here, but McCarty's have a coil TAP thing going on, right? Tom's McNaught's single coil sound was very much more in line with what...
  12. waxnsteel

    Show us your guitars

    Ok, there is a show your amp thread, show your pedal board thread... No show your guitar. A bunch of Here's MY guitar threads, and what not, and I'm excited cause I finally got my guitars back and wanted to show them off. So here they are. Reissue Strat and Tele Deluxe Weird Tele with a Floyd...
  13. waxnsteel

    Pronouncing Names

    There are some names out there that are confusing if you don't deal with dudes who use the equipment in a live setting. Like Neumannn... Norman Harrell was the one who taught me "Noyman" crazy ain't it? My mom knew it already, too. But there are others like Skrydstrup, they say it's...
  14. waxnsteel

    P90's for a Tele Deluxe

    I want the "other" flavor of pickup, and was thinking I'd like to try them in my Tele Deluxe. Does anyone make P90's that fit in that oddly large sized humbucker hole in the pickguard, or would I just have to suck it up and rout, or get a new guard made for standard P90's? Anyone?
  15. waxnsteel

    GCX wasted connectors

    Any of you guys just using yours to switch pedals in and out of the loops? I do, and it kinda drives me nuts knowing I have like 12 extra connectors taking say loop 1 out to loop 2 in and so on. Is there a way to get those connected internally? Is there a unit that does this rather than making a...
  16. waxnsteel

    Speakers, All things equal - impedance sensitivity and loudness

    How does it work together? Is there anything I can read, or can anyone help me put this together? They say (or rather, it is true that) 10 db is twice as loud, right? As far as sensitivity goes, 3 dB is twice as loud? How did wattage relate again? As far as impedance goes, provided the...
  17. waxnsteel

    Fulltone kicks Ass

    I have an OCD, and I played with a Full Drive which was nice, but not for me, but I got to spend a little time with a Distortion Pro and fat boost today, and I gotta say, why didn't I try these earlier? They were awesome! The distortion pro was amazing> If I didn't have a few really good ones...
  18. waxnsteel

    Budda Dual Stage 30

    Everybody is building amps based on "Classic" circuits. Somebody comes along and builds something great, and somebody else says "Hey, we do that!! You can't!!!" Well, there are schematics for all the other amps online... can anyone point me to a schematic for the Budda Dual stage 30? No one who...