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  1. mystixboi

    Friedman users... how close can the Runt 20 with a boost get to the JJ Jr?

    All - I totally love the Runt, but I have to use a Buxom Boost to get me to the tone I have in my head. It's just about there. How close does that get to the JJ jr? Ideally, sometimes I want a bit more saturation. I have the chance to get a JJ Jr, but if the Runt 20 gets close enough to it...
  2. mystixboi

    How important is unplugged electric tone to you?

    I was messing around with three different guitars tonight. All different price points... the Prs cu22 (around $2400 or so) was the most resonant... almost like a piano. Next, $100 beater sounded great as well. My number 1 came in last as far as acoustic resonance. It’s a $1000 guitar that...
  3. mystixboi

    Today’s $100 score!

    Happy new guitar day. This guitar came up in my Facebook marketplace feed selling for $120. They normally sell for about 190 or so. I offer the guy 100 bucks and he accepted. Turns out he lives about a mile away and I actually know his wife because they own a store front downtown. Anyway, I...
  4. mystixboi

    I finally get the Friedman hype...

    I finally get the Friedman hype… When I was gigging musician, I used to play clubs and venues with half stacks. Over the years I played with Soldano, Bogner, Fryette, etc. Over the last couple years, I condensed my rig since I am only playing at home and going out for occasional jams. Last year...
  5. mystixboi

    Pedal suggestion for a Friedman Runt

    I recently got a Friedman Runt and it's pretty killer. The clean channel is nice and the dirty channel is about 80% there. It is bright for sure, but I want it to saturate a bit more. i'm looking for a pedal(that won't break the bank) that would take it up a notch to get that singing sustain and...
  6. mystixboi

    need suggestion pedal for Friedman Runt

    I recently got a Friedman Runt and it's pretty killer. The clean channel is nice and the dirty channel is about 80% there. It is bright for sure, but I want it to saturate a bit more. i'm looking for a pedal(that won't break the bank) that would take it up a notch to get that singing sustain and...
  7. mystixboi


    Dig it!!! NGD!!! Balaguer archetype with prototype of the Thin D neck carve and dark matter fusion pickups.... my tribute to Nuno!
  8. mystixboi

    Do fancy/exotic finishes get in the way of enjoying or even just playing?

    I recently got an all black guitar(minus the roasted maple neck, but it does have an ebony fretboard). it absolutely kills. each time i play it, i find myself just focusing on the playing. i don't care about any sparkles it is missing, the shade of purple it lacks or anything like that. is it...
  9. mystixboi


    I realize this weekend a problem that I have… For the last few years, I’ve getting so many guitars before that I never got to fully enjoy any single one or never really became one with the instrument. Does that make sense? I was listening to a podcast of Guthrie Govan. He could pretty much coax...
  10. mystixboi

    Just ordered...

    Super excited about this... Balaguer Guitars recently did a series run called "Midnight". I was able to snag this the other day. I hope to have it next week. The Thicket is my favorite body shape because it's a modern T offset body shape. Roasted maple neck, stainless steel frets... I'm sold...
  11. mystixboi

    Super Strat suggestions thread... Balaguer, Chubtone, etc?

    My 15 year anniversary with my office is coming up. with it, I'll be getting a small bonus. I'm looking to put part of that towards a super strat "dream build". I'm looking to get something like this: Some of the specs I'm looking for are: - Roasted Ash Body - Roasted Maple Neck - Stainless...
  12. mystixboi

    need help with Tech 21 Fly Rig and FRFR

    I just got a Tech 21 Fly Rig RK5 and I want to use it with my Headrush FRFR 108 powered speaker. I know that I have to keep the SansAmp on so it uses the cabinet emulation, but the RK5 sounds pretty crappy. The sound is bright and thin sounding. Does anyone have this as a setup? or run the RK5...
  13. mystixboi

    Battle of the pickup sets... dimarzio vs Duncan

    So let’s compare and contrast these two sets of pickups. Seymour Duncan JB/59 vs dimarzio tone zone/air norton Which do you prefer more and why?
  14. mystixboi

    Help needed for HX Stomp

    Good morning. I need some help with my HX Stomp please. I currently use Stomp mode 100% of the time. I also have an external footswitch that allows me to go either up a bank/patch or down a bank/patch. Is there a way to set up the Stomp in stomp mode that will allow me to do the same thing by...
  15. mystixboi

    HNGD... headless action

    As a child of the 80s/90s, I’ve always wanted to try out a headless guitar. I owned one of those steinbergers sold by musicyo in the 90s but it wasn’t that great so I sold it years back. Last year, Dark Matter Instruments(sister company to Balaguer Guitars released a model called the Vega. To...
  16. mystixboi

    HNGD... Balaguer Toro!

    Just got this beast today. Toro in Islandburst.
  17. mystixboi

    Cracking sound from frfr ...

    I have a headrush FRFR108. I noticed that whenever I use a lot of gain and do some chugging or power cords, the speaker crackles. Is that common? I don’t even have my hx stomp cranked high at all and the speaker is on 4 .
  18. mystixboi

    Never been happier with my tone!!!

    25 years ago I was playing either a Marshall halfstack or stereo Peavey 5150/5150 ii set up. If you told me then that I would be playing this set up years later I would have not believed you. I have never been happier with any rig I have owned. That includes owning Bogner, Fryette, Soldano and...
  19. mystixboi

    Who is still rocking the Katana?

    This past Friday I picked up a boss Katana 50 watt combo. I’ve had a love hate relationship with every katana I’ve owned(head, 100w combo, 50 watt combo, mini). Sometimes I love the tone, sometimes not. I mostly use it with headphones once my kids go to bed. I did some research last night and...
  20. mystixboi

    how much would this bother you?

    i recently sold a guitar that i bought new less than 2 years ago. it is in immaculate condition. i sold it and initially the buyer said he was happy, but then came back a day later saying he couldn't intonate the guitar. i never had problem with it. a tech confirmed that 5 out of 6 strings...
  21. mystixboi

    Sold Balaguer Thicket in Purple Fade

    So here it is... the only fade finish Balaguer currently in existence. It's been a great ride, but it's time to move this guitar on to a new owner. I've never taken the guitar out of my house except for Balaguer Guitars GearFest 2018 where it was babies by anyone that played it. No dings, nicks...
  22. mystixboi

    Impressed with super cheap wireless!

    Guys… I had gas recently for a wireless unit. Since I am not playing with the band, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I just got this today and it is surprisingly amazing. Super clear with zero latency. I used to have a different unit four times the price and it was horrible. Technology is...
  23. mystixboi


  24. mystixboi

    What do you have coming in?

    i have this Balaguer Growler coming in. Should be with me by Thursday at the latest!
  25. mystixboi

    Dig it... coming back home!!!

    I bought this about two years ago as a part of a special run that Joe Balaguer did for all of the team ambassadors. I had to sell it last year to pay for some unexpected expenses but the ambassador and that I sold it to was gracious enough to sell it back to me at the same cost. It’s a Balaguer...