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  1. dlguitar64

    "Old Home Place" Dillards (Darlins' from Andy Griffith) Cover

    Bluegrass Standard by The Dillards with a famous '70s version by JD Crowe and The New South featuring Tony Rice, Ricky Skaggs, and Jerry Douglas. McPeake Ole Betsy Banjo ('37 Gibson RB75 replica) Martin D18 Sinker 'Hog Eastman 615 Mandolin Band-In-A-Box Rhythm Guitar, Mandolin, and Upright Bass...
  2. dlguitar64

    Footprints In The Snow Clarence White Inspired(Martin D18 Sinker Mahogony Content)

    Muleskinner featuring Clarence White, David Grisman, Bill Keith, Peter Rowan, and Richard Greene was one of my primary influences. Here is a version of the Bill Monroe classic inspired by their version. Martin Custom Shop D18 Sinker Mahogony McPeake Ole Betsy 1937 RB75 replica Banjo Eastman...
  3. dlguitar64

    Bluegrass Instrumental (McPeake Ole Betsy Banjo, Eastman 615 Mandolin, Martin D18 Sinker Mahogony)

    I got a new banjo last week (copy of Curtis McPeake's 1937 Gibson Mastertone RB75) so I did a little recording of the Stanley Brothers classic "Clinch Mountain Backstep" using Band-in-a-Box for upright bass, rhythm guitar, and rhythm mandolin.
  4. dlguitar64

    NBD (Curtis McPeake "Ole Betsy" Ex-Bill Monroe, WSM staff musician)

    This is one of 4 replicas Curtis McPeake built of his 1937 Gibson RB75 "Ole Betsy" As well as playing with Monroe and at WSM, McPeake was the designated stand-in for Earl Scruggs on The Martha White Show starting when Scruggs was in a car accident in the 50s. He later did a 20-year stint with...
  5. dlguitar64

    Bursts and (Sonic) Blues

  6. dlguitar64

    NGD (2019 K-Line Springfield Sonic Blue)

    For years, I have regretted letting a Blue K-Line Springfield get away. (Sold to fund something else). Picked this up from Reverb Coincidentally, It matches my Nash T57CC The only issue is the first string drifts towards the edge as you go up the neck. I will have to get that tweaked but...
  7. dlguitar64

    Fly Me To The Moon Big Band/Sinatra Style

    I used Band-in-a-Box for the Big Band (awesome tool!) 1966 Gibson ES175
  8. dlguitar64

    Saturday Guitar Pics

    I just picked up a K-Line San Bernadino so I had to take a couple of group pics
  9. dlguitar64

    NGD 2011 K-Line San Bernadino

    Fantastic Guitar. The unplugged resonance and clarity are unbelievable. The Lollar P90s are a great fit.
  10. dlguitar64

    One More Instrumental (Tele, Les Paul, ES330, Strymon)

    Here is a tune I wrote at 16 and originally recorded 20 years ago. I wish I had the luxury of sitting at home tracking taking my time using Garage Band back then! Guitars: Fender Jazz Bass, Nash Tele, ES330, Les Paul Standard Band In A Box Drums Strymon Fender, Vox, and Marshall models
  11. dlguitar64

    Original Instrumental( 50s L50, Les Paul, Strymon Iridium content) Now with Allman-style harmony

    Here is an instrumental I wrote a long time ago for the last girl I let break my heart. Band-In-A-Box drums, Fender Jazz Bass, Gibson L50 and Les Paul Strymon Iridium Marshall Setting 8/02-I added some Allman Brothers-style harmony at a few points
  12. dlguitar64

    Aunt Bee(Mayberry After Dark) Original Reggae Instrumental Strymon Iridium/Nash CC Tele

    Here is a tune I have had around for a long time. Band In A Box Drums, Organ, Piano Bass: Fender Highway One Jazz Melody and Solos: Nash Tele w/ Charlie Christian neck PU into Strymon Iridium Fender Deluxe Background guitars: Les Paul into AC30 Strymon Iridium
  13. dlguitar64

    Strymon Iridium Demo

    I picked up a Strymon Iridium for Garage Band and in case I ever do a musical again and want to go direct. I did a demo to a Rolling Stones-Type (Gimme Shelter) groove Solos are: 1. Grosh Retro Classic Middle Pickup Fender Deluxe Reverb 2. Nash Tele Bridge PU Deluxe Cranked Vibrolux 2X10 cab 3...
  14. dlguitar64

    The Search for Gear Balance In the Universe

    Earlier this year I came into a little extra money to buy a few nice guitars so I started trying to craft the perfect collection. I had arrived at a good place(mostly Eastmans) but I found a 1950s L50 and my vintage/Gibson/Martin lust returned so I put a few things on the market so I could...
  15. dlguitar64

    Acoustic Collection (Updated with Taylor, Banjos, etc, and Cat)

    Martin D18 Custom Shop Sinker Mahogany 1950s Gibson L50 Taylor 710 Cordoba Classical Eastman E20OO Sigma 12 String Eastman DM1 Farley the Cat One more with all the rest Deering Maple Blossom 5 string Gold-Tone Tenor Banjo Eastman 615 F-style Mandolin Assorted Ukuleles
  16. dlguitar64

    NGD Martin D18 Custom Shop Sinker Mahagony (Now With Clips)

    I put a couple of Eastmans for sale and picked up this Sounds fantastic! I will try to make a video tomorrow Edit: Here are some clips Rhythm Guitar, Rhythm Mando, and Bass are Band In A Box, otherwise, it is me
  17. dlguitar64

    Ngd 1966 Gibson Es 175

    I found a killer deal on an unbelievably clean 1966(possibly 1968) 175. The pickups, pots, and tuners are non-original, which made it relatively affordable. Original frets in great condition! (I used to have a beat-up 65 es175 with totally flat original frets that lost its mojo when I got a fret...
  18. dlguitar64

    Groove and Soul! (Stuff Live)

  19. dlguitar64

    Latest Gear (and cat) Photo session

    My collection has been in constant flux for the last few months but here is the current iteration.
  20. dlguitar64

    Blues jam! (Goodbye Porkpie Hat)

    I did a slow blues version of everyone's favorite Charles Mingus/Jeff Beck/Joni Mitchell song! Don't let the fancy chords scare you, just listen and play the blues.