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  1. Dolphineus

    The Kingsley Pedal Club

    Harlot V3 2019 Still have it. I love it. I use it into a barely breaking up amp and use it along with an SiB Cuda LT and a Fulltone Plimsoul. I never think about another overdrive... ...I just play. Buy whatever you're considering, decide later. You can always sell it if you want something else.
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    Ron Kirn guitar
  3. 20200906_181336.jpg


    Baritone Tele
  4. Tobacco Sunburst Guitars

    Tobacco Sunburst Guitars

    Pictures of Tobacco Sunburst Guitars
  5. Dolphineus

    Are any other guitarists as significant as Jimi and EVH?

    Yeah, I was gonna say Lester William Polsfuss (a.k.a. Les Paul) was and is kinda significant.
  6. Dolphineus

    What is your main overdrive pedal? (2020 Edition)

    Fulltone Plimsoul Kingsley Harlot
  7. Dolphineus

    Reverb unit

    Satellite Amplifiers makes a nice one. http://www.satelliteamps.com/store/p28/Churchkey_Reverb.html
  8. Dolphineus

    FSOT wampler reflection reverb, boss dd-20 sell or trade

    @ostrichfc has an actual spring reverb pedal. Might want to check it out. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/another-price-drop-van-amps-sole-mate-analog-spring-reverb-worldwide-shipping.2184907/
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  10. Dolphineus

    Sold HomeBrew Electronics HBE Germania

    HBE Germania, Dallas Rangemaster clone/treble booster. $old PP & shipped to CONUS.
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  15. Pedals for sale

    Pedals for sale

  16. Dolphineus

    My SIB ‘Cuda is being Weird

    I can get ahold of Rick from SiB and see if he's had this issue come up with his pedals and has a solution.
  17. Dolphineus

    FS Samsung Galaxy S9+ Case, FREE just pay S&H

    Hey TGPers, I have this case for a Samsung Galaxy S9+ that I received with my phone. I just don't want it. All I really need is probably about $7 for packaging and shipping (USPS).
  18. Dolphineus

    Show your teles!

    This is a Fender Blacktop Series (MIM) baritone Telecaster. I modified it with Duncan Antiquities, pickguard, knobs and electronics. It sounds fantastic into every cranked amp I've plugged it into.
  19. Dolphineus

    NPD - SiB Cuda

    I have been using the Cuda, Cuda Lt, or one of its precursors for around 15 years. I've added & removed other drives to my pedalboard because... ...well why not? But the one of the Cudas always stayed.
  20. Dolphineus

    Transparent overdrive Wampler/Lightspeed Greer?

    You didn't, we just communicated via PM. But thanks for responding regardless.
  21. Dolphineus

    1971 BASSMAN HEAD repair evaluation

    I've been taking my amps to Jeff since I can remember. I think he is a great tech and a great man.
  22. Dolphineus

    1971 BASSMAN HEAD repair evaluation

    Jeff Snider in San Diego is where I'd take it if it's not too far for you.