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    Yanuziello photo gallery

    I tend to favor larger guitars, es-335 size is about ideal for me. I really want to order a Yanuziello, but they look so dang small to me. I will have no chance to play one first based on where I live. Can anyone give me an idea on size and ergonomics for my giant self?
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    EQD and Sunn O))): LifePedal

    i've got one of these, haven't even opened it yet. For $700 it's tempting to let it fly.
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    Robin guitars might be coming back?

    I own 4 robins, including 2 fleetwoods. I would buy another fleetwood if/when they pop up used, but as I understand it very few were ever made, like 8 or so. My understanding from ~1 year ago was that an investor had purchased some molds and templates and had done some very small scale new...
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    Ken Lawrence build list

    To be clear, i was prevented from placing an order for about 9 months as Ken whittled down his backlog and would accept deposits to join the next build batch. I was quoted 2-3 years assuming little to no inlays, same as @yucatown I offer the info to both correct any misconceptions, as well as...
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    Korina Builders and Pickups

    I was sorta leaning towards the Bareknuckle black dog or the Wolfetone Dr Vintage before posting this. Both are fairly easy to come by. Looks like Alnico 5 or Alnico 2 across WCR/BKP/DRV
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    Ken Lawrence build list

    Got some updates yesterday. Mine is in raw wood form, still very early stages. I'm guessing it will be about 4 years start to finish. And that is if it gets finished in 2017. For some reason, I'm not particularly impatient. I typically get prompt responses, never feel like i'm getting...
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    Hagstrom Viking Baritone or PRS SE 277 Semi-Hollow Soapbar

    Which would you choose, and why
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    Korina Builders and Pickups

    Wanted to direct this to those guys who have build a lot of set neck korina guitars (body and neck). I'm in the latter stages of a build that is inspired by 58 explorers. It will be a 2 HB guitar. The originals would have had PAFs, but curious if anyone had any favorite pickups for that...
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    So Premier Builders Guild (PBG) is no more?

    My pbg guitar has the best fretwork of any guitar I've owned. Didn't wampler and some other guitar/amp/pedal builders join up recently in a similar structure?
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    Trussart Wah

    Anyone ever seen one of these?
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    Tyler Guitar - Boost Option

    i boost, i also bypass boost, i use it to dial in other things down the signal chain.
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    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Rich, lucite knobs would be pretty cool on that.
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    Ken Lawrence build list

    Same boat. Seen the blanks but nothing else. I would have expected it to start by now but I'm also not surprised by the status. Sorta figured it would be a while.
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    What about an SG with an oversized body?

    Yamaha fits the bill. Sbg I think is the model.
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    Artinger Spitfire Custom

    did anyone see the popular mechanics magazine this month with the article about Matt Artinger? My guitar can be seen in the early stages on page 96.
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    danocaster color selection

    I like Burg Mist
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    NGD: RS GUITARWORKS Rockabilly...

    your crook was the inspiration for my first custom guitar i acquired. TVJ classic in the neck and lollar vintage T in the bridge. I've often thought about trying something else in the bridge but the TVJ neck will never change.
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    Guitar rack padding material

    Shopped around for a guitar rack for my house. Really liked the DRS racks by kauer but they wouldn't work for my specific application due to size/configuration. So I'm going the custom build route. The guy building the rack wanted to know what would be the best material to use for the...
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    which metal af pedal for me?

    I'm setup for more of a doomy fuzzy sound typically, but the lovepedal hi volt gets me a more modern higher gain thing. Has an active EQ and can sorta do marshall up to mesa gain.
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    And the Best Finish Award Goes to...

    My vote goes to Jens Ritter. I think he pushes the boundaries further than anyone. Fretboards, exotic top dyes, textile tops, mosaic stuff.
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    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    The marquetry, very cool
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    New Single Coils for my Tyler...

    i run 5500's in neck and middle on my SEHD, i always figured if he was so particular about fretwire that I should probably just stick to the in-house recipe :)
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    Luthiers: what's on your workbench?

    Whatever this backstrip is, very cool.
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    Can I ever be happy with a Strat?

    Tyler SE HD is what fills that niche for me. The tyler midboost allows me to dial in how thick I need. If you can't live with their "recipe" it might be a non-starter though. I might also suggest something like a PRS (dgt/brent mason/etc). Little easier to find a PRS to demo if you want to...