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  1. deluxeman

    FS Komet Aero 33

    Man, get your dirty boots off the table!! Nice amp by the way.
  2. deluxeman

    FS Valvetech Hayseed 30 head

    Great amp good luck on the sale
  3. deluxeman

    Which amp(s) were you most excited to try in person but let down by when you played them?

    Chris Stapleton Brown Princeton lacked fidelity to my ears. I have a 62 Brown Princeton and they do not sound the same.
  4. deluxeman

    Sold Valvetech Hayseed 30 Combo with EF86

    I have one I would possibly part with. Black Combo EF86 with the 2011 mod.
  5. deluxeman

    Sold Trade me something old and weird for this USA Strat

    I would but she won't leave the house.
  6. deluxeman

    I think I want a Bassman

    UH, go buy a nice silver face or black face Bassman head, they are still pretty cheap and easy to fix and they are plentiful. Yes they sound great.
  7. deluxeman

    I hate telecasters. Tell me why I'm wrong

    Your not wrong. If you don't like them play something that makes you want to play more and sounds like YOU want a guitar to sound.
  8. deluxeman

    What is the best amp you have ever played??

    Victoria Regal Reinhardt Sentinel Fender Deluxe Reverb 64 original Soldano SLO
  9. deluxeman

    What is your favorite el84 amp?

    Reinhardt 18 no power scaling
  10. deluxeman

    Ok to keep amp on standby for long periods of time?

    Yeah I did the same dang thing, mine was on for about 3 weeks though. It was noisy after that, hissing. Replaced all the tubes and it works just fine
  11. deluxeman

    Sold Goodsell Super 17 mk3

    What type of amp are you looking for as a trade?
  12. deluxeman

    Looking for a P90 sized Humbucker

    I am looking for a PAF sound. Duncan gets crazy money to do a custom pickup. McNally makes some that look pretty interesting. Thanks for all the help, keep em coming
  13. deluxeman

    Looking for a P90 sized Humbucker

    Thanks but I am looking for a Humbucker that fits in a P90 hole not a P90 that fits a Humbucker hole.
  14. deluxeman

    Looking for a P90 sized Humbucker

    Anyone out in the TGP land have any experience with P-90 sized Humbuckers. I have a LP Goldtop that I like but I don't really like P-90's that much. Just looking for some feed back. It appears that you can put a mini humbucker in that space with a trim ring. Again any feedback would be...
  15. deluxeman

    Princeton 6G2 question

    Mine grinds hard after about 8 and just gets thicker from there. It stays pretty clean up to about 6 on input 1. I just had mine tuned up so it is in great working order. Sounds fantastic.
  16. deluxeman

    Guthrie Trapp Artistworks lessons, has anyone tried them?

    I did not sign up for either. I am not a great Tab learner, I am more a hands on/ear training learner so I am not sure either class is the way to go for me. I took a class at Sweetwater that was a bit of a eye opener. Marc Silvers improv class. He was a good teacher and gave you stuff you can...
  17. deluxeman

    Sold Florance / Voodoo TE-56 Tele pickups

    I have a set of 59's now. How are these different, they don't show on his website anymore.
  18. deluxeman

    Anyone gone to Marc Silver's class at Sweetwater

    Nobody has done his class or read his book? Maybe I am making a mistake by going....................
  19. deluxeman

    Anyone gone to Marc Silver's class at Sweetwater

    I signed up for the Marc Silver contemporary improv class at Sweetwater this weekend, just looking to see if anyone on here had done his 2 day workshop, or even worked through his book? Just trying to find out what it is all about. I am looking for a way to improve my soloing over chord changes...
  20. deluxeman

    New Doyle II album coming out

    I think both of those albums sound similar. Obviously Doyle has a distinctive style and that will contribute to some songs sounding similar. I have listened to Welcome a number of times, Rich Man I have listened to a few times through, not my favorite of his. I will give his new one a listen...
  21. deluxeman

    New Doyle II album coming out

    Sounds just like his last two albums. I like Doyle, I just get tired of paying money to listen to the same stuff I already paid for. He isn't alone in this, many artists put out the same material over and over.
  22. deluxeman

    New Mesa Boogie amp: Fillmore 50

    Just listened to the clips, that amp does nothing for me. Looks cool but does nothing really great. It will be a good seller for a little while. I have owned 7 mesa amps over the years and I really liked the Mark series amps. I still own a Mark III combo. But all the new stuff just do it for me...
  23. deluxeman

    Saw Marty Stuart last weekend

    That Deluxe that Marty uses sounds so damn good.................
  24. deluxeman

    Guthrie Trapp Artistworks lessons, has anyone tried them?

    I am the type of player that needs a challenge or a dead line to get me to sit down and practice playing. I am a decent player but I would like to become a better country player. I like Guthrie Trapp's music and his approach to playing. I was thinking of signing up for his Artistworks series...