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    NGD. NOS 1999 Peavey Wolfgang Special

    Nice! I had one several years ago. Played great and sounded great but I couldn't get along with the Floyd.
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    One Hit Wonders

    Level 42? They have at least 10 to 15 hits. And Dan Hartman is certaintly not a one hit wonder.
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    One Hit Wonders

    Ok I see anything goes so here:
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    Can you mimic Peter Green's Out-of-Phase tone with an graphic EQ pedal?

    Yeah I had the same line of thought at the time. The Les Paul did have 50's wiring.
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    Can you mimic Peter Green's Out-of-Phase tone with an graphic EQ pedal?

    I think I got in the ballpark with a GE-7 years ago. Eq flat except for a massive reduction of the 200 and 3.2K sliders. Fender SF Twin with Les Paul. This was a long time ago so I don't remember if there was something more to it or if I would consider it passable these days ;)
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    Laney Black Country Customs pedals

    Well it's actually my first treble-booster ever... But with the switching options and treble+bass controls I find it to be a powerful EQ/Boost. I use it to enhance my cleans and to give my overdrives a more 70's feel; at least to my ears..
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    Laney Black Country Customs pedals

    I have the Tony Iommi Boost and the Secret Path. Got the boost first and was impressed. Very versatile. It's an "always on" now for me, with cleans or dirt. Needed a new reverb soon after so decided to give the Laney a try. It's really good with exactly the features I was looking for.
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    PSA: Buying some European gear from Thomann and shipping to the US

    It's different for every country. For me it's free from 49 and up, and below that it's 2.50.......
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    best reverb for SRV / DIre Straits tones AND some R'n'B neo-soul lo-fi vibes

    For Dire Straits sounds I like plate reverb. I use a Laney Secret Path for this. Very useful to me is having a pre-delay option.
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    Can someone ID this old electric

    Could be an Egmond. But they made a gazillion different models and not much information about those these days.
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    Jeff Buckley - Lover, You Should've Come Over (from Live in Chicago)

    I'm still grateful I got to see him live. Six months later he was gone... I was stunned when I heard the news.
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    Big Country

    It is because of Big Country, not Santana, that I play a Yamaha SG.
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    Is this a real Gibson LP Standard?

    Sorry man, I don't think that's a real Gibson. I could be wrong..... Someone else want to chime in?
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    Is this a real Gibson LP Standard?

    Sorry I don't use Imgur or Chrome. Maybe someone else can help here?
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    Is this a real Gibson LP Standard?

    I can't see the picture....
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    Help me conjure this Knopfler reverb sound ...

    Yeah I'm thinking plate reverb. Might want to get one with ajustable pre-delay.
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    Finding songs you thought you had "lost"

    Many times actually. Often even by well known bands which I failed to recognise. Not long ago I found the one below; an obscure band with no hits as far as I know. I think when you hear the intro you see why it stuck with me all this time.
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    What's this Gibson SG?

    A Custom with 3 pups? They make those from time to time.
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    Plastic Love - City Pop Desconstructed!

    Yeah I know about this song and the story around it because of the video below; fun stuff.
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    Is CAR a popular color?

    My #1 strat is CAR and I love it. There is of course a difference in Red over Silver or Red over Gold.
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    Do you still have your first guitar?

    Yeah, I still have it, a Yamaha RGX. I replaced the pups with a Duncan ssl-1 set so it sounds nice and it's always like coming home when I pick it up, but I rarely do because it has tiny vintage frets and I've grown accustomed to medium or jumbo :)
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    Backing tracks

    https://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/ ?
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    What kind of SG did I just buy?

    Looks like a SG Melody Maker
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    I was really disappointed with this guitar purhase... NOT!

    I bought a Gibson SG Faded online years ago because it was cheap. When it arrived I wasn't trilled. The body is made up of (at least...) 4 pieces, not very nice on a natural colored guitar. The ugliest Faded I have ever seen. Still decided to play it first before sending back and.....It sounds...