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  1. Hackubus

    Regrets. Regrets.

    89 Gibson Explorer, the first brand new guitar I ever bought. Traded to fund a Crate combo amp of all things. :facepalm 94 Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow double cutaway. Now you can't even find that model for less than a small fortune. 2003 Gibson ES335 in candy apple red. If I'd have...
  2. Hackubus

    When you see a listing that stuns you with the price

    “Gibson’s Harmony factory” ?
  3. Hackubus

    Discuss: Your favourite Marshall is actually...

    My favorite Marshall is my 10 year old son, Marshall. My second favorite Marshall is a 71 Superlead. My third favorite is a 61 brownface Deluxe.
  4. Hackubus

    Most unique 90’s guitar tone

    Jim Martin of Faith No More Dimebag Corgan Mick Sweda of Bulletboys
  5. Hackubus

    Show me your Les Paul

    The Goldtop and plaintops are gone, but the flame tops, Junior, Pelham and Custom remain.
  6. Hackubus

    Show us your Gibson SG !

    I like everything about it except the vibrola.
  7. Hackubus

    Show us your Gibson SG !

    2006 Elliot Easton SG Custom, 1989 SG Elite 1991 30th Anniversary SG/Les Paul Custom 1987 SG Elite
  8. Hackubus

    What's the oldest piece of gear in your current rig?

    Oldest: '57 Les Paul Jr, '62 LP/SG Jr, '61 Fender Deluxe, 71 Marshall SLP, 78 JMP, 82 JCM800 Owned the longest: '79 Les Paul Custom I bought it 94. 2001 Rivera Quiana & a Maxon OD9 from the same time frame. Everything else has sadly moved along. Which is kind of a bummer when I sit here &...
  9. Hackubus

    New lightweight Gibson Les Paul model announced

    Dangit, I was hoping for a Joe Exotic signature model.
  10. Hackubus

    Confession time: songs that most people like and you're like 'meh'...

    If you were to turn on your radio to any classic rock station in the US right now, whatever song is playing at this very moment....I'm probably over it.
  11. Hackubus

    Les Paul Love - Post Your Les Pauls!

    2010 GC Custom Pro. 2010 BOTB-Page 30 burst, 2004 Cloud 9 Chambered RI R9, 1979 LP Custom GC Custom Pro, 2001 R7, 79 LPC, 2003 R8, 2004 R8, Bird-Trini-SG- 62 SG/LP Jr, 1957 LP Jr, replica LP Jr
  12. Hackubus

    What Happens After You Get Your Dream Guitar?

    In my case, you get your dream guitar, play several gigs with it, then your band breaks up, you find yourself not really wanting to play guitar for awhile, so you buy your buddy's bass to help him out of a pinch, then all of the sudden....you're looking forward to playing bass!
  13. Hackubus

    Show us your Gibson SG !

    Imgur.com for me right now. I don’t like it as much as I did photobucket.com back in the day, but it beats photobucket nowadays.
  14. Hackubus

    Show us your Gibson SG !

    1989 Gibson SG Elite 2006 Elliot Easton SG & 89 Elite 1962 SG/Les Paul Junior + 1957 Les Paul Junior & '62 Brownface Deluxe I need to reshoot this one with a better camera and do a better job of it. Sold these two some time back. 1991 SG/Les Paul Custom 30th Anniversary 1987 SG Elite...
  15. Hackubus

    Post your 90s Pedalboard

    The Mainstays: Fender tuner pedal with busted battery cover Vox Wah Dunlop Rotovibe (the JH4S, the good one) Alesis Microverb III in the loop for a little delay & volume boost for leads The Floaters: Tech 21 XXL pedal Danelectro Daddy-o Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde All these goodies into a...
  16. Hackubus

    Gibson Split Parallelogram Inlays

    EDS 1275 has 'em
  17. Hackubus

    Firebird experts is this a fake

    Looks good to me. Like Benz said, who would fake a 2014?
  18. Hackubus

    Only Blue guitars!

  19. Hackubus

    Best Piece of Gear You Bought in The Past Decade 2010-2019

    The Torpedo Live has changed the way I do business!
  20. Hackubus

    Guitars you were just plain"stupid" to sell ...

    '94 Les Paul Special double cutaway in TV Yellow. When these faded, cheaply painted, non bound fretboards TV Yellow special jobs started showing up in the mid-oughts, the nice ones from the mid 90s got hard to find & priced accordingly. Figures, just my luck...I'd really like my old one back...
  21. Hackubus

    What are you currently hunting for (Reverb feed, saved ebay searches, etc)?

    A good deal on one of these guys: Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman 94-95 Gibson Les Paul Special double cutaway in TV Yellow Custombuckers Kramer Nightswan
  22. Hackubus

    Miab into a Marshall? Any luck

    A Box Of Rock worked well back in my DSL usin’ days, but can get outta control pretty fast. A lil dab’ll do ya!
  23. Hackubus

    What Expensive Guitar Turned Out to Be a Dog

    I had a CS Charvel that I found very disappointing. Luckily, a member on TGP took it off my hands and he loved it. 1991 30th Anniversary SG/Les Paul Custom, TV Yellow with a white pickguard. I'd lusted for one of those since high school. Found a flawless example and bought it. Total...