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  1. Rydell

    Building a blues board...what am I missing?

    Your SD-1 is set for boost. How about another OD for drive tones. I'm hearing a Zen Drive.
  2. Rydell

    Rat-like pedal with more chunk?

    Machine Head Pedals 98 Degrees can fill that role.
  3. Rydell

    Help me Replicate a TubeScreamer like Pedal with an Eq Pedal

    HP and LP filters are both set around 700hz on an Ibanez TS.
  4. Rydell

    Looking for a “not really a tube screamer”

    I think the SD-1 is different enough to be worth a try. Although the factory filter settings are similar to a TS, the SD-1 uses stronger resistors and lower value capacitors to achieve them, resulting in a different sound and feel. The asymmetric clipping diode array and higher value gain pot...
  5. Rydell

    Want a Crappy Overdrive Pedal

    DS-1 with the clipping diodes snipped out. This leaves you with a single transistor, biased way past it's happy place, for dirt and the scooped muff style tone control. Also makes it quite a bit louder.
  6. Rydell

    Is it heresy? I cannot seem to bond with KoT....

    I'm a big fan of the Blues Breaker v1 but think there might be better options for distortion and boost than a BB with clippers to ground or lifted altogether.
  7. Rydell

    Different Chips in PoT

    I think the TLO72 was well chosen for the Blues Breaker. You might try it on the OD side but I can't comment on the KoT/PoT's other modes. Could be the stock 4558 is the best compromise for all possible modes.
  8. Rydell

    Recommend a treble booster for 5e3 Tweed Deluxe

    A CSOD would be a great choice for a 5E3. Most of the online demos showcase the fuzz sounds but don't be fooled. Like the BD-2, it's a pedal that does a lot of things well and is capable of a massive clean boost. The treble and bass controls work well and it could also be used to add some dirt...
  9. Rydell

    Recommend a treble booster for 5e3 Tweed Deluxe

    HBE Germania is pretty good for the $$$. A Boss BD-2 can also be used that way and fill some other roles as well.
  10. Rydell

    Amp in a box pedals 'through the loop'

    I'd also say go ahead and try it. I'm getting good sounds with a ROG Umble plugged into the FX return of a Quilter 101 mini, bypassing the Quilter's pre-amp. It took some A/B testing to match the Umble's level with what the amp's pre-amp would put out if used normally. I do this with a clean...
  11. Rydell

    Top 5 Overdrive pedals

    SD-1 Zen Drive Blues Breaker v1 Red Llama CSOD
  12. Rydell

    Stumbled on a "magical" chord progression, what is it?

    I'm hearing the verse to "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" from the Dm, C#, F part of the progression. Floyd would have gone to Bb instead of the OP's A chord but SOYCD illustrates another way these changes might be used.
  13. Rydell

    Dumble style preamp

    Thanks, mystery solved. I didn't realize that was a 2009 show when I posted. A few years early for the 'loid.
  14. Rydell

    Dumble style preamp

    That distorted tone he brings in at around 4:20 sounds a lot like the Dumbloid.
  15. Rydell

    Need someone to repair my Jack Deville Mod Zero

    Thanks Mike. I stand corrected.
  16. Rydell

    What pedal have you owned the longest?

    Block logo Dist+ for thirty years or so.
  17. Rydell

    I miss HBE pedals

    I has a Germania and a PowerScreamer. Always thought the Detox EQ was a great idea but never owned one. Pretty good bang for the buck IIRC.
  18. Rydell

    Need someone to repair my Jack Deville Mod Zero

    Keith @ Machine Head Pedals does very good work and might take it on. BTW, I don't think Jack's response is weird. With the advent of SMD, a lot of full-sized components are being discontinued. There's not much demand for them other than the hobby market.
  19. Rydell

    Low gain overdrive with mids control for Fender amp with no mids control?

    This is a really easy mod. All you need is a pot and two wires. The extension speaker jack is usually removed to provide a hole for the pot. The mids on your amp are currently pre-set with a 6.8k resistor. For a standard Fender mid control, like a Twin, use a 10k pot. For more of a tweed or...
  20. Rydell

    Yet another plagiarism from Vertex..

    I don't know much about the Klipps amps other than Tommy Iommi used to favor them. The borrowed graphics still seem like a very odd way to package a YATS. Sheep in wolf's clothing?
  21. Rydell

    OD for Princeton - tried Fulldrive and did not like at all

    A Fulldrive doesn't cut as much low end as a TS although the circuit is similar. A TS or SD-1 might be worth a look. A Zen Drive or Small Fry could also be good. The voice control (note shape on the SF) lets you dial in the amount of low cut you need.
  22. Rydell

    Your perfect 3 pedal boss combo

    SD-1> DM-2w> FRV-1
  23. Rydell

    Strat owners with Texas Special pickups...

    It's kind of hard to make a recommendation not knowing what neck and middle pickups you're using. On my guitar a hot bridge pickup like the TS would mess up the combinations. I'm using 54's for the neck and middle that measure around 5k8 ohms. My bridge pickup is a Dimarzio HS-2 wired as a...
  24. Rydell

    A side note about "cutting through the mix"

    Proximity to the amp might also be a factor, especially on smaller stages. When we're talking about "cutting through the mix" it's usually in the context of a player not being able to hear himself in the stage mix. Sometimes, putting the amp on a stand or moving closer to it can be a better...