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  1. Drew816

    The best way to lube Kluson tuners

    Newer Klusons or older? How old is the guitar? If new/new, replace with Gotoh's and lube as per the above when necessary. The last set I got on a guitar were totally incapable of finding or holding tune no matter what was tried. $50 later installed a set of Gotohs and haven't had to touch the...
  2. Drew816

    NGD Score - Stratocaster Content!

    You're so "literal" sometimes, just go with the vibe man, wear the parachute pants. SURE we'll "judge" you, but who cares when you're up there ripping out your best version of Smoke on the Water... ;) This guitar looks like it's headed for a Floyd, it really "wants" a Floyd, it just hasn't...
  3. Drew816

    Show Your Superstrats!

    Original Charvel Logo'ed Strathead neck (likely late '82 to early '83), EVH profile (1 5/8th nut and thicker profile), early 80's Charvel body, original 80's Floyd Rose, low wind Pure PAF and 80's Duncan in the neck. Oh, '63 Bassman converted to a 1x12 (a LOONNNNGGG time ago). At one time I...
  4. Drew816

    Frets rusting on 5yo Custom 24, what to do!

    I'm sorry, but did you say your "frets" are "rusting?" Are they stainless? I've never seen this, maybe I'm in the minority but as per the above very easy to address. Normally I'm doing this for aging/tarnish on the frets. Does not erase frets, classic!
  5. Drew816

    NGD Score - Stratocaster Content!

    Very cool, enjoy!! Question: Do you need "parachute pants" now, it's almost like you're heading in that direction... ;) :rockin
  6. Drew816

    GAS for Gibson Slash Les Paul Appetite Amber

    Though I appreciate the tip, I can't remember seeing a 60's Slim Taper available from Wildwood. Wildwood LP Standard Selects Lots of 50's and their "60's Necks" are the 0.85 to 0.95 style, kind of the normal LP Plus necks. There's the occasional 0.82 to 0.95, but a 60's Slim Taper would be...
  7. Drew816

    GAS for Gibson Slash Les Paul Appetite Amber

    Who's this Slash guy? Does he play with Katy Perry or something? :hide :hide :hide ;) Nice looking axes, love the big flame tops, wrong necks; AGAIN! Gibson hates us '60 Slim Taper players and nice flametops, luckily Hamer loved us (for a while...).
  8. Drew816

    Les Paul Pick Guards

    Well, it has been about two weeks since the last one... ;) OFF, no reason to have them on. And while you're at it, remove the Poker Chips. I think by now we all know what the switch does, if you still need a "manual" on how to operate, try tidily-winks! :eek: :rockin
  9. Drew816

    Paul Reed Smith ....give me a break

    No way, I'm totally waiting on the Ultra Uber Limited Exclusive Stock edition...
  10. Drew816

    Was called a "tire kicker" today by a terse, unfriendly TGP seller.....

    People trying to sell stuff not expecting questions? Fascinating...
  11. Drew816

    My guitars were stolen

    Yeah, those clowns are going to be picked up via the plates and it will get ugly. Isn't there a SuperMax facility in CO; maybe they should be put in the basement of the SuperMax; jerks! Who knew you had these things? A very "specific" theft here...
  12. Drew816

    Was called a "tire kicker" today by a terse, unfriendly TGP seller.....

    I was called poopy pants in 2nd grade by Billy Stevens, I know where he lives...
  13. Drew816

    FS 1989 American Standard Strat:New frets + 12" radius LOWERED 850.00 plus ship

    I had two of these, one a CS and the other a USA Standard like this that I used as my main guitars for years; outstanding Strats and great price! No affiliation with the seller, just truth-speaking for a fine axe and example thereof! GLWYS!
  14. Drew816

    Would you buy a vintage tele partscaster?

    I don't follow the market that closely, but these original logo '60s necks ain't cheap. 70's body, yeah, yawn. They can be heavy and tone dead but there is some "value" there assuming it's true (if you get my meaning). '68 bridge pickup, yeah, okay, these can be quite good so that's nice and a...
  15. Drew816

    Sold 2003 FMIC Gretsch 6118 Jr

    I should clarify. The "design" was pre-FMIC not when this guitar was built. As I recall from this time period, Fender didn't really get into the Gretsch line-up and start forcing corrections and changes until a line after their '02 purchase. These are pre-FMIC "designs," not original Gretsch's...
  16. Drew816

    FS 2018 Gibson Les Paul Standard HP....Mojave Flame!... Sold

    That is a lot of guitar for that kind of money! GLWYS!
  17. Drew816

    Looking for a "safe" place to put $1,500 to $3,000.

    Musical style? Neck profile, weight, fit/finish/flametop, pickup types/styles... Cool amps that you have now, but no real "monster" either. That may be fine; depending. Good mix of guitars and tone cross section, so this comes down to what you really want that will make you want to pickup and...
  18. Drew816


    Seems appropriate: Rock that crazy thing with pride, and parachute pants of course!
  19. Drew816

    NGD...under the radar super strat!

    Welcome to the club. I've always been a fan, had a NAMM Show PT many years ago (I foolishly sold) but I wasn't really up to snuff on the newer US made offerings. Traded for my '13 CET here on TGP and it's the only guitar I own I've never touched, nothing has been changed at all. I like to tinker...
  20. Drew816

    So I was talking to my neighbor about EVH, and he tells me he has an old EVH guitar under the bed...

    Stunning. That should be put back in it's case and left there when not being played for sure. If it's your thing, see if you can make a deal but he likely knows what they're going for nowadays and that one is going to fetch some serious bucks! If you'd only had this conversation a month ago!
  21. Drew816


    Right, more choices and options at different price points is a bad thing. Got it.
  22. Drew816

    gretsch - want to love it, cant

    Psstt, you didn't buy a Gretsch you bought an Electromatic; not the same thing... ;) They're not for everybody, but they can be made to get a whole range of sounds and play a very wide cross section of music. As mentioned many times here before, you can go down the "upgrade the Electro"...
  23. Drew816

    Gibson Les Paul owners and players need your input please

    Yep, neck profile first, weight second, finish third and the rest can be easily swapped/upgraded. When I went hunting I had to find the sweet spot for me on all of the above, chambered LP, 60's Slim Taper profile so a Classic not a Standard with the asymmetrical Slim Taper and it took me a...
  24. Drew816

    Gibson neck profiles

    Well, Standards still have the asymmetrical profile last I heard. I think the '60s Unburst is a '60s Slim Taper profile not asymmetrical but I'm not sure if that's still "current?" Good pics above, the '60s Slim Tapers tend to be more thin at the 12th than the above pictures, but as mentioned...