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    get on in here! your favorite pedal to push an amp

    4 knob Red Snapper into a Hiwatt
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    need recommendations for power brake or attentuator

    Build an airbrake.Instructions are on several sites.Its cheap and pretty easy to build.
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    Turn a Hiwatt into a Marshall

    Buy the Hiwatt,save up and get the Metro then loadbox/line out the plexi into the Hiwatt.
  4. Z

    What the loudest amp you've played?

    '74 Hiwatt Dr103
  5. Z

    Wet/Dry Issue

    Yes.Never could figure out what caused it so i built a line out box and hooked it up to the speaker out of the amp.Never had a problem after i stopped using the line out from the hotplate.
  6. Z

    Do you use an EQ pedal on all the time?

    yes.In front of a Hiwatt with the mids and highs boosted and volume all the way up
  7. Z

    Delay after power amp for live rig

    Ultimate Attenuator/Ho's unit will do this very well
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    Calling all HiWatt tone guys

    You might build your own http://www.vintagehiwattrestorations.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=7&zenid=9uf97pmjlb84drthdl183sjee0
  9. Z

    Prince's Boss pedals

    The Super Bowl he played recently had some of his best playing Ive seen/heard.
  10. Z

    First play on a Ho Attenuator

    If you are having problems selling your HO theese people may be able to help http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pimp
  11. Z

    So I've been playing out with my new Plexi...

    I run a plexi type into a dummy load mounted inside the head cabinet.Then line out from what looks like the speaker out on the back of the amp to a loop switch box.Ive had many sound guys other players,bandmates come rushing over to turn the amp off when they see the thing sitting on the floor...
  12. Z

    down to one OD pedal!!

    Modded OD-3 and it may be gone soon if I can decide wich amp I am going to stick with
  13. Z

    Boss OD-3 letdown.

    Works OK pushing a plexi or Hiwatt type amp,any other use it needs an EQ in front and sometimes after as well
  14. Z

    Back to Vintage 30's?

    With the amps Ive used them with always had problems cutting through a mix with them.Found a mix of speakers that works well with my current rig,Red Fangs,G12h,with Hiwatt or marshall plexi type
  15. Z

    What OD / Dist for JCM 800 sounds

    Matchless Hot Box it is the front end of an 800
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    The Ultimate clean amp...?

    If you can find one of the 50watt 2x12 Hiwatt combos from the late 70's they are hard to beat. There was a 100 watt 1x12 combo around that time that didnt seem to sound as full as the 2x12
  17. Z

    Holy *&#%!...I'm a believer now...

    Change things one at a time listen/play-on to the next part-repeat until all parts sorted out. Sozo is making some new caps that sound similar to the vintage caps Ive heard but dont come in alot of different values.Hopefully soon there will be several values produced.
  18. Z

    My wife just bought me a Muff Diver! (DiceWorks)

    Doesnt a Muff Diver need a Big Muff?
  19. Z

    Gear with inflated resale due to famous musicians

    Eddie Van Halen Phase 90,PAF sales,the amp modders made a killin from information given in his interviews.
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    What is the GREATEST new amp??

    Larry-Dino 3 Monkeys orangutang
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    Someone clever help me with my DIY A/B box please!

    Teflon is the best for me I like to use a higher temp iron and the teflon doesnt seem to melt all over the place like the pvc does.Cloth is fine if you superglue or wax the end of the cloth to keep it from fraying and also do not cut the cloth too short leaving exposed wire.24-26 guage is pretty...