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  1. NB_Terry

    VH Push Comes to Shove

    Where did that guitar solo section come from? Amazing. Was it Al diMeola inspired? I don't recall another song where Eddie played in this kind of style.
  2. NB_Terry

    For those that saw VH with MA and later saw them with WVH on bass, how did the band differ?

    Which did you prefer? I had a VH fanatic friend of mine that probably saw them 12 times since 1984, said that the band was tighter with Wolfgang. I found this surprising since MA had been playing VH tunes for 30 years and was on the original recordings, etc.. How did the 2 bassists compare...
  3. NB_Terry

    Did anyone else LOVE Van Halen's music, but never saw them in concert?

    That was pretty much my situation as well.
  4. NB_Terry

    Did anyone else LOVE Van Halen's music, but never saw them in concert?

    In 1984, I was just starting to play guitar and love Van Halen music. Looking at the tours they did, I could have seen them in March or April of 1984 in Buffalo or Toronto. Of course, I now wish that I had. I wasn't quite 15 yet, and both local shows were on school nights, and finding someone...
  5. NB_Terry

    Geddy’s Voice on Caress of Steel

    What a great song. I loved the Rush deep tracks.. Circumstances, Something for Nothing, Different Strings and Bangkok...
  6. NB_Terry

    Why didn’t EVH make more music?

    He got onstage at least twice with Allan Holdsworth. The recordings are on youtube.
  7. NB_Terry

    Who did you see at a small club gig that blew you away?

    King's X and Harem Scarem
  8. NB_Terry

    I like regular old digital delay

    I love my Diamond Memory Lane Junior. After trying probably 50 analog and digital delay units over the years, this is what I've settled with.
  9. NB_Terry

    Why didn’t EVH make more music?

    Supergroups were usually terrible. Remember GTR & The Firm? :) (actually they weren't that bad, just not as successful or good as expected) I wish he'd done some primarily instrumental records with Lukather, Billy Sheehan, Derek Sherinian, and with Alex on drums, or Vinnie C, etc..
  10. NB_Terry

    Why didn’t EVH make more music?

    He was only 45 yrs old in year 2000. No one would consider that old, yet EVH's output was very little after that point in time.. Sammy said in his book that the Van Halen brothers were very lazy, and that he had to crack the whip for them to be productive. Whether they recorded a lot of ideas...
  11. NB_Terry

    Yngwie Malmsteen: Your Thoughts

    Not really that funny. Would you make jokes about Leslie West, Shawn Lane (RIP), BB King's (RIP) eating habits, etc..?
  12. NB_Terry

    What is your main overdrive pedal? (2020 Edition)

    A Boss Sd-1W pushing my overdriven Morris head sounds great. For a standalone Marshall in a box into a clean tube amp, I use the Xotic SL Drive.
  13. NB_Terry

    Spent the day listening to Van Halen

    Dave had some great lyrics, and I think he brought the groove and boogie out of the band. Also the occasional barber shop vocal parts in some tunes such as I'm the One, Beautiful Girls, etc..
  14. NB_Terry

    Was Radio Head a great Live band?

    I remember that I attended this show on my own, so that takes a lot of fun out of seeing a good concert.
  15. NB_Terry

    Was Radio Head a great Live band?

    I saw them on the OK Computer tour. While I never saw Pink Floyd in concert, Radiohead were kind of similar in my opinion. Lots of slow, somewhat depressing songs that you stood back and admired.. I'm a huge fan of both bands but for the most part, I think that they just recreate what was...
  16. NB_Terry

    David Gilmour played bass on half of Pink Floyd songs?

    This is ridiculous... Sure, Chris Squire was a bad bassist.. please... A good player is a good player regardless of how he plays his instrument.
  17. NB_Terry

    Deep Cuts Off Of Huge Albums

    Supertramp - Child of Vision & the title song on C of the Century Rush - Different Strings, Vital Signs, Something for Nothing & Circumstances ACDC - Honey What do you do For Money The Police - Murder by Numbers The Cars - Dangerous Type Cheap Trick - Voices and Stiff Competition Def Leppard -...
  18. NB_Terry

    Rolling Stone Editors Shame on you - you left out SRV

    I think that you think I was being sarcastic; but what I said was meant truthfully..
  19. NB_Terry

    Rolling Stone Editors Shame on you - you left out SRV

    Yeah, really. INXS were the biggest pop band in the world when he passed.
  20. NB_Terry

    New Boss Pedal OC-5

    Great demo.
  21. NB_Terry

    Is anyone here still listening to the 80s Shrapnel releases?

    I really like the first 2 Vinnie Moore albums to this day. I find them very musical and not really about speedy guitar playing... I liked the Tony MacAlpine stuff as well, but I still think that the first VM album was the best that Shrapnel ever had.
  22. NB_Terry

    Big Wreck LIVE at the El Mocambo, TO

    Stones, April Wine, U2, Elvis Costello, etc..