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  1. Terry McInturff

    NGB: McInturff Spellcaster

    Many thanks for asking! The "ornamentation set" ...the plastics etc.....is configured /handmade for each individual TCM guitar.
  2. Terry McInturff

    Hiwatt Lead 30 cab recommendation

    My mid-80's Marshall 1965B cab (4x10) has sounded outstanding with each of my 20w-30w amps. The 10's they used were something very good it seems (an obsolete Celestion). It does not have a spiky top end. I often choose it over my various other Marshall cabs, Mojo, etc
  3. Terry McInturff

    Peavey Classic 30 vs Fender supersonic 22 vs??

    I inherited a '90's Classic 30 from a deceased friend and I agree that it can be surprisingly good; its been a useful studio option for me. I'm 99% of the way to completing a set of mods on it (the "blue guitar mods") and have replaced all the signal caps with a mix of old Sprague Orange Drops...
  4. Terry McInturff

    Did the Heritage Cherry used on SG's vary through the years?

    UV would yellow the clear coat, and so the color would change over time. But the pigments and dyes that I used for Cherry at that time are pretty lightfast/stable. If they were affected by UV the color would have gotten lighter.
  5. Terry McInturff

    Did the Heritage Cherry used on SG's vary through the years?

    Speaking the obvious, the color would vary because of the underlying wood's color, the amount of tint used for the color coat, or if the color was done 1950's-1960's style via pore filler tinted with red oil soluble aniline dye, etc ad nauseum!
  6. Terry McInturff

    When is it too soon to refret?

    When I gig out (or, before COVID-19) there's always some interested folks who want to see my guitars. They are so nice! But Im sometimes embarrassed to show, because my stuff gets used as intended and isn't fondled. And so "the great TCM" will be playing on worn frets sometimes, and depending on...
  7. Terry McInturff

    NGB: McInturff Spellcaster

    Many thanks to our very own @Teleplayer for his patronage and incredibly kind and generous words; they are a lot to live up to! I will do my best. Regarding the string alignment in the photo yes, it is a matter of the camera angle. I always locate for/drill for any bridges or tailpieces after...
  8. Terry McInturff

    How do you “roll”... the fingerboard?

    To me, true "fretboard rolled edges" are part of the initial neck design. The fretboard width is designed to accommodate, as is the nut spacing etc. I always think of the "roll" as being a part of the arc of the neck carve, although a modified one. On my guitars, along the length of the carved...
  9. Terry McInturff

    Buddy Rich : Mike Douglas Show

    With respect for other's views: I wonder how much of our favorite music would cease to be enjoyable were we to judge sound on the basis of personality. My guess is that a notable %-age of our favorite music would cease to be enjoyable. Musicians are of course artists, and artists are commonly...
  10. Terry McInturff

    Just how smooth should a new body be before painting?

    It's a good, fundamental woodworking question. 1) We don't want to skip grits or to sand too little..or too much. For instance, sanding first with 240 is ok, but only if the wood is already flat and has only 220 scratches. 2) If the wood is mildly unlevel, start with 120 on a flat block and...
  11. Terry McInturff

    Show Your McInturff Carolina!

    As always...and forever...I am grateful for the generous words being spoken here about me and my work. It's not to be taken for granted, and is a lot to live up to. There's more than one career's worth of things to learn and this all keeps me eager to get to work each day! Just a word about the...
  12. Terry McInturff

    My first DIY speaker re-cone; EVM 12-S

    Yes, the centering was achieved via the use of shims between the inside of the voice coil and the gap in the magnet. The shims were nothing more than strips of index cards that fit around the pole piece in the middle of the gap; they held the VC snugly in place while all of the parts (except the...
  13. Terry McInturff

    Fret size in relation to neck size/shape

    IME, there's no general consensus regarding the comfort level frets/neck shape because it's a purely subjective assessment (and so everyone is right). What IS based in fact is that high frets+heavy fretting pressure=bending the notes sharp and so, fret height and fretting hand technique are...
  14. Terry McInturff

    Show Your McInturff Carolina!

    The fact that my work has received the attention that it has via this thread is very rewarding to me, and it's hard to find the right words to express my appreciation. THANK YOU You see, I am about the luckiest man whom you have ever met. I cannot wait to get to work each day..because there is...
  15. Terry McInturff

    My first DIY speaker re-cone; EVM 12-S

    I got a fantastic deal on a set of three EV stage monitors (FM-1202S) for my personal rehearsal space/recording studio "live room". Ive played in front of these mid-80's monitors many times and always preferred them to the JBL's of the day...and...they are loaded with EVM-12-S', which are a...
  16. Terry McInturff

    Truss rod/neck with a mind of it's own

    An improperly installed truss rod can act like that. It could be sticking.
  17. Terry McInturff

    Routing a 5 AAAAA quilted droptop with a plunge router...what router bit type to prevent tear-out?

    A brand new down spiral end mill. There's never any guarantee against tear-out, but if you are good at reading grain direction and are excellent with the router you'll be fine.
  18. Terry McInturff

    Does anybody market him/themselves half as hard as Joe Bonamassa?

    Imo Joe is a wonderful talent who has worked very hard for a long time and who deserves every bit of good fortune which comes his way, I thank him for sharing the gift and wish him many more years of success and happiness.
  19. Terry McInturff

    Is The Spitfire the best new boutique singlecut of 2020?

    That is certainly a very kind, generous and pro thing to do. I certainly appreciate it very much, and BTW "Hurricane" is an awesome name for your gorgeous guitar!!
  20. Terry McInturff

    Do All Guitars Have Dead Notes?

    Many thanks! Your Royal was made sometime between 1998-2002 in all likelihood. The even response up/down the fretboard that you mention is a combination of neck design and the tuning of the chamber in the body. The chamber resonates at a specific range. It was the first guitar that I brought to...
  21. Terry McInturff

    Monitor engineers...graphic EQ advise needed

    Yes, it's so each monitor can have it's own mix and EQ at rehearsal. Very handy not just for the singers, but also for the delay-soaked trumpet! It will help when we move it to the clubs because every place we will play has multiple monitor mix capability and it be easier to tell the monitor...
  22. Terry McInturff

    Monitor engineers...graphic EQ advise needed

    Man, I love the old DN27 and DN27A graphics. They are the only KT GEQ's to have individual inductors for each band. I have one that I recapped and use it on guitars.
  23. Terry McInturff

    non-aerosol original colors paint source?

    I don't know where to buy premixed colors, but I heartily encourage you to learn to mix your own. It's incredibly fun and artistic. From what I understand, Dan Erlewine's finishing book has recipes for you.
  24. Terry McInturff

    Code Of Ethics (for Instrument Makers)

    I may well have been at the shop when you visited! I remember Boak's house well. What a cool place! Michael absolutely did understand finishes down to the molecular level; he's responsible for my ongoing fascination with finish chemistry, and so now I too know. I owe him a lot for steering me...
  25. Terry McInturff

    Code Of Ethics (for Instrument Makers)

    Hoo-rah! for your online conversations with Grit, and I look forward to watching!