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  1. Less Paule


  2. Less Paule

    So, you thought your blues solos were getting better huh?.....

    Yea......I'm one of this people Duck. Just so you know, I'm a Boomer so I'm old as ^%$#. Call me a troll? Yet you're THE ONE that couldn't let this thread pass until you stuck your unsolicited 2 cents in it. LMAO. Personally bro, I could care less about your adherence to "blues purity". You...
  3. Less Paule

    So, you thought your blues solos were getting better huh?.....

    I disagree with you completely. Blues is more than rehashed pentatonics and strategic slow, gnarly bends while doing your best blues face.. I suppose if he dumbed down his playing and played it conventionally, you'd approve. This kid is a monster player. I'd rather hear his version of blues...
  4. Less Paule

    Dogs of Yesteryear...are now amazing?

    The first guitar I bought myself, in the early 70's was a Univox Les Paul Bolt-on. It was actually not that bad, especially for something to learn on. Would I want to use it today? Hell no. The guitars TODAY are far and away better than they ever have been. I don't like going backwards.
  5. Less Paule

    Santana ‘Abraxas’ at 50

    Abraxas was the first album I ever bought. I bought that along with Neil Young's Harvest album. My fascination with Carlos was short lived, but that album was a turning point in my young life.
  6. Less Paule

    I dare you - What's the best-sounding amp you've ever played?

    In 2004 I had a VHT GP3 Valvulator with the Two/Fifty/Two Power amp. Fantastic sounding amp that I was forced to sell 2 years later when I lost my job. Out of all the gear I've ever owned and then parted with, those 2 pieces are ones I wish I could get back.
  7. Less Paule

    Just curious: does anybody actually use middle positions?

    I use the middle on My Carvin CS6 for certain R&L overdriven tones. It sounds pretty good. My ESP-LTD EC401 with DiMarzio's is a no go......unless it's a completely clean tone.
  8. Less Paule

    Need a Rock Vocalist to sing on this track. Have lyrics and Vox reference track.

    Already have one person taking a crack at this ! Nice ! Who else wants to give it a go? This could end up being fun.
  9. Less Paule

    Are any other guitarists as significant as Jimi and EVH?

    This Italian kid is a monster.
  10. Less Paule

    Need a Rock Vocalist to sing on this track. Have lyrics and Vox reference track.

    Thanks bro. Since I can't sing WHATSOEVER, anytime I got a singer through Fiverr, I included a synth vocal reference track to mimic what I heard in my head. It's never written in stone, it's more for "cadence" than anything. If you want, I can send you the music file through a site I use...
  11. Less Paule

    Guitarist Magazine shoots down posers

    Read the article. I understand the point being made and it doesn't get me mad, nor does it make me glad. I've played the guitar, on and off, since the late 1960's. I've had the opportunities to play numerous budget knockoffs and high end gear. I'm referring to guitars and amps. I remember in...
  12. Less Paule

    Kiesel Guitars = horrible customer relations !

    I know he has. I still disagree. By calling it in, I still can't see it and I want to see it. A website "builder" would still be able to give me a ballpark look on the final product. That said, I figure I'll just wait around for awhile until I run into a seller unloading one that suits me. It...
  13. Less Paule

    Kiesel Guitars = horrible customer relations !

    I'm a Carvin owner ( pre-kissel ) and I didn't purchase it new. I bought it second hand off Reverb a few years ago. It's a Les Paul style CS6. It's extremely well made and sounds as good as you would expect. I've considered a Kiesel Zeus and have, on more than one occasion, "built" one on their...
  14. Less Paule

    I'm done with the incivility on the Amps and Cabs forum

    Well, the OP wants more civility. Ok. It's not a crime to have expectations. The OP no longer wants to support the site for what he construes as rudeness and the site's inability to monitor it. Ok. Again, not against any law to have expectations. Thin skin? Perhaps. So what? Maybe his thin...
  15. Less Paule

    why are guitar amps so ugly?

    Ugly amps will never leave you for another guitar player.
  16. Less Paule

    NGD:Because I couldn't bring myself to buy a Strat

    I was always a person who liked the sound of a Strat, but hated to play them. Hence, my choosing Les Pauls. First, congrats on your build. The only one who needs to be happy with it is you. It is definitely different and does have the 50's type vibe. In the end, if a guitar feels right and...
  17. Less Paule

    Sometimes the guitar community really pisses me off.

    Perhaps it will be UP TO YOU to record a vid and showcase the aforementioned amp in ways no other You Tuber has done so far.
  18. Less Paule

    My 1st gig in 5 months might be my last

    Read the post, then read it again. Definitely a bad night. I would have been angriest at the stolen guitar and I'm quite sure, knowing myself, it would have escalated into abject violence in that parking lot. Some gigs are flat out unpleasant, but they do provide stories for later on down the...
  19. Less Paule

    Recordings with out of tune guitar?

    When I think of out of tune guitar, one band comes to mind always. THE DOORS.
  20. Less Paule

    Could all guitars have shortages soon things getting worse

    I follow quite a bit of behind the scenes news. From what I've been hearing, China has more problems than you realize and it will greatly affect their standing and economic position. Personally, as long as the USA continues to produce guitars and encourages start up manufacturers, there's...
  21. Less Paule

    Noel Gallagher is on par with either Lennon or McCartney

    I grew up in the Beatles era and while recognizing what they accomplished, I was never really a fan. I was, more or less, indifferent to them and preferred other bands from that era. Oasis? Heard their stuff in the 90's and also read how great they thought they were. Don't understand the hype...
  22. Less Paule

    Biggest Regret Purchase?

    Headrush Gigboard. Picked it up from a member here so I could use it for strictly recording. Hated everything about it. My Boss GT-001 was better. Sold it within a week with no regrets.
  23. Less Paule

    Gigs you attended, so loud it sounded like white noise and songs hard to identify ?

    1976 Philadelphia Civic Center Kiss Concert. Wasn't really a Kiss fan, but was an avid concert goer in the 1970's. It was my birthday. I got a little too wasted and got into a heated disagreement with my buddies because of it. I ended up at the Kiss Concert by myself for lack of anything else...