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  1. paulbearer

    RIP Lou Pallo (Les Paul Trio and more)

    Gentleman and guitar scholar. I saw and was mesmerized by him many times. First, his tone was big, mellow, sweet, other-wordly. His fluidity, articulation and speed (as nec.) with the most complex chords was boggling, though he was the most understated guy. Perfect sideman to Les, and perfect...
  2. paulbearer

    Pedals that light up in a cool way

    On my 11 minipedal nanoboard I have 5 Hotone Skyline series pedals which light up beneath the speedknob. (and are the about size of Hot Wheels!) Not mine, but like this, below:
  3. paulbearer

    Ticket stubs!

    after I saw this $6.50 show: I went to this 7.50 show (not my stub but I have mine still!) The extra buck must have been because THIN LIZZY OPENED FOR QUEEN! http://www.thinlizzyguide.com/pictures/ticket/770209_ticket_thin_lizzy.jpg
  4. paulbearer

    AmazonBasics guitar pedals

    I run an 11 mini pedal nanoboard so am always open to experimentation... but of course if any of these start 'trending' I'll still wait til they're in $ingle digit$ back on Amazon Warehouse. :aok
  5. paulbearer

    All mahogany guitar - How to fix muddy tone?

    A buddy of mine has a GLP Custom (mahog, obviously) , maybe historic, early 2000s. It was dark, pots/caps didn't do it for him. He put TV Jones Powertron pickups in there as a fix a while back and now he wouldn't trade it for the world. Balanced, articulate, shimmery power. When I catch up w...
  6. paulbearer

    Guitar Center Going to go Bankrupt............

    Their Artist Relations guy just pivoted to Sweetwater. A good pickup for them actually, if they're serious about developing that space.
  7. paulbearer

    FS 2000 GIBSON R9 Historic Excellent LOWERED 3800.00 fedex

    2000, the biggest necks for decades. The best to me. I have a lemonburst from that run. Beefy.
  8. paulbearer

    So I was talking to my neighbor about EVH, and he tells me he has an old EVH guitar under the bed...

    Given the prices of new guitars these days, why shouldn’t this be a $6K+ collectible? That’s not exploiting, that’s supply and demand. They’re rare, no way around that.
  9. paulbearer

    Good news for Nile Rodgers fans

    Good but scary story about it... http://nilerodgers.com/blogs/planet-c-in-english/2873-today-i-experienced-real-fear
  10. paulbearer

    20 watt amp for exquisite classic rock tones?

    Haha. Was just scrolling to see if it was on the list yet. It had been a lonnnnng time since I’m primarily Bowery Pines into Fenders these days, but last night cranked my 3 pickup GLPBB into the 1974x w ext cab. It was like 8th grade. Like the ‘classic rock’ station in your town. Also my...
  11. paulbearer

    What guitar will you let your teenage son use - get him his own or one of yours?

    Given that so few 'teenage sons' are gravitating toward guitar, I'd get him *anything* he wants to fuel the passion.
  12. paulbearer

    Has anyone gone back to CDs?

    I use both, but whatever your poison, do yourself a favor and use a proper sound system. Phones, typical computer audio & 'a speaker' sucks.
  13. paulbearer

    Guitar room or Studio?

    . What you have there son, is an estate sale. Kidding. Studio, all the way. But you should call it "The Bunker" to others.
  14. paulbearer

    Gibson Les Paul owners and players need your input please

    Find a way to play a classic neck for 20 mins, then a standard neck. That will make your decision for you. Your call. When I played LPs a lot, I had a '91 '60 Classic which I loved. Then was introduced to my '94 Murphy plaintop, then came the 00 '59, with progressively bigger necks. Each...
  15. paulbearer

    Fender switching to pine bodies?

    A true master builder, Rick is. Not a CNC for miles. And the pine Rick & Cindy build with comes from buildings that were built 150-200 years ago, from trees which were growing for a hundred or two *before* they were cut. Fat 20 foot by 4 inch by 12 inch joists. Eastern White Pine - The king's...
  16. paulbearer

    Cost estimate for '61 Les Paul, headstock repair

    Watch the heel as well. with 61's thin neck the heel often got compromised when headstocks broke. I get the PAF thing, but be sure an SG is what you want. I have a '61/LP w repairs I've had for years. T-Tops in it. The neck is just too small for me to really enjoy it but I keep it around...
  17. paulbearer

    Would you buy an SG or a Firebird?

    Fat kids, skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks... tough kids, sissy kids, even kids with chicken pox ... love Guitars that stay in tune. and SGs tend to be the most problematic, due to thin body, often thin necks, scooped out anchor points for the two horns...even worse with unseasoned green...
  18. paulbearer

    Did anyone make mass-market Tonebenders?

    I have a LovePedal Bonetender. They come up in the emporium from time to time.. were about $75-100 used, not sure about now. Never owned a 'real' tonebender, so can say what I'm missing, but the LP gets me the sound I want in a mini format, which was also key.
  19. paulbearer

    My Cindy Guitars Halloween Special

    100% Hand-built magic. No UPS trucks bringing bodies and necks to the 'builder' here. No CNC. No 'sending off to paint', lol. Mass production factory Fender strats like the "American Original" are now $2000, with custom shop starting at $5000, and Masterbuilt $8000? Check out some of here...
  20. paulbearer

    My Cindy Guitars Halloween Special

    Cindy's work is incredible. Building alongside Rick Kelly for the past 8 years, Cindy brings a hybrid of painstaking old-world craftsmanship and modern, wild, innovative and even practical improvements to custom guitars. She's a good soul in a great place. Congrats on the build! The necks she...
  21. paulbearer

    U2's first appearance on TV in 1978

    And just 3 years later...
  22. paulbearer

    U2's first appearance on TV in 1978

    Thank god they veered off that course...
  23. paulbearer

    Was Radio Head a great Live band?

    Live in 1994 & 95 at Mercury Lounge. 250 max cap..... I still have chills.