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  1. tele_jas

    20 watt amp for exquisite classic rock tones?

    I vote for the Bassbreaker 15 as well...GREAT amp! If you want to go a little higher priced, and well worth it, a Dr. Z Maz 18 Mk.II
  2. tele_jas

    2010 Vox ac15hw=bright cap mod?

    When I came from Fender/Mesa amps to an AC30, I remember thinking how much brighter the top end was and how it was lacking low end. I did a double amp rig with my Mesa Road King and AC30 for about a year, but had some smaller shows and could only take one amp. I was really getting into Brad...
  3. tele_jas

    NAD: Small amp journey went a little larger than expected (AC15C2)

    I've been looking for a small amp for some of these "dive bars" and gigs where I don't want to take my Dr. Z's or Morgan to, due to size or weather conditions (or the really rowdy clubs). I've been through several amps, trying to find the one I want to use for this: Mesa TA30 combo AC30 head...
  4. tele_jas

    Four hour gig last night

    Luckily, or unluckily (depends on how you view it in the current situation).... We only had 8 or 9 weeks off from playing gigs during the pandemic. We stopped playing mid-March, started again mid-May. Now, we're back to playing 2 nights per/week - usually 4hr gigs. It has been an adjustment, at...
  5. tele_jas

    DR Z Z Wreck & Louis Electric Gattone

    I had the Z-Wreck for about 4 years... Sold it, and miss it more than any other amp I've ever had! It started out as the head and 2x12 cab, but was overkill for most of my gigs, so I found a used combo cab and converted it to a 1x12 combo, used it like that for the next 3 years.
  6. tele_jas

    What amp killed your overdrive pedal GAS?

    Mesa Mark V......When I sold it, I had to get 3 additional dirt pedals to cover the range it covered.
  7. tele_jas

    Blues Jr speaker swapping suggestions

    I'm going to be the odd man out here... I put a Celestion Blue in mine and absolutely LOVE it! I had to remove the bell housing to make it fit, but she fit! A little more low-end, less boxy sounding, and chimey top end. Compresses nicely when playing clean and lets OD pedals sound like part of...
  8. tele_jas

    5150 III 50 watt vs. rectoverb 50 combo

    I've owned both, although about 12 years apart from each other. The Recto is your typical, low-mid growl with a looser low end. The cleans were also your typical Recto cleans, but with reverb to liven them up. I was not impresses with the cleans but loved the distortion. The 5150 III is a...
  9. tele_jas

    NAD: Blues Jr III (I'm a Fender hater too) + Celestion Blue

    First I peeled up the label, took the screw out, then I got a hair dryer and blew hot air on the bell, around the base of it... This heated up the adhesive enough for me to works the cover until it came off. About a 10 minute job.
  10. tele_jas

    NAD: Blues Jr III (I'm a Fender hater too) + Celestion Blue

    Ok, not really a "hater", I just don't like 99.9% of Fender amps.....I'm just not a fan of the Blackface tone, other people make them sound GREAT, but I just don't like playing them. Jump ahead to today.... I've been wanting a small, lightweight amp with a 12" speaker so I can put my spare...
  11. tele_jas

    One 80's hard rock amp to rule them all?

    A lot of the 80s "hair rock" bands used Mesa Mark III, or Mark IIC+ and boosted it with an EQ in the front end for more gain. I'd say a Mesa Mark V would be perfect. A modern amp, with some really classic 80s tones inside. Also some of the BEST clean tones I've ever heard from an amp. From...
  12. tele_jas

    Speaker Tear Repair Help

    I've stabbed a few with screwdrivers over the years, and stabbed a few cones with the dreaded Fender speaker screws of death! I've used a rubber cement, or even a silicone to patch the speaker. Never had any issues after that with the speakers and was surprised a couple times when I removed...
  13. tele_jas

    What is the most inspiring High Gain amp you ever played?

    Mesa Mark V, LOVED that amp!
  14. tele_jas

    NAD: Hughes & Kettner Statesman (Quad EL84)

    Did some trading this week and ended up with a Statesman Quad EL84 1x12 combo. Was a little disappointed at first, but then popped in a Celestion Gold and that was a game changer! (chassis was a pain to remove and had to remove the bell cover from the Gold to make it fit correctly). I felt the...
  15. tele_jas

    NAD: 59 Bassman Reissue (from the 90s) - Question(s)

    Unfortunately, I traded this amp off because it was just too dang loud at most of my gigs. Great sounding amp, when you can turn it up, but just too flat when you can't turn the volume up past 1.5.
  16. tele_jas

    NPD: Late to the party - Boss ME-70

    If I decide to run direct, I have an IR pedal I can run it into... Hopefully that will sound good? But I mainly bought it for a stop box replacement to run in front of my amp.
  17. tele_jas

    NPD: Late to the party - Boss ME-70

    Was looking for an alternative to using my $3500 pedalboard at some of the small gigs and outdoor gigs (dew and rainy conditions). I didn't see spending $1000--$1300+ on a Helix, Headrush, GT-1000 or even $550 on a Helix stomp that would be put in the same environment. (not using amp modeling...
  18. tele_jas

    NAD: Hotone BritWind - Call me impressed!

    I have tried it with a 16ohm cab, but not at a gig...only my 8ohm cab at the gig. If I get a chance, my wife is going out of town later this week... I'll see if I can compare the two cabs/ohms difference?
  19. tele_jas

    NAD: Hotone BritWind - Call me impressed!

    Been on a multi-year search for the best AC30 style mini-amp for a backup/small gig amp, and I think I finally found it! I just picked up the Hotone Britwind on Reverb last week, played it at home for a night, then took it to the gig Friday night. I started out the night on my Morgan AC20...
  20. tele_jas

    Are there lead weights inside my Vox AC30CCH

    For some reason, this thread popped up in a search I was doing (which I also replied to in 2008). As I was reading through it, I seen @Squigglefunk's post and wondered the same thing @bosstone posted, lol. It's 12 years later, how's the 100# amp thing working for you? ;) Hopefully you're still...
  21. tele_jas

    New, old, amp day... AC30CCH

    Just picked one of these up tonight, in a trade. I can't believe how great this amp sounds!?! I am super impressed with it. I've had both handwired versions of the AC30, and AC15... This is right up there with them in my opinion! I had the 1x12 combo version of this, back in 2004 and really...
  22. tele_jas

    playing outside changes my rig (again)

    My tone is always different when I play an outdoors gig.
  23. tele_jas

    How many watts do YOU need?

    15w, to be safe, is all I really need. Most of the time, it's more than I need.. but nice to have it.
  24. tele_jas

    Anyone sent in Maz 18 MKI NR for MKII Upgrades?

    I sent in my reverb MK.I for the Mk.II upgrade/update. It's still a Maz at heart, but better. Prior, it was a GREAT amp... afterwards, it was THE amp! (if that makes sense)? Over the past 14 years, I've had every EL84 offering from Dr. Z, except the Wreck Jr... The Mk.II Maz 18 is my absolute...
  25. tele_jas

    Do most gigging players sweat their home gear all that much?

    I only have a Morgan AC20 and a Dr. Z Maz 18 (and a 5150iii)....No practice amp. So, I have to use one of those. If it's a rock part, I'll use the 5150 for the drive, (even though it's mostly over the top) and just know not to expect that much drive when playing live. I've got a little 20w...