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  1. caledoneus

    AmazonBasics guitar pedals

    sharpie over it. lol
  2. caledoneus

    "Upgrading" from HX Stomp to Helix LT?

    If you like the stomp, chances are you would like the LT. It is bigger, and you can do way more with it as far as effects and such go. It has twice the processing power, so if you like to use a lot of effects and stuff, it is certainly worth it.
  3. caledoneus

    Playing sitting ... Wearing a strap. How?

    I pretty much always have a strap.
  4. caledoneus

    Any love for REVV amps here?

    YUP. The purple is a nice one too. Hoping they'll put the other channels in as well!
  5. caledoneus

    Any love for REVV amps here?

    I love the REVV models on my Helix. ;)
  6. caledoneus

    YouTube Guitar, Pedal & Amp Demos - They really aren't that useful

    Fair points. When I do a review, I usually use the camera mic (or blend that with the output from the DAW) and I don't do any DAW tricks to improve it. I most often play in standard tuning for reviews, and if I change it, I usually will point it out. I definitely don't have a sound guy... or...
  7. caledoneus

    Thoughts about buying patches

    His Helix pack is pretty awesome too. $35 (ish) bucks for 32 patches and 30 IRs....
  8. caledoneus

    Thoughts about buying patches

    I have bought quite a few my self for the Helix, and also for my Boss Katana. The reason is simple. I have more expendable income than I do time to sit around and build the "exact" tones. Many of the Helix patches actually use IRs, which I don't have the means to create myself... Other than...
  9. caledoneus

    One brand only pedalboard!! Share yours.

    I don't have one, but if I was forced to do one, I'd probably go with EHX. They have a pretty good variety and quality of everything.
  10. caledoneus

    I’ve owned and gigged them all Fractal is the best.

    Good for you man. Thanks for sharing your opinion... that being the key... opinion. For you and in your situation and opinion the Fractal is best. Other people may have different opinions.
  11. caledoneus

    Studio monitors vs PA speakers for modelers. What’s your choice.

    I've got a set of studio monitors that I use for playing at home or building tones. Then I've got a pair of 500w 15" powered speakers that I use for gigging if I don't just plug directly into the PA.
  12. caledoneus

    Having trouble with the drive models in Helix

    Yup. Preamp models give you basically another huge number of "drive" pedals to work with.
  13. caledoneus

    Your Studio Amps?

    Helix. ;)
  14. caledoneus

    Recommend a couple of pedals

    I'll throw an oddball in there for you. EHX Freeze pedal. Check it out.
  15. caledoneus

    Shredders getting owned

    this was pretty funny.
  16. caledoneus

    8 Budget effects all guitarists should have tried out

    I haven't, but I have used some other pedals by some of those companies. I've got a few behringers, and a couple of Mooer. They aren't bad, and the price point is definitely there.
  17. caledoneus

    Bands you're "supposed" to like but don't.

    The Beatles. :hide I appreciate their contributions to music and their importance to music history... But, I don't like most of their music. There are a couple songs that are OK, and there are covers that other people have done of their songs that I like pretty well, but the actual Beatles...
  18. caledoneus

    Kemper or Helix?

    I haven't used the Kemper, but from sources I trust, the user interface for the Helix (which I do have) is way better. I think you can get great sounds from either, but I'll put a point in for the Helix. ;)
  19. caledoneus

    Stryper kills it with 'Even the devil believes' -New release!

    good to hear Love me some Stryper.
  20. caledoneus

    Any Love For Behringer Effects Pedals Here?

    for what they are, I don't see how anyone could complain.
  21. caledoneus

    Daddario lock straps... aren't very good

    These are great if you don't ever take the strap off, but if you need to move the strap from one guitar to another, these are pretty well worthless.