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    Mr. Black 'Eterna Gold' - increased headroom?

    Can’t speak to the Gold but I’ve had similar issues with other reverbs with the FV-1 chip at long decay times, the Subdecay Super Spring Theory and the Talisman. The only thing that helps is to run the Talisman at 18v and, especially, crank the high pass filter.
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    Most authentic Echoplex style preamp

    If it was a crass financial decision to do as they did, forcing people to buy 2 pedals, then I think it backfired at least to an extent by the confusion it caused.
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    Loopers built into delay pedals?

    The Empress Reverb has a looper (the same one as on their Echosystem, I believe).
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    Most authentic Echoplex style preamp

    My quotation is from their website. If ‘*same* tonal conditioning that the EP-101 preamp provides’ doesn’t mean it’s the same or similar circuit than I guess they’re guilty of obfuscation.
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    How do you use your Belle Epoch Deluxe?

    The internal trimmer is an independent sustain level so the only knob settings that should affect it are the record level and maybe the time, since shorter times usually oscillate quicker. But I do find the oscillation point to be quite capricious. My theory is that as the limiter on the repeats...
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    Most authentic Echoplex style preamp

    Actually, it does have the preamp- but only on the repeats, not the dry signal. ‘The EP103’s delay signal gets the same tonal conditioning that the EP101 Echoplex Preamp provides, while the dry path is left untouched. For the full EP-3 experience, put that secret sauce on your dry signal by...
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    Echoplex ep2 vs ep3 preamp

    Did you watch the video I posted in your other thread? It compares the FTTE and BED preamps.
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    Recommend a Delay Pedal

    What kind of music do you play? Do you want something that cleanly replicates your playing or that adds colour and character?
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    Non Standard Delays (Long Post?)

    I had a Replicator Jr and it was warbly and garbled beyond being useful for regular song based purposes. Tried different tapes and did all the suggested calibrations but didn’t help. Other people seem to like it so grain of salt. Some demos sound better than mine, some sound the same. I have a...
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    Talisman or...?

    I’ve never had that problem. Have you tried running it at 12 or 18v? And turning high pass up all the way?
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    Fulltone ss or tube echo.. HELP Deciding

    Also I realize it’s moving in a different direction and more expensive but don’t ignore this if you’re splurging for tape. The current model comes with an EP-3 style preamp, even though it’s more of a Roland thing generally. Has more features than the Fulltones, including multiple heads, spring...
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    Fulltone ss or tube echo.. HELP Deciding

    Watch this, especially starting around 10:00.
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    Dawner Prince Electronics Boonar (new ECHOREC clone)

    Especially since the reason given is no longer him trying to get it perfect but because something else has caught his attention. Honestly, I’m past interested in this anyway: I know the price will be prohibitive for me while there are other options forthcoming that are more appealing. But I’m...
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    Most authentic Echoplex style preamp

    Actually its early (bright) model EP-3 to later (darker) EP-3 voicing- EP-2 was tube based.
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    Dawner Prince Electronics Boonar (new ECHOREC clone)

    ‘prototype’, for something that was supposed to come out last June? Lol. Sounds great though.
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    Boonar Tube Deluxe

    Presets, midi, expression control, tap tempo.
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    What is this Echoplex switch for?

    Ask this guy: bryan@soursound.com And please post here if you get an answer!
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    Most authentic Echoplex style preamp

    Chase Tone and Clinch FX as noted. If you want one with a delay, Belle Epoch Deluxe. Epoch Pre and Clinch Pre+ if you want more boost but still accurate circuit. I think the APE is pretty accurate, and it gives any delay in its loop the saturation, compression, and eq curve of an EP-3’s...
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    You’re allowed one modulation pedal...

    An Echorec or Boonar will phase if you have more than one head on at short times, and a DMM or Belle Epoch (at least) will do vibrato.
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    You’re allowed one modulation pedal...

    It’s not very chewy or throbby, especially at slower speeds. More of a mellow phasing. But I have the wave form skewed so that with the fast speed it has that asymmetrical wobble, and there’s a bit of latency with the expression pedal so it does the ramping thing. I went thru a bunch of univibes...
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    You’re allowed one modulation pedal...

    Easy cuz that’s all I have: the much misunderstood Chase Bliss Spectre. I have 1 preset for a regular flange, with the expression pedal controlling the delay so I get chorus on one end and ‘whoosh’ on the other; another set for thru zero flange with expression controlling the zero sweep; and the...
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    Howard Gee Fuzz Project

    Good little interview with Howard in the latest issue of Guitarist magazine, but something he said was a little confusing. After acknowledging the Belle Epoch/Deluxe pedals as being among his designs popular amongst musicians, he talks about doing his interpretation of more obscure echo units...
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    Tone of a Fuzz stacked into an Overdrive...in one pedal?

    Yes, Saturnworks makes one for like 30 bucks and it’s tiny.
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    Tone of a Fuzz stacked into an Overdrive...in one pedal?

    The Catalinbread Katzenkonig/Blood Donor is a tonebender fuzz going into the output of a Rat.