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  1. ZepFuzz05

    Pedalboards of the Stars collection part III

    Nels Cline and Yuka Honda from an upcoming Cup performance with Ars Nova Workshop (via their Instagram profile): Nels' signal chain appears to be pretty standard, with a couple of new additions. . . Gamechanger Audio Plus ToneConcepts Goo Distortion Boss TU-3 Tuner Digitech WH-1 Whammy Zvex...
  2. ZepFuzz05

    Masters of the Wah

    Reine Fiske
  3. ZepFuzz05

    New Boss Pedal OC-5

    I'm curious if anyone has been able to directly compare the "Poly" mode of the OC-5 to that of the OC-3. I've always been curious about the advantages of the range control in that mode (see Gilad Hekselman video below) and am wondering whether it would be worth it to splurge on the OC-5 or try...
  4. ZepFuzz05

    Why do so many singers close their eyes when they sing?

    From Mick Goodrick's The Advancing Guitarist (though applicable here): "Sometimes, if you close your eyes while playing, you can hear better. Sometimes, if you look around while playing, you can gather energy (or exchange it)."
  5. ZepFuzz05

    One Pedal To Do An Entire Gig

    Assuming the amp is a typical Princeton or Deluxe Reverb (with reverb, tremolo, and a bit of grit available), I'd go with a Line 6 DL4. . .and I'd only need/use the "loop sampler" mode.
  6. ZepFuzz05

    Marc Ribot Y Los Cubanos Postizos - live 2002

    Whether it's Arsenio Rodriguez, Frantz Casseus, Albert Ayler, etc., Ribot has the ability to interpret the music of other composers/performers in such a way that shows the highest possible understanding and respect for the source material while delivering his musical personality and energy in...
  7. ZepFuzz05

    Is anyone recording old standards in a new way?

    Ben Monder's interpretations tend to be harmonically sophisticated and atmospheric: Marc Ribot brings a raw, avant-guard approach to his jazz playing: And, as stated above, Bill Frisell never disappoints:
  8. ZepFuzz05

    I don't like Fuzz

    I know. . .it's glorious isn't it?
  9. ZepFuzz05

    Non-Muff fuzz with buffered bypass?

    What's out there? I'm interested in more textural, gated, octave-y sorts of things, but any suggestions would be more than welcome. I'm aware of the following. . . Ibanez FZ-7 Boss FZ-5 EHX Cock Fight Behringer Super Fuzz Danelectro French Toast Source Audio OFD / Kingmaker
  10. ZepFuzz05

    RIP Peter Green

    One of the greats - mysterious, understated, and misunderstood, IMO. His work toward the end of Fleetwood Mac - and in the earliest stages of his solo career - pointed to a place that was combining his obvious blues and rock roots with drone music, psychedelia, and the avant-garde. I think...
  11. ZepFuzz05

    New Lage

    For a moment, I thought you were talking about this guy. . . Both brilliant and inspiring, though!
  12. ZepFuzz05

    Famous Guitarists who played LP w/P90s?

    It appears John McLaughlin briefly used a modified Gibson Les Paul Junior around 1970, including some sessions and performances with Tony Williams' Lifetime:
  13. ZepFuzz05

    Looper pedals with dry kill

    The EHX Stereo Memory Man w/Hazarai can do this in "Loop" mode since the "Blend" knob shares the same functionality as the other delay modes - namely, crossfading from 100% dry to 100% wet with a 50/50 mix at noon (. . .as opposed to simply bringing in the volume of the wet/loop signal behind a...
  14. ZepFuzz05

    American made low watt tube amps for home use 8" & 10"

    Another vote for Allen - my 6L6, 1x10" Chihuahua was an excellent little amp.
  15. ZepFuzz05

    Any Jakob Bro fans?

    He's amazing.
  16. ZepFuzz05

    Ring mod? What do you do with it

    It sounds pretty nifty with a Fuzz Factory.
  17. ZepFuzz05

    Homie Know How To Use His Pedals!

    Nels is great - of the generation of guitarists that emerged in the 80's and occupied the space between jazz, rock, and the avant-garde, he's the closest to a "collage artist" in my mind. Strangely enough, I don't even think about Wilco when I consider his overall style or career arc - I've...
  18. ZepFuzz05

    Frisell on Looping.

    +1. Here he is putting those techniques into practice, 1989:
  19. ZepFuzz05

    Frisell on Looping.

    A new interview with Bill Frisell just went up on the Line6 blog, where he talks about looping and, in particular, his use of the DL4 and EHX 16-Second Digital Delay: https://blog.line6.com/2020/06/09/bill-frisell-talks-looping-loopers/
  20. ZepFuzz05

    GFI Clockwork Delay V3 - How does it compare to Strymon, Boss, SA?

    Thanks for the insight! You mentioned that GFI units "do have their own sound" - are you able to explain how it's different compared to the Boss DD-500?