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  1. Ricky_Rockhardo

    What guitar brand do you have the most of?

    Three Gibsons Two Fenders One Kauer
  2. Ricky_Rockhardo

    Who are these people?

    Most folks who are looking at historic Les Paul’s fall in love with the look of the top. Figure that they can swap to pickups they have in a drawer, take it to their shop guy for a good setup and rule the bedroom stage. Gibson has figured out that the top can bring the $$ in while they dance...
  3. Ricky_Rockhardo

    Not Vintage. But great.

    Tell Tab they’re duds......
  4. Ricky_Rockhardo

    Firebird Advice

    If it wasn't for the truss road cover you couldn't tell the difference, could you? Good luck with your rehearsal/gigs.
  5. Ricky_Rockhardo

    NGD American Original 50s Strat, Aztec Gold

    That’s one awesome looking Strat!!! I would have had a hard time walking away from this one. Enjoy it to death.....
  6. Ricky_Rockhardo

    My newest guitar

    Hey, I gotta one just like a you! Enjoy it.....
  7. Ricky_Rockhardo

    The one type of guitar that you've never liked or had any GAS for?

    Fender Jaguar, PRS xxxxxxx, Mosrite xxxxx
  8. Ricky_Rockhardo

    why do you like a stratocaster?

    The hang, the feel, the tones
  9. Ricky_Rockhardo

    Tom Bukovac: people who want original frets on their vintage guitars aren’t thinking about it correctly.

    What about NOS fret wire vs today’s fret wire, lol? A difference?
  10. Ricky_Rockhardo

    Les Paul Special: revising the controls

    Looks good. Are you liking this arrangement?
  11. Ricky_Rockhardo

    Voodoo Child on clavinet. This is pretty cool

    That looked like quite a workout. Three songs and I’d be done. Great job.
  12. Ricky_Rockhardo

    Time for a new build!

    That amp sounds like a beast. Excellent as always. Your builds are so impressive.
  13. Ricky_Rockhardo

    NAD: Magnatone Super 15

    That’s great. I have been eyeing one of these. Enjoy and play in good health.
  14. Ricky_Rockhardo

    Eric Clapton: John Mayer is a Master guitarist....

    I’m just glad that he plays guitar and not the bongos.....
  15. Ricky_Rockhardo

    Eric Clapton: John Mayer is a Master guitarist....

    I feel the D&C gig for John has helped him improve and stretch out. Being the side guy lets you relax to a degree not having to be the be all/end all for the set. He's definitely a very accomplished player and for a long while he was collaborating with tons of folks, all folks who admired his...
  16. Ricky_Rockhardo

    Would you, could you..... rock this one?

    Anyone else here see this guitar clip? I like the look - the top looks great and it’s a bastard for sure. With its backwards body and upside down neck. But I like the look even though it’s a novelty that most folks might not see as desirable.
  17. Ricky_Rockhardo

    Brownface Deluxe 6G3 Build (clip added)

    Nice work, Matt. And we should all be so lucky to have brothers like you two.
  18. Ricky_Rockhardo

    Was there a time without string winders?

    I need a new one to handle the close set mini Grovers on my Firebird.
  19. Ricky_Rockhardo


    ^^I agree. If the London didn't grab you when you first saw it, then there might be something wrong with you. Of course, playing one helped, too. I had a Stone Pony for a short while, also, but sold it. Good luck to Dan & company.
  20. Ricky_Rockhardo

    People you were surprised to find out were good on guitar

    John Paul Jones surprised me. Such a talent.