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  1. Hugh_s

    Sennheiser EW300-G3-IEM RF bands

    I have a Sennheiser EW-300 G3 IEM system, band A1. Would adding a similar system, but band A have any issues in the same rack - considering we don’t have any other wireless stuff short of a WiFi AP for the mixer?
  2. Hugh_s

    Two-Notes Torpedo Reload

    I have a Reload which is maybe 2 months shy of the warranty end. The other day it blew the T1A 250V power supply fuse. I replaced it with another and one more - all blew right away. I contacted Two-Notes support and they asked if I was using a T1.6A 250v fuse (not what the back plate calls for...
  3. Hugh_s

    Looper pedal question

    Does anyone know of a looper pedal that can take a click or midi in and will automatically align start/stop of loop recording and playback to the beat for people who are clumsy with their feet or who need a loop to play along nicely with some other timed stuff for a long period without getting...
  4. Hugh_s

    Celestion Gold vs Cream Alnico for LSS

    I’m in the mood to play around with my amp, a Mesa Lonestar Special combo. I noticed a lot of people are into the Celestion Alnico Gold in this thing, has anyone compared it to the Alnico cream in the LSS? If you’ve experimented with either in this amp, what do you feel the characteristics were...
  5. Hugh_s

    Splitter snakes

    For those of you using IEMs and your own mixer setup, what kind of mic splitter are you using? Any issues with integrating to whatever venue system or FOH rigs with it?
  6. Hugh_s

    Troll article: all artists of RRHOF ranked, best to worst

    Obviouly the author is trolling (at least I think the author is trolling), but it's somewhat funny. Enjoy:
  7. Hugh_s

    So, who is using a driverack?

    I have someone I know willing to sell me a driverack PA2 pretty cheap. I run PRX700-series powered speakers from a XR18 digital mixer. I don't really need the crossover, obviously, I also don't have any issues with feedback. What I do not have that I think the PA2 has, is speaker output delays...
  8. Hugh_s

    Two Notes Captor, other reactive load/attenuators

    Does anyone know if the attenuated output of the TN Captor connected to a cabinet presents impedance issues for a mismatch? For example, using a 4-ohm cab with an 8-ohm amp and 8-ohm Captor, cabinet connected to the attenuated output.
  9. Hugh_s

    If you're removing your PCB from a Gibson LP or SG

    and plan on just tossing it or whatever, would you consider sending it to me instead? I'd pay the buck or two for shipping via PP. I only need a couple.
  10. Hugh_s

    Radial J48 vs Radial Pro48 DI

    Is there any real substantive difference between these two, fidelity-wise? I'm looking for a decent DI to split off guitar before my amp to feed amp and interface for recording. There is is a $100 price difference on Amazon, but I'm not really in need of polarity reverse, stereo sum to mono or a...
  11. Hugh_s

    Finally bought a used LSS

    And, holy moley, I should have bought one years ago. I'm thoroughly impressed with this thing.
  12. Hugh_s

    So, Mesa LSS question

    I think I want a Mesa Lonestar Special. I'm curious, though: do they take big muffs well?
  13. Hugh_s

    Super annoying issue with pedalboard

    So, have an issue where the output of tuner pedals fails. So far, a TU-2 output just drops output, but can wiggle the output cable and get a lot of crackling and restore proper signal. Sometimes it just drops output level until it is very weak, yet fairly clean. Path is TU2 - Morley wah - hoof...
  14. Hugh_s

    LED question for on indicators on pedals

    What is the mcd rating you use? I have a BAT Coven; the Pharaoh's indicator has died so I need to find a 3mm LED for the thing. Also: where do you buy ONE LED? Mouser? gah.
  15. Hugh_s

    It looks like Mesa has discontinued the Roadster

    If true, what's going to replace that thing? Edit: also, why ditch the Roadster and keep the RK2? The roadster has to be a bigger seller.
  16. Hugh_s

    Ok, so which octave effect is this

    somewhere around halfway through this song? Which octave pedal is it?
  17. Hugh_s

    Alto TS210 cheapo powered speakers

    Anyone use these, specifically for monitors? Do they keep it together? Looking for cheap powered monitors for rehearsal space, need to compete with what is probably 95 dB of band noise. They look small enough, so long as they don't lose their crap too easy and don't burn out. Looking to avoid...
  18. Hugh_s

    So, can we talk about click tracks?

    I'm currently recording and the drummer is having a hard time hearing the click tracks. The metronome in Logic is crap, so I'm going to program in some software instrument. What do you use? Cowbell? Side stick? I think I need to get him some better headphones too, but I'm not ready to drop...
  19. Hugh_s

    sub 100-lb powered subwoofers

    There are a bunch of systems out there, EV, JBL, QSC and whatever else. I know the QSC KW181 is fairly highly regarded, but it's kind of long in the tooth by now. How do the newer JBL SRX818SP or whatever EV has below the ETX series keep up with it? Are they comparable? Do you find that they...
  20. Hugh_s

    Behringer XR18 and midi control of effects

    I have an XR18 and I have an FCB1010 foot controller; do any of you know if you can set up the FCB1010 to turn on/off a single effect on a channel? ex: have some distortion for vocal effect used here or there. Only used on one vocal channel - need to turn it on, then turn it off in a verse or...
  21. Hugh_s

    favor request: pics of your gibson explorer

    Looking for pictures of the back of your Gibson Explorer showing the point the strap button is. I have an Epiphone with one on the top (for whatever reason they put it there) and am looking to move it - hoping to balance it better.
  22. Hugh_s

    So, did I bork up my LSR roller nut?

    A few weeks ago, I brushed out my LSR and restrung my Strat. Noticed after, mostly because I'm an inobservant dork, that some rubber bit was sticking out. I pushed it back in with the end of a paperclip. The rubber was coming from behind the roller balls for the G string. Now? Now the G will...
  23. Hugh_s

    JBL EON615 vs EV ZLX15P vs whatever

    I'm in the market for a lower-cost powered PA system. Looking at the JBL or EV possibly the Mackie srm stuff, but are these pretty decent for small spaces - say 100 people or less, mostly vox and some kick drum in the PA, in a rock band context? Do they last at all? Could consider a sub later...
  24. Hugh_s

    Fender USA Strat trem/sustain block

    So, I have a '91 strat plus and the threads for the tremolo arm are fairly hosed; I get more play in the arm than I think I like. I'm considering replacing the block, possibly with another FUSA one - but have some questions first. Looking over some aftermarket options, can anyone say that the...
  25. Hugh_s

    black Arts Coven

    So, who is using this? I'm considering picking it up as I'm looking for a fuzz, but like the possibility of stacking OD in with it. I have a big muff NY that I don't like. I have a modded Joyo Fuzz, it is OK. Playing a range of alt rock to stoner sludge. Can you tell me your stories with this...
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