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  1. Hugh_s

    Cheaper alternative to Shure PSM300 IEM?

    The new(?) Sennheiser XSW looks interesting too.
  2. Hugh_s

    Vintage PRS Guitars

    I think the duplicarvers were in place well before ‘95 - 1995 is when they moved to their newer factory from their old factory. Maybe they had a full CNC rig by then too? I do remember people would try to upsell their early ‘90s PRS as having been special because they were made in the smaller...
  3. Hugh_s

    Partscaster neck: 24", 25.5" or right in the middle?

    I think I mostly prefer the 25” scale of my PRS to any of my Gibsons or Fenders. Outside of that, I don’t even know - my Fenders are different enough from my Gibsons that I can’t really tell you if the scale length makes any difference at all. Of course, that’s a pretty weird response, I think...
  4. Hugh_s

    New Gibson drops today (warning: Slash and high price content)

    So when are we gonna see that Flying V Custom That Alex Jones has been sporting on this TOOL tour?
  5. Hugh_s

    Musician's Friend SDD - 2013? Gibson SG Future Tribute Min-Etune $549

    Mine is still in use and getting really beat up. That’s a THIN finish.
  6. Hugh_s

    How close to Les Paul's do SG's get?

    Explorers are great, but they can get neck divey too.
  7. Hugh_s

    SE Silver Sky - not interested

    This differentiation is well-known and understood by people who have any interest in buying a PRS guitar.
  8. Hugh_s

    SE Silver Sky - not interested

    I think the price fits PRS as they generally trade on their brand cachet compared to their competition. While kinda intangible, it’s still a thing they leverage heavily. In the end people who want a Fender aren’t going to really look at the SESS, at least I don‘t think they are. They’re not...
  9. Hugh_s

    SE Silver Sky - not interested

    of all the things, you have an issue with… poplar? loads of awesome strats have been made from poplar, it’s just they’re generally painted solid colors.
  10. Hugh_s

    New PRS HX amps (hendrix sig)

    PRS had HX before a certain modeling manufacturer.
  11. Hugh_s


    My Strat has a tremsetter, It works fine. I don’t notice the minor detent at center and I have a floating tremolo
  12. Hugh_s

    Strat or Tele?

    You learn to manage your picking hand placement quick enough that it doesn’t stay a problem for most people.
  13. Hugh_s

    Help me decide on a Tele

    I can say the American Pro ones are super nice.
  14. Hugh_s

    Strat or Tele?

    My strat has a base plate and the bridge PU isn’t ice picky at all. It made a huge difference,.
  15. Hugh_s

    Strat or Tele?

    Let me introduce you to my American Professional Telecaster in crimson.
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  17. Hugh_s

    NGD - Gibson SG Standard 61

    This is a fact.
  18. Hugh_s

    In praise of the Mesa Boogie Electra Dyne

    I liked my head so much I boughit the small body combo I look forward to dragging this out! It’s the same size and shape cabinet as my Lone Star Special, so I don’t even need a separate road case for the thing. I still wanna try it with the alnico cream in my LSS cab.
  19. Hugh_s

    What Amp(s) Did You Buy in 2021?

    Now I'm embarrassed that I didn't think of something like that in my post
  20. Hugh_s

    What Amp(s) Did You Buy in 2021?

    I want a Mesa Roadkill now
  21. Hugh_s

    What Amp(s) Did You Buy in 2021?

    Yeah, it looks like it is the exact same size as my LSS - so it will fit in the same road case. I don’t even need to buy extra stuff for it!
  22. Hugh_s

    What Amp(s) Did You Buy in 2021?

    Small body combo, you say?
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  24. Hugh_s

    What Amp(s) Did You Buy in 2021?

    I just bought another Electra Dyne, this one as a 112 combo because I’m an addict or something.
  25. Hugh_s

    Strat Pickup Rabbit Hole: Help!

    I’ve got the Vintage Hots in my strat - they’ve been good to me. I do play mostly overdriven sounds.
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