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  1. openG

    Am I out of my mind for wanting to buy a vintage Marshall?

    Get the real thing ! I've had clones before and after my vintage Marshall purchase but the vintage is hands down the best purchase I've made. .
  2. openG

    Wanting to Dip my Toes into Country Telecaster or Clean Amp?

    Get a tele ! A tele into a clean Marshall has a great sound.
  3. openG

    Closest vintage PAF for a Les Paul?

    I was/am pickup junkie and went on that long journey for knowledge. Owned several real PAF's and many more pat# and have one just one PAF left in the vault. What I have found is that pickups are all different, even if they have the same magnets and winds. They might be subtle differences but...
  4. openG

    Favorite Hendrix song

    Voodoo Chile
  5. openG

    Sold Wampler Plexi Drive Deluxe

    Like Brand New condition (lightly used to test it out) Comes with all the goodies, feet never attached. Sold Features 3 band active EQ: Bass, middle and treble. Bass and bright boosts switches for increased versatility Battery connection and 9v power jack Built in the U.S.A High grade...
  6. openG

    Sold 1966 Fuzz King - Sold

    This rarity has 3 RCA 2N2613 transistors. It has 1966 pots. The circuit is close to a Maestro FZ-1A/Mosrite Fuzzrite and has a gated/spity sound. It uses one AA battery. $old
  7. openG

    Amp that offers both Fender and Marshall sounds?

    TopHat Super Deluxe MKII
  8. openG

    Sold Way Huge Llama's and a Rhino

    The red llama SOLD is a rare reverse color/logo that I bought from the Dave Main (his private stash). The silver llama SOLD is from a special run. The green rhino SOLD is a standard model. All 3 have their original boxes. Prices are pp's and s'd in the 48 states.
  9. openG

    Vintage Marshalls

    By far the best sounding amp I've owned or heard, my June 69 metal front 50w plexi.
  10. openG

    Sold Custom MJT Tele Body - Ash/Aged Mary Kaye *Last Price Drop*

    Last Price Drop before it goes back on the shelf.
  11. openG

    BJFE Thread

    More BjornPorn! 1 of 1 matching set...
  12. openG

    BJFE Thread

    The Old School Version.. #2 of 2. Donner had #1
  13. openG

    Sold Ron Kirn 50's Maple Tele Neck * Final Price Drop *

    Yes, tuners and tree included. Width at heel is normal Fender Tele size 2-3/16". .
  14. openG

    The best of the best of the best lines in songs, EVER

    In the time of chimpanzees, I was a monkey.
  15. openG

    Sold Fender Pure Vintage 65 Jazzmaster Pickups w/extra covers

    Full Factory Lead Length on Wires Like New- Installed once Screws and extra covers included ( Aged White ) Sold
  16. openG

    Sold Custom MJT Tele Body - Ash/Aged Mary Kaye *Last Price Drop*

    Ash body /Aged Mary Kaye w/Nitro Lacquer/ 4.0 lbs. Custom Jazzmaster pickup configuration $285 pp & s'd in the 48 states
  17. openG

    Sold Ron Kirn 50's Maple Tele Neck * Final Price Drop *

    According to my gauge its fits a 10" radius slightly better than the 9 1/2" but that is too close to call. .
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