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    Milkman Amp 100 with 10” Speakers - initial thoughts

    I love it when a plan (finally) comes together. I took delivery yesterday of a Milkman Amp 100 as the last part of rethinking a rig I can use for at least 99% of the things I do. So far, I think I did good. I spend most of my time in cleanish and lower gain neighborhoods with some ventures...
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    Road Archtop Suggestions?

    I’m in the market for a 16”, single pickup, laminated construction archtop. I’d prefer it with a Venetian-style cutaway, and a body depth in the 2-2.5” neighborhood (fine going thinner, not looking for anything near as deep as my 175. Basically, the target is a stable, reliable electric...
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    Sold Proanalog Supa Quack wah

    Proanalog SupaQuack wah. My favorite traditional wah - a wide, smooth, very vocal sweep. Works right, sounds right. The paint and the bottom plate are dinged up a fair bit because I gigged this everywhere for multiple years without a single failure. Pedal only - $225 Trades - I’ve got a...
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    Modern cleans & low gain (Mesa/Boogie Question)

    I’m pretty happy with the vintage cleans and other sounds I get from my tweed Bassman and Super Reverb, but am thinking about adding an amp head that would put a more modern set of giggable clean, cleanish, and mildly driven sounds. I’m leaning towards a head, since I’ve got a 4x10 and a...
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    Cooder-Paul / Humbucker-sized Lap Steel pickups?

    Has anyone tried the humbucker-sized pickup from Mojo UK that's supposed to be voiced to be in line with the Valco-style, string-through pickups ( )? I've got an old, moderately cool Les Paul copy (a Fibson, if you will) that could...
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    Weber Cabinets

    Does anyone have experience with the cabinets available from Weber Speakers? ( I like that it looks pretty straightforward to get a pine, 5f6a-style cabinet in an extension cab format. Since I’m planning to put DT-10’s in the cab anyways, one-stop shopping is...
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    NAD - Bassman / p10R-F

    I’ve always loved Fender amps with odd cosmetics, whether it be a brush-painted tweed, a tuxedo amp, or a grille cloth made from whatever was available at the commune. So when I saw this “Blondeman” I was intrigued. It’s a ‘59 Reissue Bassman LTD in a blonde-era cosmetics, something I’d assume...
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    Lehle Clickless Switching

    Does anybody have experience with this clickless bypass solution from Lehle: ? I have a couple of older, effects that I would love to be able to occasionally use live that carry a pretty big click/pop with them, and...
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    Sold Greer Tomahawk / Diamond Compressor

    I'm the original owner of both of these. Both are in excellent condition, with boxes, no velcro. Hand delivery is available within a reasonable distance of Charlotte, NC, and the prices listed are all-inclusive (no hidden upcharges for PayPal or trackable shipping in the continental U.S.)...
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    Retrofitting a Speakon Connector into a Plexi Reissue

    I recently picked up an old Ampeg V4 cabinet, and one of the previous owners replaced the old XLR-style receptacle with a 2-pole Speakon connector. I know I can leave well-enough alone and run my plexi reissue (100 watt/1959 RI) with a speaker cable that terminated with the normal 1/4" plug on...
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    Gibson Split Parallelogram Inlays

    The inlay thread reminded me how much I like Gibsons with split parallelograms. I know you usually see them on ES-175’s, ES-345’s, Hummingbirds, Doves, and ES-300’s, but does anyone have a comprehensive list of classic/golden era Gibsons with the split parallelogram inlays?
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    Sold Boomerang III Phrase Sampler

    Sold - Early Boomerang III phrase sampler, in very clean condition, with box and power supply - $250. Price includes PayPal and shipping in the continental U.S., so if you've got $250, you've got a Boomerang III. Please PM me with any questions. Photos coming soon.
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    High Headroom Tremolo

    I’m looking for a mono, good sounding, amp-style tremolo pedal that has high enough headroom to handle the output of a Colorsound Overdriver type pedal or other high output boost without trouble. It looks like the Toneczar Powerglide is designed for high headroom, but I’d love to hear if there...
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    Sold Barber Direct Drive / zvex imp amp

    Each of these were back-ups/spares, so they are each very clean, work great, and are ready to go. All prices include normal paypal and shipping, so you pay the price listed, you get a pedal. As always, in-person delivery within a reasonable distance of Charlotte, NC is available...
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    Reverb Options - Kill dry, midi-enabled activation, happy at guitar level input

    I'd like to make sure I have the market sorted on the available reverb pedals/devices that do the couple of specific things that I need them to do. In some situations, I do a version of the Kimock-style "reverb wrap" arrangement with a 4-input tweed Fender, where I put an outboard reverb...
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    Sold $100 Sale - Arc Effects, Budda, Red Witch, Lovepedal, and More

    Just as the title says - everything listed here is $100. All prices include normal PayPal and shipping in the Continental U.S. No international shipping, please. As always, I'm happy to hand-deliver within a reasonable distance from Charlotte, NC. Please PM me with any questions. Budda Bud...
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    Sold '64 Fender Super Reverb (Player Grade, Local Pick Up Only)

    It's time for me to move my trusty '64 Super Reverb along. This is not a reissue, and it has a number of cosmetic bumps and bruises from a long life of making music. This is a great sounding and working amp that has never let me down. The speakers are early Weber DT-10s, which I acquired...
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    Brennan B2 and other Home CD Playing/Storing Solutions

    The Brennan B2 ( just popped up on my radar as a potential solution to having all my old CDs playable and usable at home as part of my pretty simple home hifi setup. Seems like a somewhat evolved CD player/iPod in that can handle normal playback but also supports...
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    Sold Zvex, Lovepedal, and Klon Centaur

    Zvex Wah Probe - $125. Handpainted 1-knob version. Super cool, super funky. Comes with box, papers, rag, hair tie. Lovepedal Handwired Eternity Burst - $100. Comes with box and papers. This is one of the more recent builds, but matches my original one sound for sound. All of these pedals...
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    Big & Kinda Clean - High Power Tweed Twin or JTM45/100?

    After going around the amp block a few times over the years, I've been steadily using Super Reverbs and Pro Reverbs for a while now. I'm thinking about branching back out with a non-BF amp to use for a big, clean tone with an ES-335 and/or ES-175 with few, if any, effects for soul jazz type...
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    ES-175 - Old Or New?

    I've been thinking about retiring my mid-70's ES-175, or more specifically, giving it to my retired Dad as an around-the-house guitar now that he's retired. Since I'm likely back in the market for a giggable ES-175, what's the current thinking on vintage vs. recent production for ES-175s? To...
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    Hiwatt DR504-type - Effects Loop or No?

    I used to have an old Hiwatt DR504, and I've been thinking about picking up a Reeves or Hi-Tone to get back to that sound. It looks like both the Reeves Custom 50 and the Hi-Tone HT50 can be fitted with an effects loop. I don't use a ton of delay or reverb, and would be running the amp mostly...
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    Reeves Reevesverb External Reverb Unit

    Has anyone had a chance to try out the Reeves external reverb tank (which they're calling the Reevesverb)? I'm particularly curious as to how it might be similar or different to the usual Fender outboard reverb.
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    Experience with Larger-Than-Stock Cabinets

    I'm curious as to the experiences folks may have had using larger-than-stock cabinets for lower powered combos. For example, placing a 5e3-type chassis in a tremolux or pro-sized cab, or instead of shoe-horning a 12" speaker into a stock Princeton Reverb cab, using something similar to...
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    Big Clean Machine - Fender Showman or Ampeg V4, and speakers?

    I'm thinking about picking up a high-powered amp with big cleans for my soul jazz / dance-able funk gigs. I've got the mid-powered Fender thing covered with my super reverbs and pro reverbs, and it seems like you can still get a good deal on unabused Single/Dual Showman Amps and Ampeg V4's...
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