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    Anyone here perform solo instrumental music WITHOUT a looper? What pedals do you use to add some spice?

    If you have some clips or videos, I’d be interested in that too!
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    What exactly does a "pushed clean" sound mean to you?

    I was watching this Rabea video and at 9:00... That sounds way dirtier than what I've been understanding the term "pushed clean" to mean. Am I off base here? What does the term mean to you? Audio examples?
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    Do you have any guitars that you love to play at home but are frustrating in a band mix?

    Sub-question, any guitars that always seem to sound good with a band?
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    Rickenbacker or Casino: which is the iconic John Lennon guitar to you?

    Just asking because I was recently slightly surprised when I heard someone rattle off some players and the guitars that are synonymous with them, and they got to "John Lennon and his Rickenbacker" -- I just always thought of the Casino as the Lennon guitar.
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    I’ve always been careful with my hearing...

    Tinnitus always terrified me so I got custom molded earplugs a long time ago and have always been good about wearing them to concerts and band practice. I spent so many days of my life standing next to a drummer with no noticeable hearing damage. This past weekend my toddler was having a...
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    What rhythm parts do you need a compressor to really nail? (Outside of funk and country)

    I never really listened that much for compression before. Getting into it now. I was listening to “The Ballad of El Goodo” by Big Star and thinking how crucial compression was to that sound. What are some others you need to stomp a comp for?
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    People who DON’T “set and forget” your compressor pedal: please explain how you tweak it for different songs

    When it comes to compression I feel like I’m always learning, so just hoping to soak up some wisdom here...
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    Who is currently doing custom rehousing that you can vouch for?

    Google is no help here... I’ve emailed a few companies and keep getting “actually, we’re not doing rehousing right now...” replies. Who do you know for a fact is actually taking on jobs and doing quality work?
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    In terms of a nice-sounding spring reverb, is there any small amp that competes with a PRRI for the price?

    For now let’s assume I’m only interested in the quality of the reverb...
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    Say the devil offers you a deal...

    You can have any gear you wish for. Any guitars, amps, pedals your heart desires. Even a specific famous guitar. You want Blackie? Poof, it's in your hands. (Proviso: you may not sell this gear, it's only for you to actually use.) BUT... You lose 5% of your playing ability and will never...
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    Anybody using a Fuzz Factory for “normal” fuzzy leads?

    I almost always use my FF for a simple Fuzz Face-ish sound. Stab all the way up, gate and comp all the way down, running into a MIAB. Sounds good to me. Doesn’t clean up well but that might be because I use a treble bleed. The thing is, I’ve never owned another germanium fuzz, and while I like...
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    What's with Beano Boost prices??

    Is there something I don't know here? There's no waiting list for the Beano Boost. Analogman's website says it ships in about a week. It costs $185. The CHEAPEST one on Reverb is $40 more than that, and several above $300. Are these listings just idiot bait? Are people claiming older ones are...
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    Anyone use a string set with a slightly thicker high E?

    I recently switched down to 9s on my Fenders, really like the lower tension especially on the G and B strings where the bends are so multitudinous. The high E however feels a bit too tiny, and a bit lower in volume, and since I don't bend the high E as much comparatively, I was thinking a set...
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    Practicing at home without effects: when does it help, when does it hurt?

    Just curious about your philosophy. Is it always best to practice using the same effects you’ll use at the gig? I think it’s pretty clear that when it comes to gain, especially lots of gain, you have to practice using it because it’s like playing a completely different instrument, you have to...
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    Leaving a battery in a plugged-in pedal indefinitely: is this a recipe for bad news?

    I was rearranging my bass pedalboard and discovered via plugging a cable into the jack of my fuzz pedal with no power supply connected that it has a battery inside. I intend to use a power supply, so I wanted to remove the battery, but one of the screw heads is stripped and I canNOT get that...
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    Make my choice: NOS 12ax7 (retubing a new 5f1)

    So I thought I'd put some old glass in my new '57 Custom Champ, for increased longevity and to see if I can appreciate a difference in sound (never rolled tubes before). Thought I'd try replacing the current 12ay7 with a 12ax7 too, for more gain at lower volumes. Planning to place an order with...
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    Anyone set up their guitar for INTENTIONAL fret noise? a la Nile Rodgers

    Just wondering after watching this video: Fret noise all over the place, sounds kinda awful soloed, but obviously it works for him in the mix! My guitars never sound like that even when strumming a chord hard, wondering if I'm doing it wrong...
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    How many truly distinctive-sounding guitars are there, that you could identify by sound?

    For all our talk about tiny things that affect tone, I doubt many people would actually be confident enough to bet big money that they could tell a Les Paul from an SG from a PRS, etc on an audio track. In my mind there’s only one guitar distinctive enough that I’d stand a decent chance of...
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    I love and appreciate the well-meaning gift-givers in my life, I really do. BUT...

    What you say: "I like guitars" What they hear: "I like t-shirts/ties/mugs/tchotchkes with guitars on them" I don't know about you guys but I would be fine if none of my possessions other than my actual music gear indicated that I play guitar. I just find those sort of accessories cheesy.
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    Looking for more songs to play with that Lindsey Buckingham feel

    When it comes to playing solo acoustic, strumming is starting to feel boring, so I've been branching out to fingerstyle songs I can play and sing at the same time, trying to put together a really engaging, entertaining set I could play solo if needed. I've been learning "Bleed to Love Her" and...
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    Favorite grooves to play w/just you and a drummer? (no bass player)

    Let's say also that hypothetically he doesn't *know* any of the songs you know, but he's a good drummer, and you just want to settle into a nice groove and vibe with him. I was thinking "Who Knows" by Hendrix would be excellent for this. What would be your picks?
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    Wireless for home use?

    I have a little rugrat crawling around who will soon be toddling. I'm often in the room watching her and noodling, but she of course loves to tug on my cable, so I've been thinking a simple wireless might be convenient. In this situation, reliability is not paramount, but of course I don't want...
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    You have an amp with a good OD tone; you get ONE pedal (OD, boost or other) for leads. Your pick?

    Just hypothetically, if you wanted to keep it super simple...
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    Does speaker break-in usually play a role in the amp's breakup?

    I always thought breaking in a speaker was a matter of the tone getting better, but didn't think it had anything to do with the level of overdrive... But recently I bought a like-new Custom Champ on craigslist and was a bit dismayed that it wouldn't break up until like 10-11 on the volume knob...
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    why are '60s rock concert films so intolerable

    I don't want to paint with too broad a brush, but man, I just made the mistake of trying to watch the Cream farewell concert, and it's so typical of rock footage from that era. I guess the directors/cameramen thought it was their job to add to the intensity of the music by using almost entirely...
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