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    Look what came in the mail today! Too late to enjoy it tonight, but I'll check it out this weekend and post back with my thoughts.
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    NPD: Wampler Velvet Fuzz

    So unwrapped myself a velvet fuzz for my birthday this weekend... thought I'd share a few thoughts. First off - gorgeous! This is definitely Wampler's coolest looking pedal, the colors and graphics are just awesome. Makes me want to put it on my board just to look at it :) Yeah, I know it's...
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    Duncan JB not good... or is it the guitar?

    I'm a rhythm guitarist/singer for an alt-punk band, although we do some modern rock and more pop-oriented covers here and there as well. My favorite tones for this band are with my Les Paul with P90s. However, I was looking for something more aggressive to use when the mood strikes. I ended up...
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    Best rhythm crunch pedal

    I've seen lots of threads on pedals, and lots of demos. Most of them don't specifically call out rhythm playing. I'm looking for something with a crisp, mid gain type crunch into a clean amp. So many of the ones I have heard that are great for leads seem to sound a bit mushy for chord work. What...
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    Mojo Hand Rook vs. Wampler Euphoria

    Seem to provide similar features. Any of you with experience with both care to compare/contrast?
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    Wampler Pinnacle - anything kick it off your board yet?

    Just curious, those of you who've tried and love the Pinnacle... any other distortion come along and win you over since?
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    Mojo Hand Bluebonnet

    There are only a couple demos I've seen of the new Mojo Hand Bluebonnet. Seems like the latest version of the Mule. Anyone tried this one yet? Do you like this (or the Mule) for a primary, medium gain dirt tone? Mike Hermans did one of the demos - any thoughts on comparing to the Mule (or even...
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    Lunar Module vs. Crosstown

    Anyone compared these two head to head yet? I have the Lunar Module Mini Deluxe, but I'm considering the new Crosstown. Anyone out there have both yet and willing to share their thoughts on the relative strengths of each?
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    Mojo Hand - pick two

    Colossus, Zephyr, Crosstown, One Ton Bee, Bluebonnet, Rook Pick two of these for your dirt section... which ones and why?
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    Egnater Reverb

    I recently purchased an Egnater Vengeance head and cab. It has built-in reverb, and it sounds pretty dang good. Yes, as other reviews have said, it can get thick really quick, so keep it dialed back, but the sound is very rich. Anyone know what type of reverb this is? I don't know if it's...
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    Wampler Plexi-Drive >= Green Rhino

    I had convinced myself I needed a TS-808 or clone pedal, and eventually decided on the Way Huge Green Rhino. I'm a fan of Way Huge stuff, and this thing is at or near the top of most lists I've seen of TS pedals. I thought for sure this would be the one that stayed on my board for ages. Got the...
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    16 ohm or 4 ohm?

    My amp head has switchable speaker output (can be 16, 8 or 4 ohm), and my cab has multiple input jacks (16 or 4 ohm). So I can set the amp to 16 into the cab's 16 ohm jack, or set the amp to 4 into the cab's 4 ohm jack. My question is - does it matter which I use? Is one going to be noticably...
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    Paisley Drive for TS sounds?

    I've been thinking about adding a pedal for tubescreamer-type coloring, and in particular was going to get a Green Rhino. But then, the little voice in my head said "wait - you could just get the Paisley Drive you've been thinking about and get tubescreamer plus oh so much more!" So the...
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    Lunar Module... or maybe Huckleberry?

    So here's the thing. I'm starting to explore fuzz a little more. So far, I've gotten a lot of great fuzz options from the Swollen Pickle, which has a really broad range. I've also now got a Skreddy Screw Driver (Screwdriver? ScrewDriver? I can't tell what the correct spelling of this thing...
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    Ecstasy or Pork Loin?

    Hi folks! I'm a long time TGP reader, but this is my first post. I've gained so much from the thoughtful posts many of you have made (and spent so much time... and money...) I'm looking to add one pedal to my board for low-gain purposes, for just a nice, slight break-up tone, or to stack with...
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