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    Good medium to high gain overdrive/distortion

    There are a lot of really good ones out there, lots of good recommendations on this thread already. Consider this another vote for the Super Badass from MXR, tho. I've got many to choose from, and every time I think I want to switch it up, I end up going right back to it. It just works well in...
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    Mojo Hand Socrates

    So I've been using the Socrates on and off for a while now. The more I use it, the more I like it. But I really do think of it more as an overdrive than a distortion, and I think it's strong point is really in lower gain settings. In fact, I've found that I use it basically the same way I use...
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    Iron Bell vs Lunar Module

    Agree with the feedback so far - the Lunar Module is a very good pedal, and also very versatile, but more Fuzz Face and early-Floyd flavored in general. The Iron Bell, as well as the Skreddy P19, both do a great job at more recent Floyd and Gilmour tones. And if pushed, I'd say the Iron Bell can...
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    OK, I had a chance to play with this a bit now. I really had my hopes up on this one, as I've been eyeing the Pumpkin Pi for a while but hadn't pulled the trigger yet, so I had high expectations going in... and WOW! I freaking LOVE this thing. I've never played through an op-amp muff before, so...
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    Going to buy two TC pedals to get polytune mini for free.

    The Flashback and Vortex have both found a permanent home on my board. They are not the hands-down best sound of each (unless you like the TC 2290 digital delay, in which case the Flashback is a no-brainer), but they are very GOOD sounds, very flexible in that you can have multiple variations on...
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    jrcjoseph - I think Brad said there are clips coming soon. I'm not personally set up to do so at the moment. crambone - it's an op-amp big muff, a-la Smashing Pumpkins.
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    Look what came in the mail today! Too late to enjoy it tonight, but I'll check it out this weekend and post back with my thoughts.
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    Back to the muff hunt....

    The Colossus is my favorite muff, but yes, agree its a bit squashed. I like that. However, some others to consider that might better fit your needs - from Mojo Hand, if you agree that putting an OD after a squashed muff is what you want, yes the Iron Bell has that sound. So does the Skreddy P19...
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    I need a "set and forget" delay for lead duties

    Agree with several of the offerings so far. The Flashback, in addition to have some analog presets, also has a the Sweetwater DM-3 Plus TonePrint ( that is my favorite, and the reason that the Flashback has remained on my board...
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    Show Your Pedalboard Thread #39

    Just finished updating both my main board and my nano. Focused on simplicity, and I also tried a new mounting technique. I took all the dirty Velcro off and just used 3M picture hanging strips to mount everything. Holds solid as a rock (better than the Velcro), but can be removed relatively...
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    What's In The Mail, Part 5

    Blackout Twosome and a Volto (finally) on the way to me!
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    Looking for opinions. Best mid hump TS to go into a fuzz.

    The original is still the sweetest to my ears. OD808!
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    What's your favorite overdrive for a crunchy amp?

    If you want the kick in the nads for the 70's rock stuff you're playing, can't beat a great TS pedal. I love the Maxon OD-808 for that stuff. Want something more open but still a good strong kick? Try the TC Electronic Spark Booster. Or, if you're looking for an OD that has more flexibility and...
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    MXR Micro Flanger. If you can handle the slight volume jump that many experience, it sounds great.
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    Hoof Reaper vs Twosome

    I've got the Hoof Reaper, but I don't find it all that versatile and it's rather finicky in terms of settings. Particularly, I'm finding the Shift knob a pain in the butt. I finally decided to give the Twosome a try and compare the two, so ordered one over the weekend. Looking forward to trying...
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    Distortion Questions

    I have the Pinnacle, the Elements, and the Super Badass. Based on your description, I would recommend the MXR.
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    Help me pick a DM-2 based delay

    On the off chance you already have a Flashback, there's actually a really great TonePrint of the DM-2 by Sweetwater that is my favorite. Not analog I know, but sounds excellent and is a free download if you have the Flashback already. Otherwise, agree. Save and get the Aquapuss.
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    best hyped TGP pedal - dud for you? Timmy and OCD

    :huhI do not think this thread means what you think it means.
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    Mojo Hand Iron Bell vs EQD Hoof?

    I have most of the muffs being discussed here - Colossus, Hoof, BMP-1, Iron Bell, and some others. The Colossus, BMP-1, and Hoof are all Sovtek-era sounds, and the bass in general is more present in all of them. The Colossus to me sounds the best, and can be dialed in for a number of different...
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    List your pedals on your board that you RARELY turn on

    I also have a Flashback that doesn't see much use. I don't use delay for any of my parts in my band, but I leave it on my board for when I'm just messing around at home. So I turn it on maybe a couple times a week tops.
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    Amazing tone after downsizing

    I have a PT-1 I usually take for my band because it has my vocal effects on it as well. But there are times when I just want to play guitar, and this little guy really covers all my needs for shades of dirt, and is quite affordable, doesn't cause me much worry leaving it out somewhere at an open...
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    Rat vs MXR SuperBad A$s?

    I have both. They are both useful in a live context, but don't really sound the same. The Rat is a really compressed sound, and with the proper adjustment of the filter knob, will be present in the band mix just perfectly. The Super Badass is a very, very good pedal, and more flexible in more...
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    Any Pedaltrain - 1 users? Show us your board!

    Here's my current board. All powered by PP2+. The big box is my vocal effects unit, using 12v with current doubler cable. I've grown fond of the TC stuff overall, it's readily available, good price, and sounds great. I change the dirt section often since I can't make up my mind, and just...
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    TC Helicon GTX harmony key

    The harmony function will add harmonies to the note being sung into the mic, of course. So yes, in that sense, it does "follow" the mic input. But what should that harmony note be? The correct harmony for the note being sung depends on what key you're in. So it's a matter of how to tell it what...
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