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    Warm, Clean Anti-Vox

    I would say Mesa as well. Theres a bunch of good options in the AC30 power realm. I've played and enjoyed the Express, Stilleto and Lonestar. The Express comes in 25 or 50 watts with the option of playing at 5 watts.
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    Don't wanna ship heavy amp- craigslist maybe?

    Thats why I tried to emphasis good price. I put up a modded AC15 for 350 and it was gone in two weeks. Worth at least 50 more but I wanted to get rid of it. A local musician said he needed it for a gig the next day so we were both happy
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    Don't wanna ship heavy amp- craigslist maybe?

    Might as well put it on there. I've never had a really bad deal with music equipment. Just talk to them on the phone first to clear everything up. Write FIRM next to price in your ad if you know it's a good price for no haggling.
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    Vox AC15c1

    I just got rid of a CC1 with a greenback speaker. It was an amazing amp for under $400. Probably about as good as it gets. I just needed to downsize.
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    Tube vs Solid State: My thoughts....

    I might be getting a Mustang soon due to volume restrictions. The AC15 blew my Crate SS amp out of the water. I was sad to not be able to bring it with me when moving. YMMV I guess
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    small tube amps for an apartment

    PM me when you get it. Sounds like a cool amp. I didnt realize this thread was still going, some great info here. For anyone looking for a resolution to this topic, I am in no hurry to buy. I will report back here though once the final decision has been made.
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    small tube amps for an apartment

    I am the OP :rotflmao That was the old apt and situations have changed a lot. Hence the reason for this thread
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    small tube amps for an apartment

    usually apartment implies a very small space. My old apt in florida was huge, like NYC studio size in just the room not even counting the other bedroom and living room. It was also in a college complex so I could crank the AC15 during the day or even play past midnight without pissing anyone...
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    small tube amps for an apartment

    Thanks for all the reccomendations everyone! Some people asked about pedals, I run a TS9 and Skreddy LMMD so something like the Blackstar is pretty low on my list. I'll have to try the Pathfinder Vox does make very good amps. The main reason I say tubes is because I owned a Crate SS amp for 4-5...
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    small tube amps for an apartment

    Whats the difference between them? I play jam style like Phish and classic rock (Zep, Floyd, Beatles etc) with a little jazz mixed in
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    small tube amps for an apartment

    moving to nyc soon and im looking for a new amp. So far the Blues Jr, Blackstar 5 and AC4 are on my list. I had an AC15 but its not moving with me, it was a great amp but im not stuck in the vox realm. I have a couple overdrive pedals so channels aren't really important. Price ceiling is like...
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    A question about Jerry Garcia's amp & speakers..

    As does If you cant find what your looking for ask a question in the forums. Waldo from the above site and many others have great knowledge of all things Jerry
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    Would I like a Vox amp?

    Just get an AC15 and throw a Celestian Green or Blue in there and your set. Im running a CC1 with a Greenback, it was bought in your price range. I have some friends that play at one of the SOR in south Florida, might be a different location than yours. Looks like a great program
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    New Blue Vox

    I have the AC15 right now. It takes pedals really well also. This paired with the Fulltone OCD has really given me a more 90's tone. Just not sure if thats exactly what im looking for right now
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    New Blue Vox

    So the Vox Blue has Greenbacks :rotflmao:rotflmao:rotflmao But they do look pretty cool
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    New Blue Vox

    I was at GC yesterday and they were talking about this new Vox that was blue, im guessing it has the CBlues speakers. They look pretty nice. Anyone played one of these yet?
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    After 1.5 years, I suddenly hate my Blues Jr.

    I hate the Blues Jr personally, way too trebly not really that smooth. Go with an AC15 and change the speaker to a Celestion Blue or Green or whatever you like
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    Used Vox AC15 - What to look for?

    Whats with all the CC1 hate? I bought my used CC1 with a greenback speaker for around $350 in Sept. No remorse, no problems I'm loving this amp. To answer your question dime the volumes and make sure there is no crackle or bad sounds, a little hum is fine. Check the front for tears and the back...
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    Tube change ?

    Its a used amp, I only had it for 3 months. Previously owner kept it in great condition but it cant be more than 5 years old, I would guess 2 years.
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    Tube change ?

    Im pretty new to the whole tube amp scene, I got a used VOX AC15CC1 3 months ago. Today I noticed a big loss of high end and just an overall muddy sound. This is with or without pedals so it must be a tube issue right? I dont know the first thing about different types of tubes or if I can change...
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    I will never dismiss new gear again! Vox content

    I got the ac15cc1 w/ a greenback used not too long ago. Im looking forward to really opening it up this week with a drummer. The amp sounds amazing even at low volumes. I start to get some awesome breakup with the volume at 9 oclock and the top boost between 10 and 11. Cant wait!
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    WOW !! Musicians Friend's black Friday sale!

    The Rogue pedals one looks like a good deal. All of the others are pointless and misleading
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    Easy way to adjust amp tremolo?

    bump for knowledge!
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    Am getting a new amp,I need all the help possible!

    I was in a the same position as you 2 months ago. Same budget and similar play style, I play more of Clapton style classic rock. I found an AC15cc1 on CL with a Greenback speaker for earlier breakup for a great price and havent looked back. This amp may be a little too clean for you but with the...
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