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    Worlds Richest Drummers (how do they reckon this out?)

    He owns some other businesses. And lives on a farm in VT, not exactly NYC penthouse luxuries. All the members of Phish are doing quite well.
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    Cover Bands that Obviously Make Songs Their Own

    The Grateful Dead made a ton of covers their own. To the point people think they were originals even!
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    If your craigslist post looks like this...

    so is this the part where we all email him asking if he'll do it for $400? If 10 people ask for that price he may start thinking the amp is worth way less :rotflmao:rotflmao
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    John Frusciante, you are missed.

    True. You'll love Kilingerhoffer and his masturbatory playing style. Nothing like watching someone play guitar by laying on the ground and using both hands to mess with pedals. I prefer JF because he actually plays guitar and solos but YMMV
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    Which 5 guitarists have had the biggest influence on your sound?

    All of them only need one name: Gilmour Page Anastasio Haynes Jerry
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    What piece of gear did you buy that caused you to practice more?

    Boomerang Looper. An obvious practice tool.
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    am i the only one who thinks this zep song is under-rated

    I really like 10 Years Gone. Haven't heard too many people talking about that song
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    Derek Trucks.... any good live?

    As you probably have heard by now Derek is a monster player. He's prob the reason ABB is still kicking
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    Zeppelin: Cheesy?

    Ridiculous maybe. Cheesy heck no. Jimi dressed crazy to, that's how it was. Now hair metal, that's cheesy
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    Orlando guitar stores

    Nothing really here. There's a music shop on i4 near downtown but ive never been there. Besides that just your standard GC and Sam Ash's. I finally found a good tech, but he lives in the boonies
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    what was the most rock n roll thing you ever saw at a concert?

    The band Supervillians lit up a few joints then passed them around to the crowd. When it was my turn I took one big rip, it was great
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    What I've Learned From TGP

    Easy, the boutique guitar pedals market. I didnt realize how many pedals there really are out there, would have never heard of some of the better companies like Skreddy or Catalinbread
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    Nickleback/Foo Fighters tour

    George Clinton and Parliment Funkadelic. Just to throw everyone off
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    Why does everyone hate Nickelback?

    This is a long thread so I'm just gonna bump this back up
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    Prices in the emporium? WTF!

    Not to mention some stores actually have them in stock. But to the OP, maybe some of these items are discontinued so they think its worth more. There has been a Skreddy LMD (not the mini) in the emporium for at least 2 months. The price had been lowered from $300 to 275 after a month only to...
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    Most stereotypical 90s rock song?

    Missed a big one:
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    A typical TGP thread from 2050

    Look at all you amateurs, playing your physical insturments. That crap is so outdated now. I make all my music with my mind!
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    Most stereotypical 90s rock song?

    cumbersome is def a good one plush anything by pearl jam as said above song 2 by blur
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    Now that Jim Marshall has passed, who's left??

    I was gonna say Larry Dimarzio
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    I'm officially endorsing Wolfetone pickups!

    Just got some Dr Vs in my guitar two weeks ago. Awesome sound and they stay great even when split.
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    I was listening to Loverboy's Turn me Loose

    Is it really any worse than The Band. "Hey what band are we seeing tonight? "The Band. "No seriously stop f#$#ing with me
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    Phish Summer Tour 2012

    I am hoping for a few shows in the south for leg 2. I cant really go touring till I find a real life job :( Zappatalist: listen to the song Steam, it debuted last year and has the makings of a monster jam vehicle. Apparently they have been recording/writing some new stuff that will appear this...
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    Picks- What Do You Use?

    Jazztone 208 I was looking for adamas a couple months ago but found these for way cheaper
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    Warren Haynes - Hits the Trifecta!

    Agreed Trey may be a better guitar player but Warren has 10x the voice. Its so powerful especially in songs like Soulshine
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    What's the TGPer's Worst Nightmare?

    Pedal makers all run out of NOS transistors. Or tubes or wiring same difference This new crap will never work!!
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