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  1. Prince

    Speaker combinations that just WORK

    Al Blue + Al Cream Al Blue + Al Gold Al Blue + G12H-30 Al Blue + G12M-25 Al Gold + Al Cream Al Gold + G12H-30 Al Gold + G12M-25 EV12L + C90 EV12L + Al Cream G12M-25 + G12H-30 G12M-65 + G12H-75 P12 + C12 V30 + Al Cream V30 + Al Gold V30 + G12-65 V30 + G12H-30 V30 + G12H-75 V30 + G12M-25 V30 +...
  2. Prince

    Mesa Boogie Suspends New Orders Through 2021

    I just checked Sweetwater's inventory and for the factory/black tolex amps, this is what they currently have in stock: -Badlander 50W combo & head -Badlander 100W head -Mark Five:25 combo & head -Fillmore 25 combo & head -California Tweed combo Maybe Mesa is prioritizing production of their...
  3. Prince

    Do-It-All Replacement for AC30 and Fender Twin

    3rd Power Kitchen Sink 6VEL 3rd Power Clean Sink 3rd Power Dual Citizen
  4. Prince

    Tonespeak Speakers

    I'm curious about these speakers. I wonder what classic speaker each model is based on, how close they are to their Eminence predecessors, or if they are original designs. The smart marketing move would to have been to make the IRs free or heavily discounted, so folks could "sample" the...
  5. Prince

    3RD Power Wooly Coats Spanky vs Z-Lux vs…? (fender-ish 1x12 combo w/MV and a mid control)

    Most likely this. The Spanky takes pedals like a champ. I tend to set up the amp volume clean around 11:00 or (my edge-of-breakup) around 2:00 and then hit it with a Sunface, KOT, Timmy, Rat, Lil Mo Klone, Zen Drive, etc..
  6. Prince

    3RD Power Wooly Coats Spanky vs Z-Lux vs…? (fender-ish 1x12 combo w/MV and a mid control)

    I have a Wooly Coats Spanky MKII and I fully recommend it. -Mids control doesn't get Tweedy, rather it just adds a lot more range and control over your tone. -Mids control does have a greater/more Tweedy effect when using humbuckers rather than single coils. -Amp gets some good but not great...
  7. Prince

    Mesa Boogie Suspends New Orders Through 2021

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  8. Prince

    Mesa Boogie Suspends New Orders Through 2021

    I'm not sure if this has been discussed in detail on TGP, as I've only found little mention of it here and elsewhere. It appears that due to supply chain issues, availability of parts, the changing the transformers vendor from Magnetic Components to Schumacker, and possibly the Gibson...
  9. Prince

    Basic food groups wishlist - what's yours?

    Fender: Tone King Imperial MKII Vox: Matchless DC-30 Early Marshall: Friedman Small Box Late/Modded Marshall: Friedman BE-100 Deluxe Dumble: Two Rock Classic Reverb Mesa: Mark V High Gain: PRS Archon
  10. Prince

    What’s the skinny on 3rd Power Amps? Why did you sell yours?

    I've owned a Wooly Coats Spanky MKII for ~3 years and still love it. It is the perfect Princeton+ and the Hybrid Master is quite useful. Customer service was top notch. 3rd Power/Wooly Coats amps are top notch IME.
  11. Prince

    If you had to choose for princeton style amp

    For a slightly different take, 3rd Power Wooly Coats Spanky MKII. Dylana also just put out the Extra Spanky 6VEL which is like a Princeton/Deluxe on steroids.
  12. Prince

    Info on the Goodsell Super 17?..

    The Super 17 is one of the nicest amps I've ever played. It is sort of a Fender + Vox hybrid. Maybe like a Maz 18, but different. Just lovely cleans and nice low gain dirt.
  13. Prince

    OD and Distortion pedals that work well with a Vox?

    The Vox Trinity: RAT Hot Cake Timmy Bonus: Treble Boost Tone Bender MKI.V or II
  14. Prince

    Need amp recommendation, something like the normal channel of a Deluxe Reverb...

    I have Spanky MKII and I love it. Perfect amp for me. Weird you say that about the reverb. I find the verb on the Spanky MKII to be very tame; with it on 10, it's about equal to my old 65 PRRI at about 2.5-3.
  15. Prince

    Need amp recommendation, something like the normal channel of a Deluxe Reverb...

    Wooly Coats Spanky MKII 3rd Power Clean Sink Dr. Z Cure
  16. Prince

    Morgan JS12 Vs 3rd Power Wooley Coast Spanky MKII?

    I have not played the Morgan but I own a Spanky MKII. It is a phenomenal amp. It gets plenty loud with solid clean headroom for a 15-20 watt amp. The Eminence GA-SC64 is a great speaker and with some (A)NOS tubes in V1 & V2, the Spanky MKII is brilliant. The Mids control really helps with...
  17. Prince

    Boutique Princeton Reverb clones

    I'm rocking a 3rd Power Wooly Coats Spanky MKII and absolutely love it. The Mids control helps a lot and the Hybrid Master is really versatile. Together they help me dial is some nice tube overdrive at sane volume levels. The Reverb is really nice and subtle. It seems more like a Plate and...
  18. Prince

    New Eminence Alessandro...alnicos!

    @silver surfer Could you describe how the GA-SC64 & GA-SC59 compare in handling clean/low gain, crunch/mid gain, and distorted/high gain tones? I'm curious to see/hear how the SC59 performs with higher gain, say a rat or fuzz (Face/Bender), whether that be the amp/pedal being pushed or the...
  19. Prince

    When the hype is real - Eminence GA-SC64

    I have a GA10-SC64 in my 65 PRRI. In my Wooly Coats Spanky mkii, I have the 12" GA-SC64. They are definitely similar but have some minor differences. The 10" is brighter. The 10" has punchier bass, whereas the 12" has bigger, fuller bass. The 12" handles distortion better. IMO, the 12"...
  20. Prince

    PRRI + Mojotone small parts kit = ???

    Thoughts on upgrading a PRRI's caps with this kit? Difficulty? Worth it?
  21. Prince

    Poll: What kind of amps do the younger-ish crowd use here?

    I'm 31 years old. ME = Wooly Coats Spanky MKII and have recently owned a 65 PRRI and Vox AC4HW1. Friends = Fender & Vox camps, one buddy rocks a Mark IV, and a few others (myself included) are into modelers, primarily Line 6 Helix. Guitars = Strats, Teles, Mustangs, Jaguars, ES-...all mainly...
  22. Prince

    Fender Cleans + 6V6/6L6 + TMB + Master Vol + Low Watts = What amp?

    I just snagged a 3rd Power/Wooly Coats Spanky MKII for $1,350! I'll check back in soon and do a NAD. Thanks for the recs y'all!
  23. Prince

    New Eminence Alessandro...alnicos!

    Any idea on when these will be available for purchase?
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