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    May join 80's/Hair tribute band, need modded marshall sound. What amp?

    Henning Cherry Bomb, any Friedman amp will get you there, Mike Fortin, Dan Gower...
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    Egnaters amp seminar

    It kicks ass ! Much of the work is pre-soldered for you... Bruce kind of oversees you while you are working, so it IS doable in that amount of time Besides a killer amp, you get some great knowledge at the end of the class.
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    Who Makes Tolexed Head Shells for Marshalls

    Splawn is about $220 for a small box with logo
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    I want to mark my knob settings (not permanently)... ?

    White detailing/pinstriping tape... at the automotive store. Stays on for a LONG time, but is easy to take off...
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    peavey 6505 WOW.........VAN HALEN

    Brian Young of the David Lee Roth band (ex atomic Punks) uses those and Marshalls in his rig
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