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    Cyndi Lauper opening for Cher- absolutely killed it!!

    2 of my friends are on the Cyndi tour (her TM/Asst, and the light guy), and I have worked with her about a half dozen times as backline. She is REALLLLY talented, and off the cuff... her musicians are all very talented as well.
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    guitar center buying/shipping question

    I have had them do a 20% deposit to do a transfer before, witha refund option if it was not as described. Have also just bought outright and had them ship to me directly (a cab, and a guitar)
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    Suggestions for hitting the road by bus?

    I avoid any food or salads with mayo in them on the road - hand sanitizer is your friend for any meet and greets, and in general - baby wipes (unscented if you want) can be a blessing. - any guest YOU have - tell them it is shared living space, and to treat it as such. You wouldn't want some...
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    Dio - The Last in Line

    Loved Viv's fire back in the day - fit great with Dio's power. As far as Doug - Lion Dangerous Attraction (best tone and he was fiery & tasty back then), and the Burning Rain stuff is pretty good as well...
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    3 favorite male voices

    Dio Russell Allen (Clean and power) 3rd - I dunno - so many good ones of all different styles - Lou Gramm, Brad Delp, Halford, Jeff Scott Soto, Dean Castronova, Tommy in Styx .. (then you have the pop chicks that can sing - Mariah back in the day, Whitney, Adele has a cool voice...) All far...
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    Musicians that you know personally who should have/could have "made it" but never did

    I can think of a dozen or from the CT scene back in the day.. 2-3 vocalists, 3 drummers, 3 bassists, keyboardist... lots of guitarists from insane shred to really good Jazz & rock dudes. A couple of guys from the same scene did OK - Run 21 ended up being WASP, some of other guys have ended up...
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    The GEORGE LYNCH appreciation thread.

    I was at that clinic - it rocked. His teachers name is/was Mark Thompson. If I recall correctly, we got to hear the bare studio tracks from the (unreleased at the time) Lynch Mob CD
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    Does Eddie Van Halen have Tinnitus???

    No tinnitus, but my ears get fatigued quicker now. Probably all the shows right next to cabs or behind drummers (with plugs in though). Last hearing test the doc was pleasantly shocked since I've been playing since I was 13 (42 now). Have a small notch in my left ear (from drummer in 1st band as...
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    Scott Henderson was in Japan during the earthquake

    Good luck to you and any family or friends affected. The people I know are all safe as of right now FWIW - I wasn't taking a shot at Maiden, or Scott or anyone for that matter for leaving- I was just giving props to her and their crew for sticking it out.
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    Scott Henderson was in Japan during the earthquake

    I have a friend who is touring Japan right now with Cyndi Lauper. As i understand it - her band is the only one that has not cancelled.... Shows class under duress, when people in other parts of the country may want something fun to take their mind off of the stress of daily life and all the...
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    Jeff Porcaro vs Jeff Porcaro

    He is unreal. I had the priveledge of playing with my old drummer Matt (who has since passed) that could cop any Jeff part. It was uncanny. At the time, I didn't really appreciate it all that much, because I was more into metal. But Matt was a die-hard JP and Dave Weckl fan, and truned me onto...
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    Your thoughts the first time you heard Van Halen I

    +10000000000. My old man was into Creedence, Beatles, Wings, doo-wop, etc. No Rock in the house. And I was the oldest kid. I first heard it in a music history/appreciation class in 6th grade (1979 I think it was)... we were talking about blues based rock.. I was kinda bored when Ice Cream man...
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    I Just Got Smoked...I Wanna Quit

    That's what I was getting at.. be you and be happy to be you. If you want a better you.. whatever your "better" is -only you can make it happen! :dude
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    I Just Got Smoked...I Wanna Quit

    same with sports, business, etc... nothing wrong with being a big fish in a small pond.. just realize the ocean is out there too. ALWAYS gonna be someone out there that is faster, more talented, has more feel, better tone... and same in all aspects of life - say in sports - fatser, stronger...
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    New Timmons Live from Dallas 2009

    I love his playing. Met him at a Boogie Clinic in Mass - very cool guy.
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    Anyone else diggin' Tal Wilkinfeld?

    :rolleyes: heheheh - got me good ! In all seriousness though - she is a kick ass player and she (TAL) is cute too I saw her on that DVD, then looked her up - was surprised that she is as young as she is... she comes across as a seasoned player with her playing dynamics and stage presence.
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    Anyone else diggin' Tal Wilkinfeld?

    Yep - saw her on that DVD w/ Beck.. unreal talent. Kinda of cute too
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