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  1. ultradust

    Baritone clean tones

    Curious what TGP's baritone players' go-to setups are for clean tones on their baritone guitars, anything from tic tac to post-rock/ambient shenanigans. Would love to hear of your settings and/or any clips if you have them! Back in the early 2000s I had a friend's Jerry Jones Baritone in my...
  2. ultradust

    FAO KONTAKT users: Black Friday/Year-end Deals etc.

    I'm not associated with these two companies, but you'd think that I was considering how much of my money they now have ;) Please post if you can find other soft synth library specials, even if not for KONTAKT. Soundiron. Every sensible soundtrack and pop composer should have the gorgeously...
  3. ultradust

    BOSS tuner application now out for iOS and Android

    Probably good news for a lot of us... The 21-position digital dial seems to be a bit chunky in movement upon hearing a picked attack, but I've put it through its rounds via my Galaxy Note4 on bass and guitar and am very satisfied with the results so far (much better response/stability than other...
  4. ultradust

    Giving new life to a Badtz-Maru Bronco Bass

    About a year or so ago I bought a Squier Badtz-Maru Bronco Bass from a local high schooler for about $100, and all seemed to be fine until I fully tuned it up with a set of medium gauge flatwounds and noted that the neck was warped beyond help, even the skunk strip suddenly revealing that it was...
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