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    New wedding band promo!

    Hi all, long time no post in this part of the forum! Just uploaded a new video for our wedding band. Would love some opinions! I've got some more videos to come so would appreciate pointers! Many thanks! cOKX5dYaCRk
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    Yamaha SG700s value?

    How much would you guys pay for a sg700s? It's in pretty spot on condition bar one knock on the bottom side and usual scratches etc. it's a sunburst late 80's model from what I can tell. Thinking ill offer £550 as that's about the most I've found they have sold for on eBay in a similar...
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    What's your favorite recorded snare sound?

    Anything Steve Jordan played on to be honest. So anything off Mayers 'battle studies' album!
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    Covers:A little Tedeschi/trucks and little wing

    Thanks very much! You should definitely check Matt out, he's amazing! Haha thanks! Appreciate the comments, they are the things I focus on most of all!
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    Covers:A little Tedeschi/trucks and little wing

    One final Bump. :) We're not that crap are we that no-one has a single comment?
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    Little Wing with an Overdrive Special type amp

    Heyyyy it's Timmy Tiger on the drums. Tell him Steven Brown said hi when you see him! Sounding good though Ramon, enjoyed it!
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    Covers:A little Tedeschi/trucks and little wing

    Bump!! IYZtsqmvMPc Some Matt Schofield this time. Really proud of my improv in this one from about 1:20ish
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    Covers:A little Tedeschi/trucks and little wing

    jXpfuorCGX8 Kuhde980iS4 Would love some feedback. Enjoy!
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    Clapton with Dumble

    These clips sound great, seeing him in May in the UK. Hoping Steve Jordan is on that part of the tour, love his groove.
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    DIY Cab, biscuit joint the Baffle in? or is that a stuuuupid idea?

    Excellent explanation, thanks very much!
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    DIY Cab, biscuit joint the Baffle in? or is that a stuuuupid idea?

    Which is preferable then? I'd rather use the best option sound wise.
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    DIY Cab, biscuit joint the Baffle in? or is that a stuuuupid idea?

    Yes there is such a thing. It's a uk term for someone who does general woodwork, mainly in house building etc etc. It some instances it works well to use them over other joints.
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    DIY Cab, biscuit joint the Baffle in? or is that a stuuuupid idea?

    Cheers, hadn't thought of that. Much simpler! Thanks!
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    DIY Cab, biscuit joint the Baffle in? or is that a stuuuupid idea?

    Because my friend who is a joiner is building the cab. Just wondered really it's not a hassle for him to do it at all. I don't feel like the 4 screws in slats works that well on my current cab. Sounds almost rattly at high volume.
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    DIY Cab, biscuit joint the Baffle in? or is that a stuuuupid idea?

    Hi All, Building a 2x12 dumble style cab. Just wondering if it's a good/bad/stupid idea to biscuit joint the baffle into the cab. If it's a bad idea, whats the best way? Screwed to lats on the inside or what? Thanks!
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    In Ear Question/Help

    I'd imagine a cheap omnidirectional mic would do the trick to get some ambience. You'll only want it very low in the mix just so the quality would make the most minute of differences.
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    Anyone know on average what a wedding agency and bandleader make percentage-wise?

    Why not just ask the band leader? If not You could always make an enquiry under a different name to the agency and then work it out from there!
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    First concert, your age and who did you get to see...

    Deep Purple - Paice, Glover, Gillan, Lord and Morse at age 12. Incredible introduction to live Rock!
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    Vocal Processor recommendations

    Just practice, that's all it takes really. Of course you can use it's pitch correction feature if you need. The effects are great actually, that will be of big benefit to myself along with doubling, which are handy to have.
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    Vocal Processor recommendations

    I will say though that you need to nail the notes you want to be harmonised otherwise it shifts around very unnaturally. It works well if you're accurate.
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    Vocal Processor recommendations

    I just got the GTX because of the same offer. Also let me sack a singer from the band ;) But either way, I've been fiddling with it today and once you've got the presets the way you want them it really sounds great. I like the interface for editing presets and it seems to work very well all in...
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    Tell me about the Heil PR 30!

    Pr30 is my favourite cab mic by a long shot. I've got a Alnico Gold and a G12H in my cab and a PR30 on each, about 4" away from the grille and mixed to taste is as close to spot on as you've ever need. I also recently dropped one of my pair 6 foot off the back of a trailer in a gig in a grain...
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    Have You EVER said, "this thing is never leaving my board" and it was TRUE?

    Crowther Audio Hotcake, first pedal I ever bought and it's lasted by far the longest. Nearly sold it because my 5E3 didn't like it but my Ceriatone sure does. I can see the Timeline I just bought from a friend staying for a long time. It's like an inspiration box!
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    For those of you who sing in cover bands

    Interesting thread, never really thought about this before. Only been singing in front of a band for about two years now but I guess when you sing a wide range of genres, to really do it convincingly you have to at least try and cop some of the style of the song. Some styles are easier than...
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    Crazy SYNTH-like effects and tones? All in ones? Modular system? Analog, digital?

    Sorry to hijack the thread but which one of these would you be looking at to get a smoother synth lead sound? From a few demo's the Subdecay seems closest but the demo's all focus on the bass synth type sounds.
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