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    Show Your Pedalboard Thread #40-49 And Following

    Been a long time since my last pedalboard post! Glad to be back! Still want to add a compressor and a leslie sim.
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    Show Us Your Pedaltrain Jr. #2!!

    I really loved the LGW into the Zendrive when I ran it. Might be on the lookout for the PCB version. I just hated to have almost $300 tied up in an overdrive back when the handwired MPs were the only ones available. Might have to be on the lookout for a used PCB version now. Which do you have?
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    Show Your Pedalboard Thread #40-49 And Following

    So I've been out of the game for quite awhile, but just got a Pedaltrain Jr. For Christmas from my girlfriend. I'm remembering now what a rabbit hole this whole pedalboard thing can be now! So I'm looking for I guess what I should call a patch bay box. I want to mount it on the right underside...
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    Recommend gear shops in Asheville, NC

    I don't really know about gear shops, but definitely see if you'd be interested in seeing any of the shows at the Orange Peel down there. It's a great little venue with some class acts every now and again.
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    Post pics of your Skreddy Pedals

    Who cares when you have awesome pedals. Hah.
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    The Klon is back!

    Man... I kind of feel the same way about that as I do when they quit making the Deluxe Memory Man in the classic enclosure... A little sad actually. Hah.
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    Doyle Bramhall II

    Played on Amos Lee's "Last Days At The Lodge" album. It's a pretty good alternative folk rock type album with some pretty cool lead playing (though it isn't really the focus of the CD).
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    Klon Centaur Out of Production!

    He was just surprised you didn't turn around and flip it for $100. Haha.
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    Anyone here use Pete Cornish cables?

    I'm a long time user. I absolutely love them. I've got two 15 footers from guitar to pedals and pedals to amp. I was using his patch cables for awhile as well, but just simply couldn't afford to keep $500 worth of patch cables laying around. Great flexibility and durability. Really great...
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    Cornish P-1

    My thinking was he quit making the P-1, so I imagine the price would be whatever someone was willing to pay for such an elusive piece. I guess he could be potentially making them for people who ask though (like the T.E.S. that he also "quit making").
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    New Way Huge AP Delay for Winter NAMM.......

    And I agree with you. Hah. Anyone remember the TS808 reissue?
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    What to expect from a 335?

    Honestly, I was imaging I'd have more responses in this vein, so I'm still feeling pretty good about my chances. Can't wait to get it. I'll post some pics. P.S. dlguitar64: Very good playing there mister!
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    What to expect from a 335?

    Got a 2000 black Gibson ES-335 headed my way that should be here next week. I've wanted one for years now and finally had the means to pick one up. I had an ES-333 for a few months about 3 years ago that I ultimately sold because it just wasn't that beautiful black 335 I really wanted. So...
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    Which Pedals are the Modern Classics?

    Another good one I forgot.
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    Which Pedals are the Modern Classics?

    Keeley BD-2 and Keeley Compressor immediately come to my mind. As does the Skreddy Screw Driver mentioned already. I can't really think of an original fuzz design that deserves the title. I think the T-Rex Replica is also going to be around for awhile.
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    Prices of Pete Cornish pedals! Wow!!

    MusicToyz and other dealers have their OWN wait lists. Most everything that goes through the shop has long been spoken for except for maybe the occassional tuner/mute, buffer, or treble booster.
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    Prices of Pete Cornish pedals! Wow!!

    ...I bet Stanley could buy a truck with the cash he gets from that P1...
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    best affordable tuner...

    I've owned a TU-2, Strobostomp 2, and a Korg DTR1000 rack tuner. Sold the Boss, then bought the Peterson. Sold the Peterson, got the Korg. Sold the Korg, and have a TU-2 that will be on my doorstep Friday. I'm going back to old reliable.
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    Anyone sweat alot while playing?

    I definitely sweat. Back when I played my Telecaster out regularly, I would get a rash where my right forearm sat on the guitar from sweating. It was a bound Tele so it has a pretty sharp angle there.
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    Your Pedalboard Photo - IV

    Appears to be a Klon clone. That'd be my guess.
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    Good strong tape-ish delay

    Everyone and their mother is talking about this pedal these days! I've been playing guitar for over 8 years and owned probably 50+ different effects in that time, and still haven't tried one of these out. I gotta get on that.
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    TGP's Favorite Cheap effects...

    The Boss DD-2 and MIJ DD-3 are both fantastic pedals often had for under $100 on eBay.
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    Good strong tape-ish delay

    If it's tape-ish you want, why not have a look at the Skreddy Echo? Seems to get good press around these parts for tape sounds. The Maxon AD999 is a bit brighter and more modern than the AD900 if you could find one of those to try out, but I wouldn't say it is anything like a tape delay.
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