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    For Those Who Have Replaced Pots/Pickups in a USA Gibson Les Paul

    Wolftone Dr Vs I didn't like the Studio's pickups with my Vox. Changed out the volume pots to 500k push/pulls with the top one coil splitting and the bottom series/parallel. Where the original pickups sounded thin, especially the bridge, new pickups made the guitar more beefy and full sounding...
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    Mobius User Review Thread

    I use the wah for Jerry type stuff with it. Nothing is truly going to sound like a Mutron but it'll get the job done
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    Strymon Mobius Settings Thread

    subscribed. Mine is coming in tomorow!
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    Ever buy a pedal, absolutely love what it does but...

    Of course. My Skreddy LMMD is up for trade right now because I couldn't find a place for it to stay. Fuzz is a really cool sound but that pedal value would be used somewhere better right now. Maybe another fuzzface type pedal will come in the future with a different amp. Until then Mobius here I...
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    Are there really any bad overdrives or are we just too damn picky.

    Haha funny story, I flipped one without even plugging it in 3 days later. Got it in a trade and needed a tuner more.
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    Hissing sound with Boomerang?

    If you search there is a thread that has some info on a slight mod to help. I just put a Boss TU2 behind the Boomerang as a bufffer and that really quites the background noise.
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    Is there a TRUE "TS9/808+Boost in one" pedal?

    JHS can mod a TS-9 to have an extra independent boost added. Heres a thread asking the same thing Super Signa Drive looks like a pretty good option
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    Favourite univibe song?

    Punch You In The Eye
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    The single most inspiring pedal I've ever played [and the last I'll buy for awhile]

    Thoughts on the Lunar Module vs Mini Bone? I was thinking about trading my LMMD for something new
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    Blue Chip Pick rant

    Thread is not going as planned
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    What size are TS9 screws?

    Thats not good to hear :( I was thinking about sending it to you
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    What size are TS9 screws?

    This repair shop was trying to massively overcharge me to get some solder fixed and screws replaced. If I have all the screws I'm thinking it would have to be less for the actual repair. Its the 2 on the back and both inside. Losing the LED screw was pretty dumb...
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    Cheap pedals that have blown you away?

    MXR Classic Distortion. When A/Bed it sounded exactly the same at some settings with an Analogman TS9DX
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    Klones: which one is the best?

    The one I own. All the others suck
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    How to tell you are addicted to the Emporium

    Sometimes very large fractions
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    How to tell you are addicted to the Emporium

    I was about to trade away my Lunar Module but..... Mobius! Tough decision
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    PSA Strymon Mobius details and vids are up!

    So..... when is it coming out?
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    PSA Strymon Mobius details and vids are up!

    Are there going to be downloadable patches? I'm not much of a tweaker but some of these effects sound really good. To have that many sounds in one box is appealing
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    PSA Strymon Mobius details and vids are up!

    This is the first time I have ever thought of spending $450 on a guitar pedal. Man selling some of my other pedals will suck.
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    Which Fuzz?

    I really liked the Lunar Module with my old AC15. I usually used the amp with a more clean sound but it still got pretty dirty. Now the LM is being used with a more cranked Fender Champ and still works well
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    Which Fuzz?

    Didn't read, Lunar Module
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    For those who used to use Elixirs

    I've tried a ton of strings in the past 2 years. These are the ones I remember using Elixer - decent, expensive comparatively DR - E string broke all the time but good sound EB Slinky - decent, cheap GHS Boomer- same as EB GHS Nickel Rocker - okay, nothing special And my favorite Curt Mangan...
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    Running a compressor into a dirty amp...

    Analogman Comprosser into Fender Champ. It makes the amp sound like its pushed a little harder while not increasing volume. I love it
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    anyone else using 2mm Dunlop Delrin picks for guitar?

    im using dava delrins right now, they're pretty good. I'll have to try the dunlop ones now.
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