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  1. kccheers

    What guitars do you love so much that you bought a second one?

    Currently it has mostley been MIM Strats or Epi LP's. The MIM Strats if bought right are a great guitar to mod the way you would want it to be, With that said, I ordered my 1st Keisel yesterday. I used to not be so much in love with what Carvin was doing, but since Jeffd has taken over, and the...
  2. kccheers

    Epi Fan Club!

    I'm waiting to see when these become available. I messaged my guy at Sweetwater and he said he thought August???
  3. kccheers

    NGD: 2015 LP Special T, EX Pro??

  4. kccheers

    NGD Hand Built Tele

    Nice Tele! Your uncle can be proud. And hello to a GearPage neighbor.....I'm just north in Liberty
  5. kccheers


    I took delivery today of a Classic Player Jag from Sweetwater. Have'nt owned a Jag of any flavor, so this one was priced so that it wouldn't hurt much if i didn't like it and wanted to flip it or send it back. Now, one of the cool things with Sweetwater is that you can pick the exact guitar you...
  6. kccheers

    American Musical Has Listed Gibson 2016 Line-up

    I was kinka looking at the SG with I call MF and ask about their Labor Day 15% off $249 or more, and imagine my surprise when the guy came back to the phone and said ok to the 15% off. That may make it work for me....YMMV Cheers from KC
  7. kccheers

    Epiphone 339 ultra

    Nice score! I have one in Pelham Blue. Cheers from KC
  8. kccheers

    Epi LP Question.....

    Thanx to all. This LP is on sale at MF, but the only thing I don't love are those gold rings. I might like them if I see them in person, and it may look out of place without them, I'll have to see if I get one. They do have a liberal return policy if I don't end up liking it all together. Thanx...
  9. kccheers

    Epi LP Question.....

    Does anyone here know if youy can remove the gold trim ring around the pups on this EPI LP? Cheers from KC
  10. kccheers

    920D Custom Fender Strat Eric Clapton

    I ordered a guitar from them this week. Beside what you see advertised, like on their Reverb shop, you can get a MIM start modded to your liking for a reasonable price. Looking forward to my order: New Fender MIM Roadhouse Strat ( Big Headstock ), CAR, Maple Neck, Pearloid PG, Fender Vintage...
  11. kccheers

    Anyone have slat wall to hang guitars at home?
  12. kccheers

    Fender deluxe roadhouse strat

    I have the same guitar...have had it for a few months now. Fit and finish on mine was spot on. I love the neck and big headstock. The only thing I was surprised with was how "yellow" the VW finish is. Soundwise it's quite fun with the switching options. Hope you enjoy yours as I have mine...
  13. kccheers

    Kansas City TGP'ers...

    +1 on Seufs Guitars. Great guys but really decent prices on what you are needing. Mass Street Music would be my fav if it were not for the drive. Those guys breathe guitars
  14. kccheers

    Fender now selling all guitars directly?

    Here is my question....specifically about Musicians Friend. If Fender lists their online products at MAP, which is what I'm seeing, I can always get 15% off minimum at MF just by asking. Sweetwater, not so much, But if MF gives a discount by asking, or lists it as a coupon on their website, what...
  15. kccheers

    Reverend Limited Edition 2014 + a SOULDIER Strap.

    A dealer quoted me $949.00 today including case and strap....
  16. kccheers

    Best Pics of Guitars You Have Taken?

    I really miss this one....
  17. kccheers

    Disassembling and reassembling a Strat

    I am doing the same...getting one painted. I looked at Youtube. There are many videos that take you thru the entire process. I'm gonna at least take mine apart. I'll probablt re-assemble it, but will get a setup whan I'm done. Good luck. Cheers from KC
  18. kccheers

    NGD! Semi... P90's....

    Mine was delivered today in Pelham Blue....Pix to follow....It's at the office, I'm at home.
  19. kccheers

    Good tech in KC?

    Dave Seuf at Seuf's Guitars. 816-833-8308 Great Shop, builds custom guitars but shop does all types of work, including re-finishing
  20. kccheers

    FSR 72 Orange Sparkle Tele

    Yea, but it was only the Red Flake that was $399, the Orange stayed at $499. I tried 3 or 4 times calling in to get the orange at the $399 price to no avail. I tried this week to use the 15% off coupon at the top of their page, but no success either....they said it was already marked down to $24...
  21. kccheers

    Why do Tom Anderson Guitars play so amazing?

    Tom has Roy. That was always my difference. You could pick up the phone and talk to either Tom or Roy, but Roy had the time to listen to you, to what you were chasing in a guitar. Sadly, the only time I was in the area and stopped by the shop, Roy was not in that day. But that didn't stop Tom...
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