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  1. donbarzini

    Sold Matched Quad Winged C EL34 NOS

    Matched Quad Winged C EL34 NOS, bought new about 10 years ago, never used. SOLD
  2. donbarzini

    BOSS Waza TAE or Fryette PS-100 for Attenuation

    For attenuation and effects loop only, no other features necessary. Anyone compared them both for using amps and cabinets for just knocking down volume and adding an effects loop to vintage amplifiers that don't have one? I'm really not interested in IR's or built in effects either. I had one of...
  3. donbarzini

    WTB Seymour Duncan JB Double Cream Humbucker

    Looking for a Seymour Duncan JB in double cream, newer custom shop model or an older one in clean condition.
  4. donbarzini

    Honest men who changed their opinion about the Axe-Fx due to a firmware update?

    Just like the title says, I would like to hear some stories from honest, non-biased men regarding how a firmware update totally changed your perspective about the Axe-Fx in both tone and feel. It has been a long time since I played one and I may want to try one again once the XL becomes available.
  5. donbarzini

    Sending cash in an amplifier chassis?

    I am contemplating about having some work done to an amplifier I own and I was told by the out of town technician that if I send cash in the chassis, my work will be performed a lot sooner than others who choose not to do so. I was just wondering if any other men have done this and what the...
  6. donbarzini

    KPA Chromatic Pitchshifting (12 String Emulation)

    trying to emulate a 12 string, very flaming 80's cock rock tune but it works, you can hear some smear in parts but it is still in master beta, sounds pretty passable for a 6 string telecaster IMO.....
  7. donbarzini

    The Tavares - MORE THAN A WOMAN

  8. donbarzini

    Neil Sedaka - Bad Blood (Live)

  9. donbarzini

    Any men here going to "The Package Tour"?
  10. donbarzini


    A male acquaintance turned me on to these men, my favorite new band to come around in a long time.... QRjPNLFZBjs PmEloe9bZvQ audSQVIe7uM XmWBOtKhzVY
  11. donbarzini

    Men, have you ever had an unbelievable experience with a tube?

    After all these years trying out different new production tubes, new and NOS, pre and power, I can honestly say that there has never been a single time that I have literally been blown away by a tube change. How about all you men?
  12. donbarzini

    WHAM! Everything She Wants....

  13. donbarzini

    Heavy Pettin' singing "Romeo"

    these men could have been bigger than Def Leppard.... 9B3k9la1_Is
  14. donbarzini

    CSU Flashback X4?

    Has anyone tried one of these yet?
  15. donbarzini

    Kenny Rogers - She Believes In Me

  16. donbarzini

    Favorite Bond Theme Song among fully grown males....

    I know many men will say "Live and Let Die" but "Nobody Does It Better" by Carly Simon just has it all.... zHPE9FwvE18
  17. donbarzini

    Jimmy Page, Paul Kersey & Thugs....

    -qMxth7lZHM FFLygtEm1TU pAiOLsECLWk
  18. donbarzini

    Jody & Reggie Appreciation Thread

    always loved this tune.... hxGsPfSBP0A&NR=1
  19. donbarzini

    Caesare - However Dark the Night

  20. donbarzini

    Fender Tweed from Kemper? Pioneers?

    Do any of the pioneers know if the Kemper has any dirty Fender Tweed tones available? Thanks.
  21. donbarzini

    Killer Cameron CCV100 Demo

  22. donbarzini

    I Could Be Good For You....

  23. donbarzini

    Men with Mustangs

    how are the blackface and tweed tones in these amplifiers? is III the only one with this problem? D6H3gFU6e7o
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